The Choice

It is 2098 and its a literal hell on earth. Lanie is just a normal girl trying to survive. She is a leader of her clan, she is a fighter, and she is smart. Until Adrian, a demon mob boss comes along and proposes a journey that may save the world, or destroy it.


1. Chapter 1 - The War

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.

My heart was beating faster and faster as I ran through the dark and gloomy battlefield. All my life, I had never seen so much blood and death around me. It's not even human. I shook the feeling of dread and continue searching. Angels and demons were battling around me, all trying to win this final battle, but I only cared about one thing.  Where is he? I call out his name, but the only response was the scream of death and war. Back and forth I weaved around those who try to kill me. Why, why did I have to follow you. Why couldn't I have stayed home like they said? Why did you have to kill them?   

For You are with me.

 "Lanie!" I turned around and saw him. I saw that stupid grin that seemed so out of place in this place of pain and death. I saw those eyes that always seem to pierce my soul. Most importantly I saw that man I fell in love with not too long ago. Through the darkness and death, I see the one man that can console me. I started to run towards him, blocking the blows that the demons try to bestow upon me. Get away from me, I just want him.  With each block, I grew a step closer to the man I love, and with every step, I grew more and more confident with myself.  I couldn't hear the screams anymore, I just heard him calling my name, asking if I'm alright in that worried voice that only seems to come out when I am the subject. I couldn't speak, I was just too relieved that he was alive. I stopped in front of him and all of his divine beauty. We look into each other's eyes, then collapse into a warm embrace.  "Hell, Lanie. I thought I lost you there for a sec." His voice filled me and I let go of all the pain and suffering that we had endured in the past year. If we survive this, I will never let go of him again. "Lanie, I just wanted to say that I..." 

Your rod and staff, they comfort me.

I felt a poke in my heart and I was certain that I was dead. I felt no pain but I soon realized that the blood wasn't mine and  I screamed. "No! Damnit, no! Stay up!"  I struggled to hold him up and keep him here. "Please, stay," I sobbed. After everything that we have been through, he couldn't die now. 

I  struggled to turn him and see the damage. An arrow stuck out of his back. I begged him to hold on, I lied and told him that he would be okay.  Thweck! Another arrow skinks into his back. His weight growing as his ability to live was shrinking. He looks up to me, now on my knees holding him up. He struggled to place his hand on my cheek and once he has accomplished this, he smiled that stupid smile and wiped my tears.  "I love you, Lanie, and I'm sorry..."  With that final declaration, all life left his eyes, and his soul was gone, taking my heart with it. 

"NO! Don't you dare leave me you stupid man! You can't tell me that and just die," I sobbed and laid him down. As I look up, with tears in my eyes, I saw an arrow flying straight at me. 

Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord, forever.

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