The Savior of Nirn

Pecry Jackson fall in to the world of skyrim


4. Down in Riverwood


 stumbled out of the cave, tripping on a rock. I thought I was going to be able to save myself from an embarrassing fall, but I couldn't. I fell on my face and got back to my feet within a few seconds, hopefully not looking like an idiot. Hadvar chuckled but said nothing.

I looked up to the sky, thanking the gods I'd made it out of Helgen without dying. Then I saw Alduin out of the corner of my eye. "Wait!" I cried. Me and Hadvar took cover behind a rock, waiting for him to pass. When he finally did, I stood up. "Looks like he's gone for good this time - but I don't think we should stick around to see if it comes back."

I sighed, looking at the landscape around me. A inch of snow covered the ground near the cave entrance, but it stopped after about 30 meters. We were in a scarce pine forest and a mountain dotted the background, with a shorter one to the left. The view was amazing and a tad bit surreal.

I realized something with a bit of a shock - what was I supposed to do now? The bastard had flown away to the North, and I wasn't about to chase him down, seeing that he destroyed an entire town. I decided by best bet was to stick with Hadvar.

"Closest town from here is Riverwood," said Hadvar as he began walking. I followed him, instinctively. "My uncle's the blacksmith there. I'm sure he's help us out."

"Sound's good," I responded.

"You ever been to Skyrim before, Breton?" he asked suddenly.


"You picked a bad time to come to Skyrim. Even the people down in Cyrodiil and the elves know of the Civil War. And now dragons... I thought they just legends. Something my papa scared me into going to sleep with."

An answer appeared in my head. "I was hunting North of Bruma, and I suppose I must have crossed the border. I was arrested." The whole "appearing answers" ordeal was a bit strange, but it had it's uses. I didn't even now what Bruma was.

"I'll pull a few strings when I arrive in Solitude so you can be relieved of the charges, but until then, I'd watch yourself around Imperial soldiers. Which reminds me - I'll have my uncle get you a new set of armor. You could persecuted for wearing that and not being enlisted in the Imperial Legion."

"Your Empire likes rules, huh?"

"Maybe. But it's our best chance of beating the elves."

Elves? This world was freaking Dungeons and Dragons. I decided to shut up and go along with it.

We were mostly silent until we came to this strange circle of stones. Hadvar said, "These are the Guardian Stones. 3 of the 13 standing stones that dot Skyrim's landscape. They'll help you train in the 3 different skills. Take your pick."

I looked at the stones. The first one was a hooded man with a dagger. The next was a Gandalf looking wizard. The third was a warrior in metal armor and a shield. I touched the last one.

A wisp of bright blue swept over me as a beam of light shot into the sky. I felt literally nothing. "Warrior, good man." Hadvar congratulated.

The rest of the walk to Riverwood was a downhill walk next to a river that Hadvar identified as the White. After we took care of a few rogue wolves (and another bloody skinning display) the town was in sight.

Before we entered the town, Hadvar said to me, "Get inside my uncle's house as quick as possible. We'll cause a riot if we parade about in Imperial armor. That damn Gerdur will have our necks."

I nodded back, walking into the town. The houses looked similar to the ones that were now burning back in Helgen - Made of wood with thatched roofs. A dragon could this place in seconds. Thankfully, Hadvar's uncle's house was right near the entrance.

"Things seem quiet here. No signs of Gerdur... we're good. Follow me."

I followed Hadvar to the Blacksmith forge. "Uncle Alvor." said Hadvar, in one of those shout-whispers.

"Hadvar? What are you doing here? Are you on leave from..." Alvor noticed Hadvar's cuts and bruises. "Shor's bone, what happened to you, boy? Are you in some kind of -"

"Shh... Uncle, please. Keep your voice down. I'm fine. But we should go inside to talk."

"What's going on? And who's this?" Alvor asked, looking pointedly at me. Looking at the blacksmith, I could definitely see the family resemblance between the two.

"He's a friend. He saved my life. Come on, we need to go inside, now." Hadvar was looking at something in the distance he apparently found unsettling.

"Okay, okay. Sigrid will get you two something to eat. But you'll explain yourselves."

When we entered the house it was pretty much what I expected. A small place for beds was in the corner, along with a fireplace in the middle of the far wall. The house was small but cozy. Like a medieval apartment.

"Sigrid, we have company! Get two extra chairs!" called Alvor. A woman who must have been his wife came up the stairs from the basement. "Hadvar! We've been so worried about you! Come, you two must be hungry. Sit down and I'll get you something to eat."

Sigrid retired back to the basement as I sat down next to Hadvar. Alvor said, "Now then, boy. Whar's the big mystery? What are you doing here, looking like lost an argument with a cave bear.

I almost wanted to say, "We nearly did" but I decided to let Hadvar talk.

"I don't know where to start. You know I was assigned to Tullius's guard. We were stopped in Helgen ready to execute Ulfric Stormcloak when we were attacked... by a dragon."

"A dragon? That's... ridiculous! You aren't drunk, are you boy?"

"Husband. Let his tell his story!" chided Sigrid over a cooking pot.

"Not much more to tell. This dragon just attacked the place. Mass confusion... I don't know how many others would have gotten out if not for my friend here, Percy. Not a comrade... at least yet. But I need to get to Solitude and tell them what happened. I was hoping you could give us food and shelter for a few days-"

"Of... of course! Any friend of Alvor is a friend of mine. I'll try to help in anyway I can," offered Hadvar. "But... I need your help. Everyone here needs your help." He was talking squarely to me now.

"The Jarl needs to know that a dragon is on the loose! Riverwood is defenseless... send word to Jarl Balgruuf to send whatever troops he can. You can find him in Whiterun. Whenever you're ready, of course."

"Thank you, sir."

"Ah! One thing, Uncle," said Hadvar. "Percy isn't a member of the Legion he needs a new set of armor or else... well, you know how it is. I've collected some skins. Can you whip him up a new set of armor?"

"Of course. It may take a few days to tan the skins into leather, though. Hadvar, set him up with some clothes and show him around."

Hadvar lent me some clothes of his old clothes - they consisted of brown leather pants and a yellow tunic over it. I felt like kind of an idiot until I realized that everyone in the town wore crap like this. There wasn't much to Riverwood - Alvor's house, Sven's house, a Trader, and a bar called the Sleeping Giant were on the main road. I guess a few more houses were off of the road, but Hadvar said that the Stormcloak woman, Gerdur, lived over there.

After a few hours of doing pretty much nothing and resting, Hadvar suggested we head over the Sleeping Giant for food and drink. When we entered the bar, I said quickly to him, "Hadvar, I'm 16. Beer might be a bad idea."

"Nonsense! You can't call yourself a man if you can't down a mug of good old fashioned Nord Mead, even for a Breton!" he walked up to the counter swiftly. "It's been awhile, Orgnar."

"Same, Hadvar." The barkeep responded. His voice was pretty much the essence of bass itself.

"Two mugs. Gonna give Percy his first taste of real mead."

Orgnar looked at me warily. "This won't be a wasted bottle, will it? You sure the Breton can handle it?"

"Guaranteed." Hadvar put a five-septim piece that he'd earlier called a Pelagius and handed me a mug of the the drink. It smelled a bit like honey and mint, and Hadvar took a swig. "Go on."

I sipped at the beverage. It was bitter, but it wasn't exactly awful. Hadvar turned back to Orgnar and began talking to him. "You heading back to Solitude soon?"

"I'll stay here for a few more days, then move one. What's been going on here?"

"Not much..."

I took another swig of the mead, and my vision blurred a bit. Now would be a good time to stop...


"Perseus Jackson?"

I opened by eyes. A wispy figure in yellow robes was in an orb of glowing light. "Quaranir?"

"No, a colleague. Nirien. Quaranir sent me to explain things to you."

"Where am I?"

"Asleep. You passed out at the Sleeping Giant and they moved you to a bed. Quaranir was quite vague in his description of your task, so I understand."

"You could say that again."

"Moreover, you can ask whatever you want. Nothing held back."

I thought about that for a second. "Why exactly was I chosen to kill Alduin?"

"You took down Kronos. Alduin is a similar being."

"A Titan?"

"Not a Titan. A Divine. But that is unimportant."


"Skyrim is in Civil War. The Stormcloaks wish to overthrow the Empire and restore Talos worship. The Empire was forced to ban Talos worship 30 years ago by the Aldmeri Dominion in order to stop the destruction of the Empire. The Aldmeri Dominion is run by Supremacist High Elves who want to subject Men. Alduin has returned to the Mortal Plane for reasons we don't know."

My (dream)head was spinning from information overload. "So I have to find out how to kill Alduin. That's it?"

"It isn't so cut and dry. Alduin the World-Eater will return and will swallow the universe. Earth and Nirn will be destroyed. We believe you are the only one who can stop him, and we are willing to spend countless resources to help you.

"We can hold Earth in stasis for six months before rifts will start to appear. We need you to figure out the key relatively quickly. Is that all?"

"How do I know what to do?!""

You'll know. We believe in you, Perseus Jackson. Do not fail us."

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