The Choice

It is 2098 and its a literal hell on earth. Lanie is just a normal girl trying to survive. She is a leader of her clan, she is a fighter, and she is smart. Until Adrian, a demon mob boss comes along and proposes a journey that may save the world, or destroy it.


5. Chapter 5- The Demon's Tale

Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry. Because of these, the wrath of God is coming.

---------------Colossians 3:5-6

(Adrian's POV)

"Mister?" I hear a small, annoying voice awaken me. "Mister? Are you dead?" Slowly, I open my eyes, allowed my eyes to adjust to the light, and looked around. I'm in what feels like a basement. The walls are damp and moldy, the wood to the stairs need reparations and, in front of me, there is a small human, a child. Golden blonde hair and big brown eyes and a curious look on her face. She stands out in the dark environment, because of her blonde hair and white dress is so bright. She might be mistaken for an angel if angels were cute. She is so squishy. And, most likely, gullible. I look at my restraints and the IV that is connected to my arm. Holy water.

"Mister, who are you?" She takes another step towards me, hands behind her back and innocence oozing off of her. I smile, kindly. I don't want to frighten the only possibility of escape.

"My name is Adrian, what's your name?" The girl looks around, to make sure no one is with us.

"I'm not supposed to be talking to you," she says backing away.

"It's okay, it will be our little secret," and she nodded. Good. 

"My name is Nicki Connorleh. I'm seven years old and my brother is Lucas." Ah. this is the golden girl that my informant told me about.

"Well, Nicki, what are-"

"What the hell is going on down here?" I look at the stairs and the beautiful Lanie is on the top racing down. She grabs the little girl as if I could harm her. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't, and Lanie knows this.

"Well, Nicki and I were having a conversation before you so rudely interrupted," I said while smiling my friendliness smile. Lanie shooed Nicki upstairs and turns and gives me a quite frightening look.

"So, here is the deal," she starts talking while going towards a cabinet that's at the end of the room. "You tell me what I want to know, and I kill you swiftly. You don't and fight back," and she looked at me, and I see true hatred in her eyes, "I'll make hell look like a paradise." 

I clear my throat, "Well what do you want to know," she looked at me and I notice that in her hand there is a spray bottle. Holy Water. I kept a calm face but inside, I truly was afraid of the woman standing in front of me.

"Why is everything so quiet." I stared at her. She really doesn't know? Without my control, I start to laugh. She looks at me and points the spray bottle and sprays. The droplets burn my skin and the water was getting through to my veins. I instantly feel fatigue and fire burning my body. 

"Stop, stop, please. STOP!" Tears are stinging my eyes and my body is contracting and seizing. "I'm sorry, I'm just surprised." She stops spraying and gives me a look of pure confusion.

"Surprised by what." She grabs a chair and sits across from me. I feel my skin regenerating from the burns but I still feel weak. It is hard to keep my eyes open but for the sake of my life and the avoidance of hell, I tell her. 

"Have you heard of the lost redemption clause." Her blank stare and lack of words was all the answer I need. 

"Okay, so the truth is that Revelations is not the last book of the Bible, Redemptions. Within this book, there are instructions to, pretty much, fix the world. God wanted a savior, but most thought it was going to be the second coming of Christ. Before you get your hopes up, it's not. This savior is tainted, has sinned and has free will. He or she will have to choose between good and evil and save the world. 

"Now most people think that that's an easy choice, but from what stories have told, it's not going to be. Lucifer is going to take action and do whatever is necessary to stay in power and continue with the Apocalypse. This can include bribing or threatening the savior. The part that most people ask about, however, is why no one has heard about this.  Due to Lucifer's need to end everything and cause complete chaos, he stole the book and made a deal with God. He promised to keep his precious humans alive during the Apocalypse as long as Lucifer can rule. God, being the loving and sentimental being he is, he agreed.

"Now, as a subset of the agreement, God has to send angels to kill all those who believe are the savior. That's why there are angel murderers, and Lucifer sent his demons to do the same. Soon everyone is just killing those who they don't like. It became a turf war. And that is where I came in. I was just a low-level demon, taking clients and doing what they need for a price. I worked my way up and became what I am today. I organize what happens, and I am one of Lucifer's biggest employees. Not meaning to brag though." I smile at her but she seems unfazed. I clear my throat, "There are very few that know what is in the final book."

"But you do, right?" the slight hope in her silver eyes is entertaining and yet sad. So I tell her the truth. 

"No, but I know someone who does, but for me to find her, I need to get to my informant." I bow my head a bit. The talking mixed with the holy water is really taking a toll and I can barely keep my eyes open, so I focus on her. She really is beautiful. That dark hair, with the contrasting silver eyes, her small figure and the slight scar over her lip. 

"How do we contact him?" she asked and a slight smile cracks on my face. She really doesn't know much about demon politics. Obviously, if she is still using these medieval tactics to get answers.

"We don't contact him, I do. And I can't because we are prepared for situations just like this one. In order for me to speak to him, I have to arrive at a party that's coming up, completely unharmed and he decides whether or not he would like to talk to me." I looked her in the eye and smiled. "It looks like if you want to know, you have to be my date."

"Hell no." She stands up and leaves without another word. With no one here to interrupt, I bow my head and close my eyes and do something that I haven't done since before I died. I prayed.

(Lanie's POV)

That demon is lying, he has to be. But what if he isn't, what if he is telling the truth and there is a way to save the world. I walked to my room and laid down. Everything that has been happening has to have something to do with this guy. Lately, we haven't had many demon attacks, there hasn't been a lot of killings or even robberies. Things have been calm, and that is what worries me. It's just like the silence and stillness of the sky, just before a tornado. 

If he is telling the truth, then one thing is for sure, I am not going to stand here and do nothing. I am going to help or die trying to do so.

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