Book Reviews Done By Yours Truly

I will do reviews that I can get to, meaning no red, yellow yes.
I will do then as first come first serve.
I will try to get them done as soon as possible.


5. Critters- @Ziree

Ok, so I love this book and I like the poetry style of the writing. Its creepy in a good way, and has the most perfect ending that I can think of. 

I was a little confused about the poem part at first but then I caught on the fact that it was what someone else was saying. 

I like the fact that at the end of each chapter the main character, Toby, said, signing out. I also love your character Tony and was sad when he died. My favorite part was in chapter 10 when he asked if he could have some of Tony's stuff. 


Pors- The poem parts, the plot line, and the characters

Cons- The poem part was confusing but after a little while it made sense. 


I really would say that I want you to update, but it is already finished... but I loved it! 

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