The Savior of Nirn

Pecry Jackson fall in to the world of skyrim


9. A Little of Everything


You had to be kidding me!

I had gone all the way through this tomb, slaying countless draugr, and what did I get for my troubles? Nothing. The Greybeards had said that the Horn would be on a pedestal that looked kind of like a hand. There was no horn on said pedestal. I had to admit, I was pretty angry.

Was this the right tomb? Maybe the people in Morthal had directed me to the wrong tomb. I looked back at Lydia, who was examining one of the draugr that was lying on the ground. "The wounds look recent on the draugr. That's odd. We didn't..."

"How can you tell on someone that's been dead for thousands of years if a wound if fresh?" I asked.

"I can tell because it's still bleeding."

"Oh." I leaned on the wall, resting for a second. "Wait... still bleeding? And we didn't kill that one?"

"No, I found it here dead." She looked back at me. I think it clicked for both of us at the same time.

"Someone took the horn when they found we were coming." I said, walking back over to the pedestal. I noticed something I hadn't noticed before. A small scrap of paper was on the floor near the pedestal. "I found something!"

I squinted, barely making out the writing. I didn't have dyslexia here, and all the words I could suddenly read hurt my eyes almost as bad as the squiggles. The light was so low in the crypt that reading was nearly impossible. I made out:


I need to speak with you. Urgently.

Rent the attic room at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. I'll meet you there.

-A friend

I looked back at Lydia. "The person who took it is in Riverwood."

As soon as I got out of the tomb I was sidetracked. I glanced to the left and saw buildings out top of a huge arch. I pointed. "What's that?"

"You've never heard of Solitude? It's the capitol of Skyrim. It's a nice city - big houses, clean streets. Nice palace, too."

Solitude? Wasn't that the place Hadvar said he was going? I immediately wanted to check up on him. "That's where the Imperials are based out of?"


"I need to see a friend up there." I said. I looked over at the horse I'd bought so I could ride out here. "You don't have to come with me. I'll manage it back myself. Ride back to Whiterun, okay?"

"Of course my Thane." Lydia jumped into the saddle and rode off east. I looked back at the city of Solitude and realized I had absolutely no idea how to get up there. Time for some exploring.

I eventually found my way to the gate of the city, which took me around an hour. I realized that I probably should've headed back to Whiterun Hold with Lydia, but I needed to repay this debt. Heck, I might never even see the guy again. I'd feel guilty if I never talked to him again.

As soon as I pushed open the gates of Solitude, I could tell the town was full of tension. A man in rags was in front of the chopping block, and a tall Redguard wielded an axe. I remembered from Helgen that that particular model was a Headman's Axe. And a crowd of people surrounded the block.

Most of the crowd was screaming profanities at the guy who was about to be executed. Who looked like the head Captain quieted everyone and said, "Roggvir, you helped Ulfric Stormcloak escape the city after he murdered High King Torygg! By opening that gate for Ulfric, you betrayed the people of Solitude!"

"There was no murder! Ulfric challenged High King Torygg to fair combat!" Roggvir exclaimed, stepping forward towards the block.

The Captain bent the guy over onto the block. At the last moment, he muttered, "On this day, I go to Sovngarde."

The Headsman brought the axe down on Roggvir's neck. I looked away and walked further into the city, trying to put that out of my mind.

I asked a guard is he knew a certain Hadvar in the Imperial Legion. He said to ask General Tullius, who was in Castle Dour, the center of operations. The Castle was easy to find. The entire city was along a central road with alleys separating buildings. I wasn't sure if I needed a special permit of something, but I pushed open the doors of Dour.

The main area was completely empty. A throne was pushed to one side of the room, which I could tell it hadn't been used for awhile. A room with doors open showed two soldiers arguing. One of them was a female soldier who I didn't recognize, but the other was definitely Tullius. He had the trademark armor. I walked up to him.

The second in command drew her sword and turned on me in an instant. I put my hands up to show I was unarmed. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" She demanded.

"Rikke, stand down. I recognize him." Tullius said. "You survived Helgen."

"That I did. I'm looking for Hadvar, if you know him."

"I know of him," said Rikke, keeping the sword aimed at my chest. "He came back to us. Said a Breton named Percy Jackson helped him escape - one of the prisoners."

"That's me."

Rikke sheathed her sword reluctantly. "Why do you wish to find Hadvar?" Tullius asked.

"He's a friend. I wanted to make sure he got here alright."

"Rikke, I believe you sent him on assignment?"

"Yes, his first mission as an Officer, if I remember right. Leading a group of troops near Dragon Bridge. You can head south and meet him there, if you wish. Don't impede his duties, alright."

"Thank you."

Dragon Bridge was a little town to the south of Solitude. It was named after this huge bridge over the Karth that had Dragon carvings all over it. As soon as I entered the town, I saw the Imperial soldiers. I dashed up to them.

They appeared to be in argument with another group of soldiers. The other group had darker colored armor and had decorative chestplates with the symbol of the Empire in the center. I had no idea why the two were arguing. I walked up to the group, trying to pick out Hadvar's familiar face. He must have seen me before I saw him, because one of the soldiers walked over to me.

"Percy! What brings you to Dragon Bridge?"

"I was looking for you. I was near Solitude and wanted to stop by, then Tullius told me you were in Dragon Bridge. How've you been?"

"I've been fine. I was promoted..." he looked back at his soldiers, who were still arguing with the other faction. "Those blasted Penitus Oculatus. They think they're so good because they protect the Emperor. Pfft."

"If they protect the Emperor why are they in Skyrim?"

"They've an outpost here in Dragon Bridge. Figures that my first real assignment has me dealing with pretentious idiots and not slaying Stormcloaks."

I flinched. I could never get over the fact that he could kill people casually without guilt. "Maybe things will get exciting, though. You never know -"

"HADVAR! Hadvar!" An Imperial scout ran up to us. "I spotted a group of Stormcloaks to the south, marching towards the town.

Hadvar swore. "Damn! How many, Tor?"

"15 at least. I sniped one of them before they found me. They'll be here any minute!" Tor responded

Hadvar turned around. "You here that, you idiots! Stop arguing! Stormcloaks will be here any minute!" The Imperial soldiers straightened up and drew their weapons. "Good. You hear that, Gaius?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah. Stormcloaks. Not our problem."

"Cowards! Percy, you'll join us, won't you?"

Of course. I really didn't like having my hand forced. Hadvar and his warriors would be slaughtered without my help. "Of course." I said, summoning Riptide in a hopefully confident looking way.

"Good man. Guards! Invaders to the south!"

The Imperials charged the Bridge, when I noticed the Stormcloaks. Half of the warriors charged straight for us while the others sniped at us.

I dodged an arrow and countered a swing from a Stormcloak axe. I slashed him once against the chest, ripping his armor. Another Imperial finished him off.

The battle turned nasty quickly. Five out of nine of our men had fallen, and only three of their men had. Four against twelve. Fantastic. Thankfully, Hadvar was still alive. "Percy, we need to retreat and get the Penitus Oculatus! We can't take them ourselves."

I grimaced. "I've something up my sleeve. Take cover." I stepped out into the open. "FUS RO!" I didn't want to use the Thu'um if I had to avoid it, but we kind of needed it. And I got incredibly lucky. The blue wave of energy knocked half the enemy off the bridge. A splash sounded, and the Stormcloaks below stumbled about in the river.

The other Stormcloaks who were on the bridge froze. "By the gods! The Thu'um!"

"All of you, leave. I'll do it again."

The Stormcloaks ran in the opposite direction, tripping over themselves. I turned back to Hadvar, who's mouth was agape. "I heard rumors of Dragonborn who was Breton, but... you?"

"I guess."

I desummoned Riptide. I was feeling incredibly tired all of a sudden. This happened occasionally after I shouted - the Greybeards said it was shock, I thought it was plain fatigue. I shakily took a breath and said, "Glad you're holding up alright, Hadvar."

"I... thank you for the help. I'll throw in a good word for you to Jarl Elisif. If I want to send word to you... did you end up getting a house?"

"Yeah. Place called Breezehome, in Whiterun."

"Okay. I'll send a courier there if I want to talk to you. Where're you heading next?"

"Riverwood. I, uh... ran a quest for the Greybeards near Morthal. I'm meeting a contact at the Sleeping Giant."

"Head to the Solitude Stables. You can take the carriage there to Riverwood, just ask Thaer."

"Thanks, Hadvar."

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