The Choice

It is 2098 and its a literal hell on earth. Lanie is just a normal girl trying to survive. She is a leader of her clan, she is a fighter, and she is smart. Until Adrian, a demon mob boss comes along and proposes a journey that may save the world, or destroy it.


3. Chapter 3- Home Sweet Home

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all pleasant and precious riches.

---------------Proverbs 24: 3-4 

(Aryah's POV)

"Calm down, Luke, it comes off," I argue, even though I know if I win the fight, Lucas is going to hold a grudge. She looked damn good, though. He glares at me and I know that it's in my best interest to not fight it. "Fine, no makeup until she'"s twelve," more dagger eyes, "Fine, sixteen. Jerk." 

"Good, I want her to stay a child for as long as possible." he shakes his head and walks to the table, and Joey walked in. 

"Hey, baby," he comes over and kisses me on the cheek. His gorgeous brown eyes and perfect smile melt my heart and I hug him and hang on. I hate how he goes to these raids, but I understand. He is the muscle, just like Lucas is the sharpshooter. That kid never misses, I've watched him shoot cans from across the field with his Glock. It's scary because I know he could have been part of the demon family if it hasn't been for Lanie. 

Lanie, the warrior and unlikely leader of our group. She doesn't look like much of a fighter; if the world wasn't damned, she would have been one of those gorgeous preppy girls who go shopping every other weekend. But in these days, she is an amazing strategist who leads the guys to victory and safety every time. Then there's me, the babysitter. I get it, though. I cant' fight, I'm a damsel in distress and I rather be home reading, organizing, and playing dress up with Nicki. The house wouldn't look this good if it wasn't for me. I painted, I decorated and I made this place livable. Before, It was nothing but broken wood and spaces that vaguely resembled rooms. With a little hard work and elbow grease, I made this place upbeat and looking like a real house again.  

Joey grabs me by the waist and kisses my ear, taking me out of my daydreams. "Why don't we get to bed, babe?" he whispers in my ear. 

"In a minute," I smile back. I love teasing him. "I promise Lanie, I would check the library again." he looks me seriously in the eye and smiles.

"You're such a good person, I love you," and with that, he kissed me and went to bed. Laine popped her head into the kitchen and said she was going to bed.

"Okay. I was just getting ready to go check the library, see you tomorrow." she yawned as a response and clumsily walked to her room. Sad, what happened to her. I doubt she'll ever be okay again.

(Lanie's POV)

"Lanie! Come here you little turd-bucket,"  a familiar voice calls me. Pain shoots through my chest as I turn around and I see someone that I thought I would never see again,  Justin.  His blue eyes and black hair that resembles my black and grey eyes. I see the same leather jacket I wear every day, being worn by its rightful owner. 

"Justin?" I manage to whisper, full of disbelief. Tears spring from my eyes as I start to walk over to him. Then I hear the pitter patter of small feet and stop. 

"Jussy!" I turn and see me. Little twelve year me with that stupid pink dress that I used to love and my hair in a french braid. I watch myself run into Justin's arms and I see Jack, Justin's fraternal twin, walk over and laugh at me. I fight the urge to run and jump into Jack's arms, just as little me did to Justin.

"How is the turd-bucket with sparkles doing?" Jack laughs and little me play hits him. We all seem so happy and content here, I can't help but smile.  I don't even notice the man walking behind me until I felt him bump into me. 

"Hey-" it can't be. "Dad?"


The sudden brightness of light hurts my eyes and I fall back. In the distance, I hear a tune that makes me suddenly know where I am. "No..."

American girls and American guys

We'll always stand up and salute

We'll always recognize

When we see Old Glory flying

There's a lot of men dead

So we can sleep in peace at night when we lay down our head

I get up and look around, it's my old house. With all the willpower I have, I go to the kitchen, even though I know what I will find. The halls are familiar, even though I haven't walked them in close to six years, but they seem unusually long. I finally get to the door and I scream.

"LANIE!" I sit up and I'm drenched in cold sweat. I look around and I see Nicki, looking scared and tired.

"Whats up, baby?" I ask, wiping the sleep off of my eyes. She walks closer to me, with her blanket and teddy bear that Lucas has given her for her birthday when she was four. 

"Can I sleep with you, I had a nightmare." Her little brown eyes look deep into mine and I couldn't say no. I skootch over and open the covers and she lays down next to me. 

She cuddles up next to me and whispers to me, "Can I tell you something?" I nodded my head and looked down to meet her eyes. "Sometimes I pretend you're my mom and that she didn't die," and with that, she closed her eyes and went to sleep. After a few moments, I did the same.

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