Book Reviews Done By Yours Truly

I will do reviews that I can get to, meaning no red, yellow yes.
I will do then as first come first serve.
I will try to get them done as soon as possible.


9. The Old Key- @Jaleel Mclain

Hi, so I read your story and I can say that I am interested in it. Its a little out of my reading area but I liked it. 

Kay so, I like your format of writing and I can see that you can go multiple ways with this story and I am hoping to read more. I like that you introduced your characters in the first part and sorta said what their relationships were to one another. 

I like your format that you have, and I can say that I have never seen that before. I also like that you have a set plot line(From what I can tell) and seem to be sticking to it. I like your characters, for them most part they seem interesting, along with your ideas. I like that you are able to show us what exactly you are seeing from your imagination. I also like that you have a certain style and you seem to be sticking well to that too! I like that you add cliff hangers. They fit your story very well, along with your genre. 

The only bad thing is that you have a few grammar issues, but they can be fixed. 

Over all, I am exited to read more. 


Pros- your format, characters, plot line, your style, and your ideas. I almost forgot you cliff hangers! 

Cons- Grammar issues


Over all I would love to read more! Bye! 

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