The Savior of Nirn

Pecry Jackson fall in to the world of skyrim


5. Before the Storm


The next day was a bit fuzzy, I'll be honest. Going along with Hadvar on the mead was a bad idea, and I had a pretty nasty headache. I didn't do much of anything that day, because I wanted to stay in Riverwood until Alvor finished my new armor. I'd thought about what Nirien had told me last night and I figured the best course of action was to go Whiterun and tell the Jarl-guy to send guards to Riverwood.

On that night, Alvor's daughter Dorthe told me told me to go see her daddy at the forge. When I arrived at the forge, Alvor was beating some iron with a hammer. I had no idea how he managed to smith without burning himself constantly. The one time I tried making a sword back in the forges at Camp Half-Blood, I'd given myself some nasty blisters and a scar on the back of my hand. The thought of Camp Half-Blood made my head hurt again, so I tried to push aside the thought.

"Ah, Percy. The armor I've made you in the table over there. Try it on."

I picked up the lump of leather on the table and held in front of me. A brown leather top was clasped with a steel disk with straps that were held tight with a steel buckle that had some sort of image carved into it. A pauldron sat on both shoulders, like I expected. The entire torso was sleeveless, so maybe the deerskin sweater Hadvar had given me would be of use. The bottom half of the armor was made of deerskin and had metal studs embedded into it. The belt had a similar design to the buckle. I slipped the armor over my clothes and the piece fit pretty well.

"Studded Armor. I had some left over iron studs so I reinforced the weak points in certain places. I have boots, gauntlets, and helmets, if you have the septims."

"How many?"

"For being a friend? I'll give them to you for 12 septims."

"Deal." I handed him over the money and he fetched the rest of my armor out of a barrel. The boots and gauntlets were made of iron instead of leather, but they fit well too. "Now where did I put the helmet... ah. Here." The helmet was definitely the oddest piece of armor I'd ever seen - In the front, it covers about half the face and had eye holes in it. Horns came out of both sides of the helmet. It looked utterly ridiculous.

"What animal did the horns come from?" I asked warily.

"Doesn't matter."

"Okay… should I be on my way?"

"Hadvar will be off for Solitude in a bit. He could show you the way to Whiterun, if you want. He's probably in the Giant."

I thanked him for the armor and then left, tucking the helmet under my arm. It was a bit after 7, and the sun had started the set. Skyrim had these amazing Northern Lights-esque displays in the sky pretty much every night, according to Hadvar. I gave this place one thing – despite the fact that this world had serious Dungeons and Dragons fever, it was really pretty. I wondered if this was what Earth was like before industry.

That being said, it was hard to take this world seriously. How did I know that somehow hadn't just thrown a rock at my head as I was heading down Half-Blood Hill and I'd passed out? But for some reason it felt right to trust this Psijic Order. If they were for saving the world, I was definitely down. But I already missed my friends, and I'd only been gone two days.

I pushed open the door to find Hadvar sitting on a chair and drinking mead. "Percy! Care for a drink?"

"Very funny."

"Ah, sorry." I noticed now he was wearing his Imperial Armor. "You heading for Whiterun soon?"


"I'll show you the way. You'll be there before 10. Come on."

A path went north over the White River and ran along the river for a length. After a short hill, the city came into view. A palace loomed over the rest of city, and a stone wall ran around the city. Some building tops could be seen over the wall, but not many. It all sat on some sort of raised area above the rest of a plain. The city looked easy to defend against an attack.

"This city's neither Imperial nor Stormcloak. Ulfric's been making a push for it recently, but he's not gotten far. The Jarl is a stubborn man," Hadvar said while shaking his head. "This is where we go in different ways, Percy. Good luck."

"You too. Look out for yourself… and thanks."

"You're welcome. And if you're even in Whiterun… consider joining the Imperial Legion. You'd make a good soldier."

"I'll… uh… consider, Hadvar."

"Alright. See you later."

As Hadvar's figure disappeared, I instantly felt guilty. That guy had risked his life and reputation to help me, and I had no way to repay him. I didn't have much interest in getting into politics… but paying back Hadvar was important to me. I'd have to think about it.

The approach to Whiterun was pretty boring. The entrance was apparently on the left side instead of the front, so it was a bit of a long walk, but it gave me a chance to scout out the city a bit more. Watchtowers were everywhere – guards in yellow glared down at me as I neared the city gate. Even as I approached the gate, a guard apprehended me.

"Halt," he said, sounding a bit bored. "City's closed with the dragons about. Official business only."

"Riverwood is in trouble. They asked me to get the Jarl's help."

"Riverwood is in danger, too? By the divines… go on in. Head straight up into castle, Dragonsreach. Jarl Balgruuf with wish to speak with you."

I nodded back at him and pushed open the gate and into the city. Whiterun was light with braziers, and the houses were of a different style than Riverwood – instead of thatched roofs, they were tiled and were a lot more vertical. The houses were still wooden – I wondered how many times Whiterun had burnt down.

Despite the fact that I really wanted to buy a room at the inn, I knew I had to talk to this Balgruuf character. I walked up a set of stairs in the general direction of the palace until I saw it and actually knew where I was going.

With no resistance from the guards, I walked right into the palace. Braziers burnt everywhere to keep the place warm. Big wooden arches kept the huge ceiling up and the Jarl's (who I figured to be something like a prince) throne sat at the end of the hall.

I just walked up a small set of stairs, once again expecting to be stopped – but I wasn't. I thought I could just walk right up to the guy and say "Sup" but who I presumed to be his bodyguard who walked up to me.

As she came close, I realized she was some kind of elf. She had a bizarre combination of gray skin and red hair. "What is the meaning of this interruption? The Jarl is not expecting visitors."

I'll admit, I was kind of intimidated, but I held my ground. "Alvor sent me. Riverwood is in danger."

"As housecarl, it is my duty to handle all troubles faced by my Jarl and his people. What is the message?"

"I was kind of told to give the message to the Jarl personally." I said.

She scowled at me. "I've got my eye on you."

I walked slowly towards the throne, the Jarl glaring at me coldly. He had long blond hair and beard, and he was obviously a Nord. "What's this about Riverwood being in danger?"

"A dragon destroyed Helgen. Alvor is afraid Riverwood is next."

"Alvor? The smith, isn't he? A solid reliable fellow. Not prone to flights of fancy…"

"Yes, sir." I said, hoping to butter him up a bit.

"And you're sure Helgen was destroyed by a dragon? Not some Stormcloak raid gone wrong?"

"I was there. I saw Al- a dragon burn Helgen to the ground."

"By Ysmir, Irileth was right!" he turned to his advisor on his right. "What do you say now, Proventus? Shall we continue to trust in the strength of our walls against a dragon?"

"My lord, we should send troops to Riverwood at once," said the elf, Irileth. Yes! "It's in the most danger if that dragon is lurking in the mountains."

"The Jarl of Falkreath will view this as a provocation!" Proventus persisted. "He'll assume we're going to join Ulfric's side and attack him."

"Enough!" cried Balgruuf. "I'll not stand by while a dragon burns my hold and slaughters my people! Irileth, send a detachment to Riverwood at once."

"Yes, my Jarl." Mission complete! Nicely done.

Both Irileth and Proventus left, so Balgruuf turned to me. "Well done. You sought me out on your own initiative. But I have another job to be done, if you're interested."

"Yes, I accept." I said, figuring doing this for now would be a good move.

"Come, let's find Farangar, my court wizard. He's been looking into a matter related to dragons, and… rumors of dragons."

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