The Savior of Nirn

Pecry Jackson fall in to the world of skyrim


1. The Savior of Nirn


Of course Annabeth had cheated. She totally got a head start. I chased after her, but it was futile. We were close to the bottom of the hill when IT happened.

Suddenly, the sky turned a sickly red. A roar filled the sky and a huge black figure appeared in the distance. This thing was nothing like I'd ever seen before. It was clearly a dragon of some sort, but not the Peleus kind of nice dragon. This thing was HUGE. It was easily as long as a Drakon, but the beast was flying and had black spikes on the edge of it's wings. Worst of all, it was talking in some language I didn't understand.

I drew Riptide, and a voice in my head uttered a statement: You can defeat it. You are the Dovahkiin...

The Do-what? I thought back to the voice.

Just then did the whole environment go blue. Then... time froze. I have no other way to describe it. A man appeared in front of me.

The man was old looking and was dressed in a robe. His face was almost completely shrouded by a hood. "You do not understand, Dovahkiin. I would not expect you to."

For a second I didn't move a muscle but then I realized that, just like the man, I could move. Apparently he'd created this time-flux-thingy.

"Explain..." I didn't know what I wanted him to explain. The dragon, to Dovahkiin, the strange man... "everything. Who are you?"

"My name is Quaranir. I represent the Psijic Order. I'm here because we at the Order believe in you, Dovahkiin."


"Our planes are... different sides of the same coin. Yours is Earth. Ours in Nirn. The threat of Alduin threatens both planes. Do you understand?"


"You've helped end the threat of M... Kronos, for which we can thank you for. You are exactly the hero we need in Nirn - one who has knowledge of both worlds."

"In English?"

"You mean Tamrielic? Earth is your planet. Nirn is ours. Our worlds are linked. The Divines rule Nirn, the Gods rule Earth. That big black dragon is Alduin, the World-Eater. You are going to Nirn to learn how to beat that dragon. We at the Psijic Order can freeze time here until you return with all of your knowledge to defeat Alduin, once and for all."

"What about the people here?!"

"They will stay in this condition until you return. Now, defeat the dragon and bridge the gap."

A purple portal opened below my feet. I fell through the portal and into darkness.

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