Four friends

Four muggle born friends arrive at Hogwarts.
The timeline is a bit messed up, but whatever, ignore it.


2. Diagon Alley

"Joe! Wake up! Now!" I opened my eyes to see Ethan leaning over me, he was shaking my back and pushing me.

"What, I'm awake!" I groaned, I had no idea what we were going to do today, it was our last day in America, we were leaving to go back to Britain at about six thirty.

Christina kicked the door open and yelled, "HOT TOPIC FIRST TIMERS! FOLLOW ME!"

I tried to cover my head with my pillow, but it made no difference, until Sarah strolled in and covered Chrissie's mouth to force her to stop screaming about 'the best shop on the planet' a.k.a hot topic.

I sighed, "Thanks Sarah." I murmured.

"Hey! What about me? I'm the one who tried to bring you to sense before," he pointed towards Chrissie, "before, that thing busted in."

I sat up, I was still wearing my normal clothes, (ripped jeans, and a plain t-shirt) so, "What's our plan?" I asked them.

Sarah removed her hand from Chrissie's mouth for just long enough for her to yell, "HOT TOPIC!!" I nodded, I have no idea why I expected a normal answer, because after all, these are my friends.

After our visit to hot topic we then had to stuff everything we had bought into our luggage, we did manage it eventually, some of us did have to use Sarah's suitcase because she had much more space than any of us.

We rushed to the airport just in time for our flight back home.

I put some music on through my headphones and relaxed.

Touchdown, finally.

We called a taxi over to take us to Christina's house so that we could dump our bags to sort out later.

We got back in the taxi, Chrissie sat in the front with the driver while me, Ethan and Sarah shared an awkward backseat.

We got dropped off in a part of London I had never been to before, we were outside an old pub, it was called 'the leaky cauldron' we walked through the pub, receiving no strange looks at all, in fact the landlord walked out to greet us in the small cobbled yard he tapped the wall a few times which made the bricks reform into an archway.

"Diagon Alley here we come." Muttered Ethan.

We walked up the street and into the bank at the end, we got the money we would need for our school supplies. We went to the robe shop first, then the book shop, Sarah walked out with more books than necessary, so Chrissie headed off to get us our cauldrons to put the books in, once she had come back we went off to get some of the other smaller things.

We walked past the broomstick shop, "Ooooohhhhhh, tempting." I joked.

Sarah looked at me and sighed, "Jodie, you know that we are not allowed broomsticks." She replied.

"Chill out, I was joking, maybe." I hinted.

Sarah dragged me over to the wand shop along with the others.

We tried out a few wands before the others found theirs, but it took me ages and ages, my friends had walked off to get some food because I was taking so long.

A boy about my age walked in, he was about my height and had amber eyes and scruffy hair, "Hello." He said shyly.

I looked over my shoulder to get a good look at him, "Hi." I said cheerily.

Olivander, the owner handed me a wand and finally, it was perfect, "Nice wand, 13" Apple wood, Phoenix feather core." He concluded.

I payed for it then turned to walk out, "Nice shirt." Commented the boy.

"Thanks." I said over my shoulder.

It took me a while to find my friends, but I did, eventually, "Finally, I was starting to think you would never leave." Announced Chrissie when I walked over to sit with them, "What? Did someone insult your shirt?" She asked me.

I shook my head.

"What did they say?" She asked me leaning across the table so that her face was just inches away from mine.

"Someone said that they liked my shirt." I told her calmly.

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