The Savior of Nirn

Pecry Jackson fall in to the world of skyrim


7. Thane of Whiterun


By the time I got back into the city, it was past sunset. Some Redguard warriors near the entrance offered to pay me to find some other Redguard in town, but I turned them down. They said that if I found anything, that they'd be in a town called Rorikstead if I found anything. I continued up to Dragonsreach.

Before I headed up the main staircase, a huge noise rippled through the air. "DOVAHKIIN!" a voice roared. It came from a mountain to the south. What did that word mean? It wasn't just a coincidence anymore. That was the third time I heard it.

Also on my mind the whole "Dragonborn" thing. It still sounded pretty weird, but... it gave significance to why Quaranir had chosen me. If I had this power to steal dragon's pwer and it gave me the ability to shout really cool stuff, then I was for it. If I essentially became a dragon magnet because of it... well, not so cool. If this power helped me kill Alduin, then it was awesome. At least I knew that I could at least kill dragons now.

I entered Dragonsreach and swiftly walked towards the throne. I saw that he was talking to his brother, Hrongar, but the Jarl dismissed him when he saw me. "So what happened at the Watchtower? Was the dragon there."

"The Watchtower is pretty much destroyed, but I killed the dragon." I replied.

"I knew I could count on you and Irileth... but something else must've happened."

I decided it would be best to tell him. He could be a really valuable ally if I needed someone influential. "When the dragon died, I absorbed some kind of power from it. Your men seemed to think I was Dragonborn."

"So it's true! The Greybeards really were summoning you!" he said excitedly.

"The Greybeards?" I asked.

"Masters of the Way of the Voice. They live in seclusion high on the Throat of the World."

"What do these Greybeards want with me?"

"The Dragonborn is said to be uniquely gifted in the Voice - the ability to focus your vital essence into a Thu'um, or Shout. If you really are Dragonborn... they can teach you to use your gift."

"Didn't you hear the thundering sound as you returned to Whiterun? That was the voice of the Greybeards, summoning you to High Hrothgar! This hasn't happened in... centuries, at least. Not since Tiber Septim was summoned when he was still Talos of Atmora."

Talos? That guy who the Nords worshiped as a god? "Hrongar, calm yourself. What does any of this Nord nonsense have to do with our friend here? Capable as he may be, I don't see any signs of him being, what, 'Dragonborn.'" Proventus interrupted Hrongar.

"I can give you a demonstration," I offered. But both Hrongar and Proventus ignored me.

"Nord nonsense?! Why you puffed up ignorant... these are our sacred traditions that go back to the founding of the First Empire!" Cried Hrongar.

"Hrongar, do be so hard on Avenicci." Balgruuf said, referring to Proventus's last name, I assumed.

"I meant no disrespect, of course," said Proventus. "It's just that... what do these Greybeards want with him?"

"That's the Greybeards' business, not ours. But whatever happened when you killed that dragon revealed something in you, and the Greybeards heard it. If they think you're Dragonborn, who are we to argue?" Balgruuf pointed out. "I would get to High Hrothgar as soon as you can. There's no refusing the summon of the Greybeards. It's a tremendous honor."

"If he were a Nord, it would be better, but he seems like an honorable man." Hrongar said.

"No matter. I wish to formally reward you, Dragonborn." Jarl Balgruuf said as he stood up. "You've done a great service for me and my city. By my right as Jarl, I name you Thane if Whiterun. It's the greatest honor within my power to grant. I assign you Lydia as a personal Housecarl and Breezehome for everything you have done."

"Thank you sir."

"We are honored to have you as Thane of our city, Dragonborn."

The next three days were kind of wasted, I'll be honest. I spent those days getting used to living in this world. The house the Jarl had gifted me - Breezehome - was small, but I liked small houses. It kind of reminded me of Cabin Three, or maybe the apartment with me and my mom (and soon, probably Paul). Thinking things like that only made me more and more sad.

Never before in my life had I ever felt so truly alone. I had very few allies on this entire planet. It's like I'd been told to start over again with absolutely nothing. The only dependable friends I had were Balgruuf, Hadvar, and Lydia.

Lydia was my personal servant, I guess is the best thing to describe it as. She lived in my house with me, she cooked, and protected all that I owned with her life. She said she was a formidable soldier too, so I decided that when I made my trek to see the Greybeards, I'd ask her to come with me.

As it turns out, a lot of local Nords would've preferred a kinsman as the Dragonborn, because I'd nearly gotten in a fistfight with a drunken guy who called me a half-breed. From what I heard, Bretons descended from ancient Nords and ancient Altmer. So that was just great. I'd escaped from the fight pretty much unscathed, but that was only because one of the guards had knocked my attacker out. That was another perk of being the Thane. The guards watched your back.

I'd gotten 4 letters from couriers over that time. One was from General Tullius, saying amnesty was granted for my "crimes" and he was willing to offer me a spot in the Imperial Legion is I went to see him in Solitude. I got another from the rebellion's leader, Ulfric Stormcloak. That one basically said the Empire would bog me down, that I would be given tons of septims and honor if I joined the rebellion. I asked Lydia why the two sides were so aggressively pursuing me.

"You're Dragonborn. The first we've known of in over 200 years, at least. Skyrim's locked in Civil War. You're one of the most influential men in Whiterun, which is neutral. It's right in the middle of Skyrim. If you hold Whiterun, you have a tactical trading city and the crossroads of a province. Back to the Dragonborn part - a lot of people will side wherever you go. Tiber Septim - the last great Dragonborn - united an entire continent under his rule. A lot of people will trust you with their lives."

That struck me. I hated politics - but I was eventually knew I'd be forced to side one way or another. I was here to beat a dragon and I'd be forced to fight in a stupid war. I'd hold out for as long as I could.

The other two letters came from the College of Winterhold and the Companions, asking me to join their organizations. The College was apparently a Hogwarts clone that was really far North - like, as far north as you could go in Skyrim. The people up there were apparently interested in my Shouting ability. The Companions one I found odd - the mercenary group was based in Whiterun - but I guess the Companions didn't like making public appearances unpaid. I did head over to Jorrvaskr and joined them on the second day, then ran an easy job on the third.

When I got back from the Companions job, I decided it would be a good time to make the trip up to High Hrothgar. Lydia declined my offer, unfortunately, saying that the Greybeards would not welcome anyone but the summoned into High Hrothgar. So at around noon I headed south for the Greybeards.

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