Four friends

Four muggle born friends arrive at Hogwarts.
The timeline is a bit messed up, but whatever, ignore it.


5. I Felt Free

We walked down the hill to our first lesson, it was flying, and we had to have that lesson with the Ravenclaws and the Slytherins .

"So," began Chrissie, "do you think you'll be good at flying?" She asked me and Lilly.

Lilly shook her head, "Probably not," she sighed, "what about you Joe?"

I shrugged, "Eh, not sure, I'll probably be ok."

Sarah walked up to me, "Do you know what tonight is?" She whispered into my ear.

I nodded miserably, Sarah was the only person I had told, (except some of the professors of course).

I hung my head in shame, I hated it so much.

I was snapped back to reality by the teacher calling the class into order, we stood next to the broomsticks and did exactly what she told us, me and James got it instantly, Sirius and Chrissie next, I saw Remus, Sarah, Peter and Lilly all struggling to get it into their hands.

I struggled to stifle a laugh when a Slytherin got hit in the face.

Lilly glared at me and the broomstick suddenly flew into her outstretched hand.

Once we all had our broomsticks the teacher instructed us on how to fly, I saw some people clinging on for dear life, Chrissie tried to fly with just one hand, she did quite well on the fiftieth attempt. I looked to my right to see James attempting to fly with no hands, it took him quite a long time as well.

Me on the other hand, I managed to fly no-handed quite easily, so I tried something really hard, I slowed down to a halt and lowered my broomstick until I was just a meter above the ground. Slowly, I took one hand off, then the other, I cautiously stood up on my broom, I steadied myself and started to move slowly around the area, I got the hang of it quite fast and started to climb higher and higher, faster and faster, until the teacher noticed me she put me in a detention with McGonagll and took some points off Gryfindoor, but I didn't care, I now knew what it felt like to be free.


Sorry for the short chapter I have writers block but wanted to update :)

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