1. Just the beginning

The icy cold wind that blows through the forest, bites at my skin and the branches opens fresh wounds on parts of my body where my clothes did not cover as I continue running through the dark forest. Tree roots threatens my step every inch of the way but still I continue to run, urging myself on. I couldn’t stop now. I wouldn’t. If I did, no, I can’t think about that now. I have to keep on running even if I were to run to the edge of the world, so be it.


I stop abruptly thinking that whatever it was that was calling my name was just part of my overactive imagination, so much so, that I trip but manages to catch myself against a tree. Looking around, my senses, as if heightened, desperately searches for anything out of the ordinary as I slowly pace my breathing. Now, I’m starting to wonder if I even heard anything at all. I wait, trying to pick up on anything above the already loud buzzing of the forest floors.  

“Lynn!” Louder this time and definitely not my imagination. The sound came from ahead not behind where I had come from. Quickly and as quietly as humanly possible, I crept towards a huge bush, an advantageous point, so that I can see anyone without being notice.

“Lynn!” A silhouette figure dashed out into the clearing looking around frantically.

Suddenly, I feel a breath against the back of my neck. I freeze, terrified with fear overwhelming me. I tried forcing my head to turn but my head refuses to turn, so instead, I remain looking at the figure in front of me while my mind stays on the thing that’s behind me, whoever or whatever it was.

Then, a hand grabs my shoulder. I try to shout, to scream out but my throat was dry and a croak sound was all that escaped my throat instead. I tried to clear my throat to try again but the hand moves quickly to cover my mouth, and in doing so, my nose was covered as well. I tried hard to fight back, struggling for air but in the end, I lose consciousness… 

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