Book Reviews Done By Yours Truly

I will do reviews that I can get to, meaning no red, yellow yes.
I will do then as first come first serve.
I will try to get them done as soon as possible.


4. ELITES- @Chloe McCormick

I think I fell in love with your writing! 

I love the fact that you seem to already have the plot all set up, and that you are very good with grammar and punctuation. I love your characters (I totally ship Lucas and Hannah!!!), I like the part about how the mom doesn't want Hannah to see Lucas in the end. I like the relationship that Hannah and Lucas have. I honestly love this book and am hoping to read more in the future. 

Pros- The plot and storyline, Hannah and Lucas's relationship the grammar and the punctuation. 

I can't say that I have any cons for you though! The only thing that I would put down for cons would be the fact that you could add a few more details for people, other than Clover and Lucas's dad, you don't have very many details describing people. 


You should have them totally get together when this is all over, but this is a really good story worth being read. I'm waiting for more to read! 

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