The Choice

It is 2098 and its a literal hell on earth. Lanie is just a normal girl trying to survive. She is a leader of her clan, she is a fighter, and she is smart. Until Adrian, a demon mob boss comes along and proposes a journey that may save the world, or destroy it.


4. Chapter 4- Demon Mob Boss?

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

---------------Proverbs 18:24

(Lanie's POV)

"LANIE!" I hear a voice, but my eyes are still closed. Maybe it's Nicki trying to wake me up for breakfast. Love that girl to death but I'm not getting up. I wanted as much sleep as I could get and I wasn't getting up without a fight. I hear ruffling near the windows and silence. Good.  Suddenly a bright light hits my face, and I feel like a vampire. My hands frantically search for a pillow or my blanket but my intruder knew what I was going for and grabbed my hands and dragged me out of bed. 

"Lanie, get up," I hear Lucas's voice and I swing. I felt contact and I knew that I hit him in the ribs by the feeling of bones against my fist. "Shit, Lanie." I open my eyes and see Lucas bending over, holding his ribs and laughing. I join in.

"Have you learned yet," I laugh,  "Don't wake me up." He stands up straight and I smile at him. Lucas is the only constant I've had in my life. My brothers are gone, my dad is gone, but Lucas is here. He did grow up from his long blonde hair to a more grown-up hair. Had we been alive, 50 years ago, he would be surrounded by girls and would have a different girlfriend every week. He has lean muscles and is slightly taller than I am.  He is always sweet and was always there for me. 

"Sorry, " he laughed, "Joey wanted to get an early start on the trip if we are going to be there by nine to get this abomination." He helped me up and smiled. "So how about it, you want to kick some demon ass today."

"Yeah, just get out so I can get dressed." he walks out and I walk to my dresser. When I looked in my dresser I see only nice clothes. Damn. Well, it looks like I need to do the laundry. I picked up the blue blouse that I haven't worn since before my brothers had died. Jeans and my leather jacket, I quick look into the mirror and I see that I look pretty hot. I walk downstairs and I see that Joey and Lucas are ready. 

"Hey guys, when are we leaving," I grab my crossbow and my gun off of the table and we walk to the Jeep. I get in the back and get comfortable. New Vegas is a long drive away. 

(Lucas's POV)

She's beautiful. That much wasn't hard to see, and she doesn't even see it. Lanie is too busy saving the world to be bothered by such mortal things and worrying about what she looks like. Yes, Aryah is beautiful too, but not the way Lanie is. Aryah is beautiful with her dark complexion, her curly hair, and her toned body. She is always wearing something that makes her look like she is worth a million, and she has the perfect smile and laugh. She is sweeter than Mother Teresa,  smarter than Einstein, and extremely funny, but she isn't Lanie.  

We get into the Jeep and start the trip to New Vegas. After an hour I look back and Lanie is sleeping. I smile and look ahead. "You love her, don't you," I look at Joey and back at Lanie. She is so peaceful when she sleeps and so beautiful. 

"Yeah, I love her. I have since we were kids," I confess. It's true when we were kids I always loved the way that she always was there to pick me up when I was down. When my parents died and left me with Nicki, it was Lanie who helped me. 

"Then tell her," my friend looks at me, "what are you waiting for. You do realize that she has no one else, he has no other options and she does care for you. Just go for it, she may surprise you." I look back at Lanie and as blunt as Joey was, he did have a point. 

"I can't, she is asleep and I don't want to get hit again," he chuckled at me and called me a name. I laughed and laid my head on the window and soon fell asleep.

-----Time Skip-----

(Lanie's POV)

For once it isn't a gross cave or sewer, it's an old five-star hotel. The inside seems to glow gold and the chandelier is bigger than our house. Pleasantly surprised, and secretly feeling out of place, I walked up to the front desk and smile at the secretary. She was pleasant enough, blonde hair, blue eyes and has a fake rack,  I ask for room 696, she gave me the directions in a high feminine voice and went back to her book. Twilight. An old romantic classic. I read it once and came close to barfing at the pure idiocy of Bella, falling for a monster and giving up her humanity to be one of the damned. 

The boys and I walk up the stairs, checking our guns as we went on. We finally get to the sixth floor and find the room. We set up position in front of the door and was ready to break it open when I hear a voice. 

"No need to break down the door, I paid good money for this room and I am not paying for your damages." Lucas and I exchanged looks. We have dealt with demons prepared for us, but never knowing that we are there. Joey looks at me and nods and gives me hand signals. I have you covered. Open the door. I nod and I slowly reach for the door handle. It turns and I slowly open the door, gun in hand, and I see him.

(Adrian's POV)

I see the humans, beautiful creatures they are, so easily afraid. The girl, Lanie from what my informant told me, looks at me with something I haven't seen in a long time. Defiance. Lovely, a fighter. I smile at the ravishing girl and sinful thoughts flow through my head. I motion for them to come in and they obey. This is going to be easier than I thought. The big one, Joey, closes the door behind him. As soon as I heard the click of the door latching, I slam the boys into the walls and keep them there. The girl grabs her crossbow and shoots my shoulder, and I laugh. 

"Sweetheart, you're going to have to try harder than that," and I use my abilities to slam her against the other wall, just as I did the boys. That's when I felt it. The flowing of liquids within my veins. I look back at the girl and she smiles.

"You're going to have to try harder than that, Sweetheart," and I feel dizzy. The hold I have on the hunters break and I collapse to the ground. The smaller boy, Lucas I think, walks up to me, gun in hand, but the girl stops him. 

"We need to interrogate him," she says.

"Why, he's a demon, and a strong one at that. We kill demons. Simple as that,"  he cocks the gun

"Exactly, he is strong. That means he is high up in the food chain. We can get information," she grabs something from her back pocket. Zip ties. I laugh and look at her. 

"Do you really think those things will hold me?" and she smiles.

"No, but more holy water will." She grabs a syringe and stabs me with it, and everything goes black.

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