2. Trapped

“Lynn!” the shout jolts me awake. Being envelope in darkness, the first few things I realize was that, my wrist had somehow been chained to the wall such that it was stretching above me while I was seated with my back against it and the sickening smell of the room. The smell, similar from my time in the forest when I had done my hunting and left the animal I’ve hunted out for several weeks to dry out. The current room fills with the same rotting and decomposing smell of dead animals, not a smell anyone would want to wake up to. It’s unbearable to say the least and the shackles cutting into my skin, yeah that doesn’t help my cause at all and it hurts like hell. I can’t make out anything from the darkness as it isn’t a darkness that I’m used to.

“Lynn!” the shout came again. It sounded hoarse but it was also a familiar voice, one that I have heard from somewhere before here. Yet somehow, this voice is able to send chills running down the back of my spine. It’s terrifying. I dare not answer, for fear that it may find me as soon as I gave my position away. All the while, I willed in my head for the voice to be part of my imagination. For it to go away. It did not.

“Lynn!” the shout comes once more. Weaker this time. If he’s looking for me, he made sure it didn’t show as there were no sounds of footsteps or shuffling of any kind to be heard.

“Please don’t let him find me. Please don’t let him find me…” I mutter in my head over and over again. It seems after a while, he did give up as the room remain silent. I couldn’t tell if I was asleep or awake anymore with each passing moment that I lay there. My hand had gone numb from the pain and I’m unable to get a grasp on reality any longer. I had been in the dark for far too long, or so I thought. The shout for my name would come every once in a while. Once, I even thought of answering it just to see if that voice was real or was it just in my head, messing with my mind but I decided against it in the end. 

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