The Choice

It is 2098 and its a literal hell on earth. Lanie is just a normal girl trying to survive. She is a leader of her clan, she is a fighter, and she is smart. Until Adrian, a demon mob boss comes along and proposes a journey that may save the world, or destroy it.


2. Chapter 2- Kickin' Demon Butt

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

---------------John 14.27

(Lanie's POV)

"Okay, guys. On my mark." I whisper to my comrades. its dark down here and I just want to get this over with. I hate anonymous tips, they always lead to dead ends or traps. Why can't these abominations just be ignorant for once?  The cellar is dark, gloomy, and smells weird. So much I wish to be at home reading or cooking for Nicki, my little angel. I look over to Lucas, my partner and my best friend, the one person who knows everything about me, even my darkest secrets. He nods at me, holding his gun ready. "One... two...THREE!" Joey, the meathead of the group,  kicks down the door and bullets start flying. Twelve demons, according to my count, all lowlife and all, unfortunately, carrying guns.  We shoot as a team, protecting each other like we always have, and keeping each other safe. 

"Lanie, look out!" I feel a tug on my arm and I fall back into someone's arms. Lucas. I look into his green eyes his half smile forms. He places his hand on my waist and helps steady me, laughing about how I would have been dead a long time ago if it weren't for him. 

"Thanks, " I mumble with an almost smile as we go back to fighting. Left and right I shoot, trying to stay alive. Then the dreaded sound is produced by my gun. Click, click, click.

"Shoot, I'm out." I pull out my hunting knife and start attacking, then I see one of the little creeps run out the exit. Oh, no you don't. I started towards the door.

(Lucas' POV)

I watch Lanie attack these demons with nothing but a knife. She is nothing short of a warrior princess, beautiful and terrifying. No matter what, she is always there, kicking ass and taking names. We have always been a good team, even when it was just me and her on the school playground helping little kids fight the big bad bullies.  

"Lucas! A little help here!" Joey yells, and I turn and shoot. The demon that was once linked on to his neck drops. Joey looks at me and smiles. "I told him, I'm straight and I have a girlfriend," he laughs. 

"I guess he wasn't taking no for an answer," I grin and look back at Lanie, but she wasn't there. I take a full 360 and see that she left. "Shit!" she went on her own again. I whistle to Joey and he knows exactly whats going on. He stops screwing around and finished the rest of the damned, and we go after her. We run into the hall and I realize that there are at least a hundred rooms and I have no clue which way she went. 

Clash!  Something must have broke and we start running. "No, no, please, please!" the damned thing was begging and I take a breath of relief. "I can give you information, please! Don't kill me!" Joey and I walk into the room where Lanie has the demon on the ground with a knife on his throat. My warrior goddess. She looks up as the door closes and smiles that amazing smile that makes it hard for me to breathe. 

"Hey guys, what took you guys so long?" and the demon looks up at us and fear overcomes him. He starts screaming, saying how the boss is going to come after us and avenge his fallen. Lanie laughs and puts pressure on the knife. "Yeah, right. So, you said you have information. Tell before I make you spill your guts."  She releases the knife off of his neck only to put it on the base of his stomach. 

" The boss, he's meeting some customers! Please don't kill me. " The demon told us where and when, and Lanie takes the knife off of him and gets up. 

"Lucas, would you like to do the honors?" she raises her eyebrow, knowing that she didn't have to ask. I raise my gun and it starts begging for its life, tears of blood streaming down its face and its hands raised up as if they would protect him.

"Go back to where you came from." BANG!

(Lanie's POV)

When we get home, Nicki runs outside and jumps into my arms. I lift her easily and kiss her forehead. "Hey, baby girl. How are you?" 

"Good, Aryah did my makeup!" Sure enough, mascara and eyeshadow are evident on the little girl's eyelids and eyelashes, she also has lip balm and... is that, foundation? Lucas is going to freak out.

"Hey! No hugs for the big brother?" Speak of the devil. I pass the little girl to him and walk as fast as I could to the house and to warn Aryah. 

"ARYAH!" Oops... too late. I laugh and continue up the grassy hill to the house.

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