The Savior of Nirn

Pecry Jackson fall in to the world of skyrim


10. A Blade in the Dark


I arrived in Riverwood past nightfall. The lights were out tonight - every few times a week in Skyrim the night sky night was lit up with a display that was basically the Aurora Borealis on steroids. The town was deserted on the outside - everyone was either sleeping or drinking the inn - which was also my destination.

I entered the inn and spoke to Delphine, the innkeeper. "Hello there, Percy. What brings you back to town?"

"I'm passing through and need a bed. Can you rent me the attic room?"

Delphine looked at me sideways. "Attic room, eh? Well... we don't have an attic room. But you can take the one on the left over there. Free of charge."

I thanked her, then walked to the room. No attic room? Maybe someone had taken the horn and sent me here as a crude joke. If this turned out to be a wild goose chase I was -

"So you ARE the Dragonborn, Percy. I had my suspicions." I turned to see that Delphine had followed me into my room. "I believe you were looking for this?" She pulled a goat horn with engravings out of a bag and handed it to me. I looked at it with awe.

"Is this the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller?"

"Yes. I'll explain more to you in a second. But you have to follow me."

She lead me across the inn and into another room. Had she seriously gone all the way to Ustengrav and gotten the horn. She was in her forties and didn't seem like that much of a warrior. How had she even found out? Why would she want to take the horn? Did she hire someone to take it?

She opened her wardrobe and took out a key. I was confused until she inserted said key into a lock on the back panel, opening up an underground room. "How did you -"

"Follow me."

She led me down a flight of stairs to an underground hideout. It had pretty much everything you needed - weapons, food, potions, you name it. Who was this woman?!

"The Greybeards think you're Dragonnborn. I hope they're right."

"You took the horn?"

Delphine smiled. "Surprised? I guess I'm getting good at my harmless innkeeper act."

I sat down on a chair confused. "I'll answer all your questions if you hear me out, Percy. I'll promise you that."

"What's with all the secrecy?"

"You can never be too careful. Thalmor spies are everywhere."

The Thalmor, as I had recently found out, were a group of Altmer supremacists who founded the Aldmeri Dominion, a rival to the Empire. They'd fought thirty years ago and the Empire lost, so the elves made them give up worship of Talos, who the Thalmor didn't think was a proper divine. This angered some Nords, made them start the Stormcloak Rebellion, and so on. But why was Delphine worried about the Thalmor?

"What do you want with me?"

"I didn't go to all this trouble on a whim. I needed to make sure this wasn't a Thalmor trap. Now I know it isn't. But I can tell you that I'm not your enemy - I'm trying to help you, actually. I just need you to hear me out."

"I trust you. I'm listening." I said, sitting back on my chair.

"Like I said in my note, I've heard a certain man was Dragonborn. I had my suspicion it was you from description, but I wanted to make sure. I'm a member of a group that's been looking for you... well, a Dragonborn for some time now. If you actually are Dragonborn, that is. But before I tell you any more, I need to make sure I can trust you."

"Why did you take the horn from Ustengrav, exactly?"

"I knew the Greybeards would send you there if they thought you were Dragonborn. They are nothing if not predictable. When you showed here, I knew the Greybeards had sent you and you weren't some Thalmor plant."

"Okay, so why were you looking for a Dragonborn?"

"WE remember what MOST don't - the Dragonborn is the ultimate dragonslayer. You're the only one who can kill one permanently - by devouring it's soul. Can you actually do it? Can you devour a dragon's soul?"

"Well, yeah. That's how I figured out I was Dragonborn. Mirmulnir by the watchtower. But you said something about the Thalmor...?"

"Yes. We're... very old enemies. If my suspicions are correct, they might have something to do with the dragons returning."

A group of elves had something to do with the dragons? I didn't see how, but... "So what's the part you aren't telling me?"

Delphine looked down at a map. "Dragons... aren't just coming back. They're literally being resurrected. They weren't gone somewhere - they were killed off centuries ago by my predecessors. Now something is happening to bring them back to life. And I need you to help me stop it."

That seemed in line with my goal to stop Alduin, so why not? "Delphine, you do know how... bizarre that sounds, right?"

"Ha. I said the same thing to a colleague of mine a few years back. It turns out he was right."

"How do you know the dragons are coming back to life?"

"I've visited their ancient burial sites and found them empty. And I think I've figured out where the next one will come to life." My heart pounded in my chest. Another dragon fight? "We're going to go there and you're going to kill that dragon. If we succeed, I'll tell you everything. I promise."

My head was spinning. "How did you figure this all out?"

"You did. You got Farangar the Dragonstone, remember?" she let the question hang in the air.

"You were the woman there, weren't you." I said, it suddenly clicking into place. She nodded.

"So where are we headed?" I asked, standing up?"

"A town called Kynesgrove. There's an ancient dragon burial site there. If we can get there before the dragon come back, maybe we'll figure out how to stop it. But first, it's much too late for a trip now. Get some rest and be up at dawn. I'll meet you outside.

"Alright, Percy. I guess I owe you some answers, don't I?"

"I would say so."

The fight with Sohloknir was long and admittedly boring, so here's the condensed version: We arrived in Kynesgrove past nightfall to find out that my old friend Alduin was at the dragon mound summoning a dragon. As soon as Sahloknir was revived, he flew away (coward) and left Sohloknir with me and Delphine. I killed the thing with a were minor injuries and finally proved to Delphine that I was Dragonborn. She told me she'd explain to me everything inside the Braidwood Inn.

Delphine talked to the barkeep, Iddra, whom she knew from a previous visit to the town. She came back with too mugs - one for me, one for her.

"This isn't Nord Mead, is it?" I asked, looking into the mug.

Delphine laughed. "No. Not after that last time. Orgnar had to drag you into a room because you wouldn't move. Even I can't that stuff down - not a lot of non-Nords like it."

"You're not Nord?"

"No. I'm a Breton, like you."

"You never answered my question about the drink."

"It's just cider. Now ask away."

I thought for second. "What group are you apart of? Who are you?"

"I'm one of the last of the Blades. A long time ago, the Blades were dragonslayers -they served the Dragonborn, the ultimate dragonslayer. For the last 200 years, we haven't had a purpose, since the death of the Septim dynasty. Now that the dragons are coming back, our purpose is clear. We need to stop them."

I took a sip of my cider. It was very bland and cold, but I didn't complain. "You know, I've seen that dragon before. The big black one. He's Alduin. He was the one who destroyed Helgen."

"How do you know his name?"

I paused. I could tell her some magically elves told me. "It's a thing I can do by seeing a dragon. That one we just killed? Sohloknir. Phantom Sky Hunter." Not exactly true, yet not exactly false. I had to absorb a soul to know a dragon's name, but she didn't know that.

"Hmm... something, but we're still more or less blundering around in the dark. We need to find out who exactly is behind it." Delphine took a gulp of whatever she had.

"So, back to the Blades... who are they exactly?"

Delphine grimaced. "No one even remembers our name anymore. We were once famous as the protectors of the Septims, but those days are long gone. We've searching for the next Dragonborn guide and protect, like we're sworn to do. We've haven't found one unril now."

"One last question - why do you hate the Thalmor?"

Delphine looked about the inn swiftly. She said in a low voice, "We've been enemies since the Oblivion Crisis. It was ended by Martin Septim and the Hero of Kvatch - my great-grandfather. The Thalmor claimed they shut all the gates and saved Tamriel - they used the claim to rebel against the Empire and start the Dominion. They nearly obliterated us during the Great War - I think I'm only one left."

So Delphine hated the Thalmor because the had wiped out her entire group. Also, they'd dishonored her ancestor and who had apparently helped solve some crisis. "So what's our next move?" I asked, satisfied.

"We need to figure for sure who's behind the dragons. I think the Thalmor are our best lead. If they aren't involved, they'll know who is."

"So, you want to figure out what the Thalmor know? How?" I asked, tipping my chair back.

"If we could get into the Thalmor Embassy... it's their center of operations... but the Thalmor are even more paranoid than I am. They never let anyone near the thing... I need some time to put it all together. Meet me in Riverwood in a few days. I should have something by then, okay?"

"Alright." Delphine got up and left, leaving me to my mug of cider. I sighed, taking another sip before remembering how bad it was. I shuddered, then bought a room from Iddra for the night.

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