The Savior of Nirn

Pecry Jackson fall in to the world of skyrim


3. Unbound

"Breton! Come on, the gods won't give us another chance!" Ralof shouted at me as I caught my bearings. I wondered for a split-second if I could trust a guy who'd been scheduled for a shave the Headman's axe, but I wasn't in a position to pick my allies. I had to get my hands out of these stupid bindings.

I followed Ralof into a tower. As he slammed the door shut, I looked around the room. A rebel - or Stormcloak, whatever - was crouched over a fallen comrade, who was gravely injured. "Jarl Ulfric! What is that thing? Could the legends be true?" asked Ralof. I was unsure who he was talking to until I turned to see the man in black robes - Ulfric Stormcloak, the leader of the rebellion. His mouth gag had vanished.

"Legends don't burn down villages," he pointed out. His voice was strange - not something you would expect from a leader. It was low and intimidating. Alduin roared again loudly. "We need to move. Now!" he cried to his soldiers.

"Up through the tower, let's go!" Ralof looked at me. "You too, Breton." I followed him up the stairs. I saw a Stormcloak at the top for a split second before the wall exploded in. I was thrown back as Alduin blew a gout of fire in. After a few seconds it was all clear.

Ralof said, "The stairs are blocked!" he poked his head out the hole in the tower. "You see the inn on the other side?" he pointed to a building with it's roof blown off. I nodded, unsure where this was going. "Jump through the roof and keep going!"

"Are you serious?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"Yes! We'll follow you when we can. Now go!"

I looked at the gap. It was no small jump. I'd have to be lucky to make it. I backed up a few steps and jumped for the building.

We'd been taught at Camp to roll out of a jump that high. Unfortunately, that rule was probably not designed for medieval wooden flooring. What was it with this world and it's dark ages shenanigans? Ah, anyway, as I jumped into the inn, my weight managed to break floor and I landed on the ground with a thud.

My shoulder ached as I got to my feet. Thank gods the building hadn't been lit of fire yet - or else I'd've been toast. I ran through the opening on the ground floor and back out into the town.

I saw the guy who'd taken my name with his sword drawn. In front of him was a little kid. "Haming! You need to get over here, now!" the soldier shouted to the boy.

The boy clumsily ran towards the soldier, and not a second too late. Alduin landed in the opening and blew another gout of fire. I dove to the right in cover with the soldier, Haming, and some old man.

"Still alive, prisoner?" asked the soldier. "Well, keep close to me if you want to stay that way." Hey! I could defend myself. Well... maybe not at the moment, but without the binds? Ah, well. If he was willing to help me, than I couldn't complain.

"Gunnar, take care of the boy. I have to find General Tullius and join the defense." The soldier commanded to an elderly man - probably Gunnar.

"Gods guide you, Hadvar." said the old man, a bit wistfully.

Hadvar? Gunnar? What is it with names here? I followed Hadvar, stepping over a body. "Stay close to the wall!" he blurted out. I didn't know what he meant until Alduin landed on the wall he was talking about?

"Are you sure about this?"

"It doesn't notice us. Shut up." he said in a low voice. Once the dragon took off again, he run ahead. "Quickly! Follow me!"

I followed through the corpse of a house and over the bodies of slain Imperial soldiers. This dragon meant some serious business. The soldiers who were still kicking were firing arrows at the beast. One woman was even shooting balls of fire out of her hands. Apparently that was possible here... that must've been what Ralof had meant by magic. This world - Nirn, was it called? - was looking more and more like Dungeons and Dragons every second.

"It's you and me, prisoner! Stay close!" Hadvar called back to me. I realized I'd stopped walking and caught back up.

We entered this courtyard area. Suddenly, Ralof appeared in through a different entrance.

"Ralof! You damned traitor! Out of my way!" Hadvar demanded, brandishing his sword.

Ralof pulled his axe. "We're escaping, Hadvar! You aren't stopping us this time!"

"Fine! I hope that dragon takes you all to Sovngarde." Hadvar stated coldly.

Hadvar began running towards one entrance. He said, "With me, prisoner! Let's go!"

Ralof ran in the opposite direction. "You! Come on! Into the keep!"

I froze for a second. Which should I go for... I made the split second decision to follow Hadvar. I threw myself against the door and it opened.

Hadvar followed in after me, panting. "Looks we're the only ones who made it." He leaned against a table. "Was that really a dragon? The bringers of the End Times."

"Seemed like it to me."

"We should keep moving. Uh, here. Lemme see if I can get those bindings off..." he pulled out a knife and cut the bindings.

"Thanks," I said, rubbing my wrists gratefully. "Won't you get in trouble for freeing a prisoner or something like that."

"Not if you help me escape. I could erase your name from Imperial execution list."


"Enough talking. You need some armor. Take a look in those chests - there should be plenty of gear. Find yourself a weapon, too." I noticed his arm was burnt as he examined it. "I'm gonna see if I can find something for these burns..."

I rummaged through one of the chests, finding some basic armor. It was not unlike the suit Hadvar was wearing. I'd never been a huge fan of armor, but I was sick of these rags. I slipped the armor on - it fit a bit tight, but I would live. I also put on the boots, which didn't fit very well. Inside of the chest was also a key of some sort and rucksack for carrying things that clipped onto my armor. A sword was on a rack nearby, but as soon as I lifted it I knew I wouldn't like it. Way too topheavy. I wished I had Riptide with me...

Suddenly, a ball of purple magic formed in my right hand. I jumped about a foot in the air, I was so surprised. The magic was warm and felt natural in my hand. On instinct, I opened my palm.

A sword formed out of thin air. The sword itself was a wispy blue color and looked like how I might think a ghost would look. But it was solid in my grasp. After a swing, I confirmed my feelings: it was Riptide. "Awesome." I muttered to myself.

Hadvar was wrapping up his burns with a rag when he turned around. "Bound sword, eh? I'm not a fan, but to each his own. I'm more surprised a Breton is a fan of the sword."

"Why is that?"

"Most of your lot end your raising the dead in Nordic tombs or other toxic nonsense. I'm not a fan of magic."

I looked at Riptide in my hand. "I can definitely handle myself in combat, Hadvar."

"We'll see about that, uh..."

"Percy Jackson."

"Ah, yes. You were the one with the oddball name."

"Shouldn't we be moving?"

"Yes. Yes, of course. Follow me." Hadvar led me down hallway until we came to a gate. I heard talking on the other side of it. I actually recognized the voices - they were Stormcloaks. I cursed.

"Stormcloaks... let's see if we can reason with them." Hadvar said cautiously. He pulled a chain, which slowly opened the gate.

Hadvar led the way into the room. "Now, we only want to-"

"Damn faithless Imperials!" cried the Stormcloak and lashed out at Hadvar, which he dodged. I stepped out into the room and was attacked by the soldier, a young woman with an axe.

I parried her strikes, wanting to avoid killing. After parrying her around ten times, she started to get tired. I disarmed her and put my sword at her throat.

"Surrender, or I will kill you." I said, even though I really didn't want to. This woman had done nothing to had the Sotrmcloaks - heck, they'd helped me earlier.

The soldier wouldn't back down. She kicked me in my leg. I stumbled and she took the opportunity to pick up her axe and press on. I still managed the parry all of her attacks. "Fight, you damn coward!" she cried.

I grimaced. I wasn't a coward, and she was starting to piss me off. I disarmed her yet again, but this time I stabbed her through her chest. She fell slack on the ground.

Hadvar was looking at me with a puzzled expression. "What took you so long?"

"I have nothing against these Stormcloaks. I was trying to spare her."

"Every one we don't kill is another one we have to face later. Remember that."

"Ah, whatever. If they're willing to surrender, let's let them, okay?"

"But they aren't. They are taught to fight till the death for their "Skyrim". Well, their Skyrim isn't a place you want to live in." Hadvar walked over to the door. "You got a key?" he asked sarcastically.

"Yep." I tossed him the key I found in the chest. He caught it with a surprised look on his face. "Well aren't we resourceful." he said, opening the door.

We rambled down a spiral flight of stairs until we came to another long hallway. A few Stormcloaks were on the other side. I summoned Riptide and raised it but the area of the hallway in between us collapsed in.

"Damn, that dragon doesn't give up easily," Hadvar muttered, pushing open the door on the left.

I heard more talking. I hoped for a second that it was friendly, but of course it wasn't. Two Stormcloaks attacked. Hadvar dispatched both of them quickly. "Look around here for potions. We'll probably need those later on?"


"Yes. Look in that barrel."

I obediently slid the top off of the barrel and looked inside. 5 vials - 3 red, 1 green, one blue - were inside. I grabbed all of them.

Returning to Hadvar, I said, "This what you meant?"

"Yeah. But those in your rucksack. If your hurt, drink a red. If your tired, a green. And if you're low or magic or whatever you mages do, drink the blue."

I nodded. I put two reds in by bag and put one of each on my belt for quicker access. Hadvar led by down a hallway to another staircase. "The torture room. Gods, I wish we didn't need these..."

By the time we reached the room, the two Stormcloaks who were combating the torturer and his assistant were on the floor, dead.

The lead torturer who was a hooded old guy chuckled. "These boys seemed a bit upset about how I'd been treating their comrades."

"Don't you even know what's going on? A dragon is attacking Helgen!" Hadvar insisted..

"A dragon? Please. Don't make up nonsense... though, come to think of it, I did here some strange noises coming from over there..." the torturer pointed down a hallway.

"Come with us. We need to get out of here."

"You have no authority over me, boy." snapped the torturer.

"Didn't you hear me? I said the keep is under attack!"

The torturer's assistant said, "Forget the old man, I'll come with you,"

I appreciated the guy's help, but... the fact that he assisted a torturer a bit dodgy. I decided to trust him nonetheless. "Wait a second... looks like there's something in this cage." He pulled out something that looked like a bobby pin and picked the lock within a few seconds. I made a mental note to ask him how to do that later.

Hadvar picked up some gold coins. "We'll need these for when we get out." he pointed at a book and a dead body. "Get that guy's robe and hood. We can sell those for a lot of Septims when we get out. Take the book if you like - looks like a Spell Tome."

I looted the robes from the guy and looked at the book. As soon as I opened it, I felt a sort of power rush over me. A spark of electricity lit up my left hand, which felt similar to an unsummoned Riptide. I opened my hand and a stream of Sparks shot out.

This was too freaking cool. How was everyone else not running around with lightning hands yelling UNLIMITED POWER! I followed Hadvar down another corridor (this place seemed to have a lot of those) and we eventually came a large area filled with Stormcloaks.

I charged ahead, running through the first soldier before focusing my attention to the archers on the other side of the room. I show Sparks towards them, and it they both stumbled back. Hadvar finished the job.

"You two go on ahead!" Cried the assistant. "I'll go talk to the old man."

We left the room and proceeded into an empty cave. Hadvar told me to grab a bag of lumpy gold coins - he called them Septims - from a rock. It wasn't until we got into the next open cave that a challenge presented itself.

Huge spiders were everywhere - like, Lord of the Rings style huge. If Annabeth were here, she would be loosing her mind. Hadvar ran ahead and attacked them, so I waded into combat after him.

I struck down two with ease, but the third got it's mandibles around my leg. It stung, put I managed to bring down Riptide on it's leg, killing it.

I thought nothing of it until I began to feel a bit woozy. Then I fell over.

Hadvar cursed. "Damn Frostbite Spiders!" he looked around in his rucksack. I covered my leg instinctively with my hand to stop the bleeding, but there was no blood. Ah. So it was a poison. I love those things. "Okay... here." he handed me a vial, which I downed in a gulp. It tasted nasty but the pain stopped.

As Hadvar helped me to my feet, he said, "I always forget how bad these spiders are on non-Nords. You have to watch yourself with these things."

"Why non-Nords?"

"We've been living in the cold so long we're resistant to it. Frostbite spiders use a bloodfreezing poison. It'll make a Nord hurt a bit, but outsiders? They normally pass out."

I followed him into another long cavern. I noticed a large black object sleeping in a ray of sunlight - a bear.

"See her?" asked Hadvar, as if reading my mind. "I'd really rather not tangle with her right now... let's try and sneak by."

We moved as silently as possible pass the bear. But then I stepped on a stick, and well...

The bear roared violently as it charged us. "I'll take it's attention! Cast spells at it from behind!"

Hadvar raised his shield and played defense. I manged to avoid it's sight and get behind it. I shot Sparks out of my hands and slashed it a few times with Riptide. It laid dead.

I though we were going to move ahead, but then Hadvar pulled out a knife. "What're you - oh god!" He skinned the bear in under a minute before stuffing the skin into his rucksack. "You won't believe how many Septims those go for. Trust me."

He lead me around a corner and I couldn't believe my eyes. IT WAS AN EXIT. Thank the gods! I was wondering if we'd ever make it.

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