The Slates

A distopian Futuristic novel about a world where overpopulation and pollution are critical and the government rule all. Can a small group of Slates, young boys and girls undergoing rigorous state education, discover the true agenda? My first novel of magnitude so be kind :)

N.B. this is a first draft and once the story is complete I am going to revise, edit and complete the book so please ignore any pesky typos, awkward English or minor plot holes. thanks :)


1. Test One

My surroundings blurred into focus as I slowly gained conscience. My vision improved yet my mind still hurt. Resting my head back on the pillow beneath it, I tried my hands. Upon feeling them lift from the bed into air, I once more raised my head. This time the throbbing had subsided and I was able to look around for the first time. I did so, yet was greeted by pure white. Though there wasn’t a light on the ceiling, the walls burn my eyes with their brightness and I was forced to once more return to the realm of darkness. Now I tested my ears. I clicked my fingers together, a movement which I knew would produce sound and was struck with fright upon perceiving no sound. Maybe I was doing it wrong. Again and again I repeated the action but to no success. Next I tried hitting my hands together: surely this would create an audible sound? Yet nothing. I lifting my hands to my face, sliding them up my body as I went. I was naked though I later found no clothes in the room with me. Finally, after what seemed like an infinite about of effort, my hands reached my ears. Both lobes were in check, as was the pinna and other exterior parts. I began to slide my index fingers into my ears, searching for a cause of my deafness. Finally I felt a solid metal object deep in my head. Probing further I found it to be a complete seal to my inner ear: the only way to remove it would be to dig into my skin and scratch it out but I knew that was bad idea so I returned my hands to my side.

    I could feel strength pouring into me from a source unknown and unseeable. A while later I tried again to move about. Upon sitting up, the best I’d so far achieved, I paused for a moment to gather breath and muster strength. I knew I must not open my eyes, for fear of becoming not only deaf but blind, so I decided to crawl across the floor in a bid to avoid injury from tripping or the such. I slowly spun round so my legs hanged over the bed. Slowly I lowered. Just as my bare feet touched the floor my strength was vanquished and my arms gave way, leaving me lying upon the floor, still with my eyes sealed shut. In this position I remained for quite some time, I may’ve even fallen asleep again, I do not know. Eventually though I did again feel that magical pouring of strength into me, and set out once more. Left hand forward, right, left foot, right. Slowly I progressed. The floor was hard on my flesh, but not cold nor warm. Creeping forward step by step, limb by limb, the temperature of the air around me slowly changed. Upon realising this I stopped. My head felt hot, yet my feet were like they had always been. This meant that something ahead of me was warm, which meant there was something ahead of me. Enduring the ever rising temperature, I journeyed on. After a few more shuffles I felt my hand slide into something solid, and burning hot. I recoiled dramatically, a faster movement then I’d ever previously done. Like spinning off the bed, this exertion spent all my energy and I was once more reduced to lying still on the floor, yet this time with the discomfort of the burning object beside me.

    I continued this way for quite a while, crawling, lying, crawling. I found that the hot objects which I’d repeatedly hurt my hands on were everywhere, forming a ring round the bed. Having had this thought, I stopped. When I’d briefly opened my eyes when I’d first gained consciousness, I’d seen four wall surrounding me. Was it that the objects I’d bumped into were the walls? This made sense to me, as they clearly had a lot of energy in them, so why wouldn’t they emit both light and heat? Upon this realisation, I decided that I should return to the bed, because it was the only thing I had in the room with me. Then I realised that with all my turns, stops and starts I’d completely track of where the bed was. I knew not if it was in the middle of the room, or near the edge, nor which direction it was from me. It a panic, I opened my eyes for the briefest of moments. The walls burnt my retinas and yet I continued to squint, realising the importance of finding the bed. Finally I saw a slightly darker shape to the backdrop of the burning white just to my left, in the center of the room. Having instantly closed my eyes, I started the journey back towards where I’d set out from. Eventually I felt with my hand an object. I recoiled, expecting a burn, but none came. I’d reached the bed. The next task was to get back on it. I remembered from my dismount that the top was just higher from the ground than my legs were long. I reached up a hand, slithering it up and up the soft object. I eventually found the top, just within my reach. At great expense I managed to get my other hand to the top. Gritting my teeth and mustering all the strength I could, I pulled and pulled and pulled, slowly getting my body onto the top. With all my energy spent I stopped pulling. My chest and arms were on top, but my legs were still hanging off the side. On the edge were the my genitalia, which were causing me great pain at their being crushed, yet I did not have the strength to move myself.  Eventually I did, and having got my legs on the bed, I lied down to rest. But when my head was just above the pillow, I felt a different material beneath it, one that hadn’t previously been there. I was eager in investigate, but desperately needed rest. I gently put my head beside this new thing and slept.

    How had it got there, what was it? With renewed strength and curiousity I set out to answer these questions. I wished to be able to see its shape and colour, but my previous attempt of vision had hurt me so much that I knew blindness would occur if I opened my eyes again. I sat on the bed and picked up the object. Surprisingly, broke apart when I touched it, and became multiple smaller objects of the same feel. It’d been a pile of something made of cloth, that I knew. Making sure none feel onto the floor, I slowly lifted one item in my hands. It became flat when held it up. I knew that finding the purpose of this thing was of utmost importance to me. A towel? Pillow cases? bags? For a long time I sat and felt. I had three items. One large, one long and one small. They all were bag like shapes, with the small and long both having two small holes and one big hole it them. The Big one was the same, but it had three small holes instead of two. One previously thought suddenly popped into my mind. I was naked though I knew not the way of changing this. After further exploration of the cloth objects I indeed found them to be clothes: a soft t-shirt, long trousers and boxer shorts. I tried on the top but it didn’t quite fit. I realised I’d put my head in one of the arm holes. I eventually found which hole was for my head and slid the item on nicely. The boxers fitted well and I felt a relief from the pain that my genitals had been creating since I’d woken, they were now safely tucked away. I positioned myself slightly on the bed and smoothly slid on the the trousers. My whole body, bar feet, hands and head, were now covered. Happy to be dressed I realised how tired all this exertion had made me. As I was lowering my head to rest after the exertions of covering myself, I was interrupted by a long buzzing sound. This confused me, because I thought that I couldn’t hear. I raised my hands to check my ears but was again interrupted, by a voice this time. ‘Open your eyes.’


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