The Savior of Nirn

Pecry Jackson fall in to the world of skyrim


11. Points for the Imperials

 had yet another dream that night.

I woke up in a dark void similar to one I had seen Nirien in, so I assumed that's who had visited me. But instead a ghostly blue figure stepped before he. He wore full steel-plated armor and had a sword strapped to his back. His hair went to the shoulders and possessed an impressive beard.

"Where am I?" I asked, kind of stupidly. Suddenly, the image changed. We were in the ruins of some kind of fort.

"Sancre Tor." The ghost looked over the ruins. "This is where Alessia the Slave Queen received he divine message for the slave rebellion in the First Era. 4,209 years ago." He had a distinctly Nordic accent.

"Who are you?"

"Call me Hjalti. But that is beside the point." The ghost Hjalti examined me closer. "You are the next Dragonborn, correct?"

That took me a bit off guard. "Uh, yeah. Why?"

Hjalti's image shimmered. "You're destiny is different from most. Alduin, son of Akatosh, aims to eat the world. Even I have never heard this prophecy."

"You're not just a dead mortal, are you?"

"No, boy. You're sharp on these things, aren't you?"

"I've dealt with deities before."

Hjalti looked at the horizon. "It is difficult for me to manifest here for long. I miss Tamriel... but to the point. I cannot tell if your destiny will fall in line with those of Alessia, Reman Cyrodiil, or, ah, Tiber Septim." Hjalti scratched his beard slowly. Could a ghost scratch his beard?

"What do you mean?"

"Dragonborn are natural leaders of men, boy. You are still young - a man, but young. The Blades are yours to command. You have a bright future in Tamriel past Alduin -" the sun came into full view over the horizon. "Blast. Well, Dragonborn, we will talk later. Not tomorrow. But soon."

"Wait-" Thee dream began to fade.

I woke up in the Braidwood Inn the next day, a bit light-headed. My encounter with the divine who I was pretty sure I was Talos had taken a lot out of me for some reason. I guess the Aedra had trouble manifesting on Nirn, but was it really that hard? They were, like, on par with gods.

Once I really came to my sense I decided to head run to Windhelm. I'd already seen Solitude - I figured it was only right that I see Windhelm too. Look at both sides objectively, I guess. The city was easy to see from Kynesgrove - it was a large, black, and looming fortified city. I hoped that I could enter without issue.

A bridge over the White seemed to stretch on for miles - maybe it was anticipation, maybe it was just that long. It seemed like it had been hours, but I finally reached the gate.

As soon as I entered I immediately disliked the place. "You come here when you're not wanted, you eat our food, you pollute the city with your stink and you refuse to help the Stormcloaks." This Nord was laying into a Dunmer woman. My hands balled into fists. I didn't like bullies.

"We haven't taken a side because it isn't our fight," the woman said matter-of-factly.

"Hey, maybe the reason these gray-skins don't help is because they're Imperial spies!" The other Nord suggested to his friend.

I stepped up. These two were annoying me now. "Hey, lay off her!"

The two Nords turned to me. "What was that, you half-breed? The lot of ya should be cast off of Skyrim! The lizards, the half-breeds, and especially the damned elves!"

They tried to grab me, but I dodged to the right. I thought they would draw swords on me, but they held out fists. I raised mine instinctively.

The one in the hat swung high, but he missed thanks to a lucky dodge I performed. I kicked him in the chest, my iron boot knocking his wind out. "You can't lay a finger on us, you bastard!" The other came in and got a lucky one on my face. I recoiled, touching my face. No blood. I would live. I tore off my helmet, smiling at the Nord.

I raised my arms to block another punch, which stung my arms, badly. I used my feet again to knock him off his feet, this time with a side-swipe. I picked the dirty man up off the ground with a struggle. My vision blurred a bit but I tried to mask the pain. "Tell your friend to stop picking on the Dunmer. They're not spies. If I find out again -"

The man struggled out and ran off, leaving his friend on the ground flopping like a fish. I turned to the Dunmer woman. "Why on earth did you come to Windhelm, traveler?" She asked.

I thought that was an odd question. "I wanted to see the city. Why?"

"The city of Windhelm is an unintelligent mosh pit of ignorance. Why someone like you came I cannot possibly imagine..."

As she turned to leave I caught up with her. "Why were those Nords bullying you?"

She sighed, turning to me. "The Nords don't like us being here. We Dunmer live in Grey Quarter - Nords like the 'mighty' Rolff there like to wander about the Quarter and yell insults at us. They also torment the Argonians... come to think it, just about any who aren't Nord are fair game. They even mocked you."

"All the Nords are like that?"

"No. There's an honorable man here named Brunwulf Free-Winter who often tries to help us by talking to that bastard of a Jarl, Ulfric. He never listens, but we honor Brunwulf all the same. He should live to see change in Windhelm. Now if I were you, I'd leave. The Nords will start looking for you..."

As if on cue, the man who was conscience after I beat him up was leading some sort of mob. I took that as my cue to leave.

I managed to evade the mob by hiding in a set of bushes near the stables. The stablemaster - an Altmer - promised the keep the mob away. Which he did, thank god. I bought a carriage ride back to Whiterun after the mob was out of sight.

As soon as I arrived back in Breezehome, I noticed two notes on the table. I opened it, and it read:

Percy Jackson,

General Tullius has requested your presence at Castle Dour. As per the report from Hadvar, you greatly aided a skirmish in Dragon Bridge without affiliation to the Empire whilst the Penitus Oculatus stood by idly. We would like to offer you a cash reward in return as well as make an offer. Jarl Elisif the Fair also has a task for you, I believe.

-Legate Rikke

Well, the offer was definitely something about the Legion. What I'd seen in Windhelm was bad, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go in there bashing heads. My issue here was stopping Alduin. I looked at the other note.

See me in Dragonsreach as soon as you return. -Balgruuf

Well, I guess I might as well head there. I was already in Whiterun, so why not? I took off my helmet and gauntlets for comfort and headed back into the city. The trip back had taken the better part of the day, as the sky was already starting to go orange.

A few of the guards greeted me, but thankfully other than that no express attention was given to me. I walked around the Gildergreen and past Heimskr, who was doing his usual spiel about Talos. I was almost tempted to say that I think I met him, but I wasn't that mean. So instead I headed up the winding staircase up to Dragonsreach, where the guards opened the door for me. I nodded to them then went in.

I saw Balgruuf on his throne with Hrongar, Avenicci, and Irileth all around him. When he saw me, he called out, "Percy! There you are. Now we can begin."

"What's this about?"

Irileth turned to me. "The Stormcloaks have been increasingly bold recently. They attempted to sack Dragon Bridge near Solitude. General Tullius wishes to hear an answer."

"Oh," I responded. I wonder if they knew I was involved at Dragon Bridge... they didn't seem to.

"Hrongar, I already know your opinion on the matter," Balgruuf said. "But I need to know how Percy and Irileth fell about this. Proventus, we already know you support the Imperials with my brother."

"Yes, my lord."




I was put on the spot. I was leaning Imperial, but still... "I'll support whichever you support, Balgruuf."

The Jarl looked forward. There was a strange look in his eyes. "I..."

"My Jarl, it's time to decide." Irileth reassured.

Balgruuf looked like he was swallowing a softball. "I suppose... alright." He trained his eyes on me. "I guess the protection of the Legion is useful as well... Can you make it to Solitude for me? Tell Tullius he has the support of Whiterun."

"I need to head there soon anyway. I'll tell Tullius."

"Alright, Percy. You are free to go." I bowed before him and began to leave.

As I walked away, I overheard Proventus say, "...Attend party at the Thalmor Embassy..."

I turned on my heel. "Wait! Hold on. Balgruuf?"


"You're attending a party at the Embassy?"

Balgruuf looked a bit embarrassed. "Yes, part of the White-Gold Concordat. I hate the Thalmor.. a lot. Why?"

"I need to get into the Embassy."

Balgruuf looked quickly at me, then Proventus. "Proventus, leave us for a moment."

"Yes, my lord." The steward scurried off.

"By the divines, why do you need to get into the Embassy?" Balgruuf ask-whispered.

"You know of Delphine?"

"The Innkeeper in Riverwood?"

"Yes, her. As it turns out, she's a Blade."

The Jarl sat up straight in his throne. "That woman is a Blade?"

"That was my reaction too! But anyway, we're investigating the dragon attacks. Delphine thinks the Thalmor know something and wants me to figure it out by... well, infiltration. Can you get me into the Embassy?"

"...I could probably get clearance to bring an adviser. The Thalmor no doubt know of you now - you'd have to go under a different name. They'd probably kill the Dragonborn on sight."

"That's reassuring."

"It's the truth. A new Dragonborn raises the spirits of man - something the Thalmor dread. Return to me once you have spoken to your Blade... we can set up the details then."

"Alright... thank you, Balgruuf. I'll be back later."

I bowed once again (it seemed like the right thing to do) and headed out of Dragonsreach. I immediately headed for Riverwood.

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