madness plague

23-year-old Miya takishita was just your everyday librarian, until one day a man who seemed to be a regular customer shot her causing a panic.
but she didn't fact, there wasn't a single drop of blood on her. there was a great deal of backlash, however...


2. why?

Miya sat in the waiting room crying her eyes out, trying to piece together what in the hell just happened. Now that she was ‘’back to normal’’ as the female detective that brought her to the station put it, she tried her best to calm down and retrace her memories prior to the horror.  takishita recalled trying to go eat when a man who did not give his name, kept getting in her way. Then he pulled out a gun from…somewhere and shot her. after that everything went black.


The next thing she saw when she ‘’woke up’’ was a bunch of customers and lying in pools of their own blood, some of which were scattered against the walls, stains of it left on the tables and other hardware.

‘’huh? this? Miya asked.

‘’who did all this?! Why is everyone-

Miya couldn’t finish her next question as she threw up in her mouth, so the unknown instigator answered for her.

‘’it was you moron, You killed all these people including your friends and colleagues’’ the man explained.

‘’that- that can’t be! I would never do this!’’ Miya protested after she recovered.

‘’ oh but you did, you just haven’t realized it yet’’ the man assured her.

‘’Look at yourself ‘’ he instructed.

She did, and unfortunately for her, he was right. The blood all over the library wasn’t the real issue, as scary as that was. The gore plastered on Miya’s face, clothes and hands was all that really mattered.   The realization was too much, and she fell to her knees in utter devastation.

The bastard grinned and meant it as he said ‘’ see ya’’ before searching for and using one of the emergency exits the library had. A few minutes later a team of private investigators barged into a weeping damsel.

‘’Bradley!’’ one female agent yelled.

‘’look at this damn place, that guy just loves him some carnage’’ a male agent noted before heading over to miya.

‘’are you ok miss? He asked as he reached out to help her back to her feet.

‘’I mean obviously not mentally but that man didn’t punch you in the face or grab your hair or anything did he? He asked.

‘’no’’ Miya managed to say.

‘’ good, I know this is sudden but we’re going to need you to come to the station with us, I promise we’ll explain everything to you there’’ he finished.

That was it , and now here Miya was waiting anxiously for her promised explanation.  It took another 10 minutes or so but the officers finally showed up.  at the moment there were 7 of them in tow. The young woman who charged into the Athenaeum screaming ‘’Bradley! Took center stage and introduced herself. She had white hair that was tied up for the time being, beautiful violet eyes and she was very tall.

‘’hello Miya Takishita , my name is Shinobu Nogi it’s nice to officially make your acquaintance’’ she said as she went to shake hands.

‘Nice to meet you ms Nogi’’ Takashita said.

‘’Now I will let my associates introduce themselves and then we’ll get to the heart of why you’re here’’ Shinobu said.

‘’ guys you know the drill, do it one by one so she doesn’t get confused’’ Shinobu instructed.

They all nodded before taking turns with the introductions.

The first teammate of Shinobu's to present themselves to Miya was the man who checked on her the most and had asked if she had been physically injured by the perpetrator. He, like Takishita had brown hair though it was much shorter and duller than hers. He had hazelnut eyes. He was in between in terms of height and looked very lean.

‘’hi Miya, I'm sorry I didn’t get a chance to properly introduce myself back at crossroads but im officer Matsu, Matsu Kawasaki, once again it’s a pleasure’’ he finished as he bowed.

Miya bowed in respect back.

Next up was a very intimidating looking but nice woman. she had pink hair that hung down her neck as if she were a guy. She had green eyes, was a little tall and had a narrow build.

She bowed and said ‘’ I’m officer Remi, Remi Kutsuna , please consider working with us after we finish this’’

‘’um ok I will’’ miya said.

’well at least they all seem respectable so far so that’s a good sign’’

Third was a man who looked to be in his late 50’s. Gray hairs within his grey hair, he smiled at her since he was in some pain at the moment and couldn’t afford to bend down. He packed a gut but was still somehow in shape to be an officer.

‘’hello there young miss Im senior officer Brian Nogi, nice to meet you’ he said.

‘’likewise, sir, if I may, are you Shinobu's father? Miya asked out of pure curiosity.

‘’yes I am, but we don’t treat other as father and daughter, at least not while we’re on the job’’ Brian explained.

‘’right Shinobu? He asked.

‘’yeah , alright now the last of you, it’s your turn’’ Shinobu said.

Fourth was a very muscular, dark-skinned man with multicolored hair sporting a mixture of silver and blonde. His buff stature and his messy goatee did not fit well with his amber eyes but Miya was not about to judge him because of that.

‘’name’s Kenzo Yoshida , nice to meet you I guess’’ he said as he looked away.

He guesses? And he’s not making eye contact! Rude! But man he sure dwarfs his teammates in height.

‘’same to you’’ Miya reluctantly said.

‘’forgive him, Miya , just like the rest of us his mind is focused solely on stopping Bradley''Shinobu explained.

‘’and when we stop him and more importantly capture him I’m going to take my time beating the piss out of him!’  Kenzo declared as he clenched his fist.

‘’stop it Kenzo , you're scaring her’’ Matsu said.

‘’d-danm what did this guy do to him?!

‘’ no officer Kawasaki its fine I kind of understand how he feels’’ Miya said.

The last two to finish out the intro rounds were a pair of teenage siblings. The girl was a redhead with black eyes. her height and build matched that of her brother’s.The brother had orange hair in dreadlock form. His glistening brown eyes begged for his sister’s affection.

‘’ hey there Miya , I’m Yachi Eto nice to meet you, let’s be friends’’ he said with an honest  smile

‘’I’m Amy Eto , don’t listen to him he says ‘’let’s be friends to every female he meets for the first time’’ she said.

‘’which for him means ‘’let me inside your pants’’ she added.

‘’ right, I’ll keep an eye on him’’ Miya said.

‘’dear sister you wound me, I would never think of-

Shinobu cut Yachi off by clearing her throat.


Anyway, that’s all of us here’’ Shinobu said.

As if they read her mind, Shinobu's six partners gathered around her, three on her left and the other three on her right.

‘’we are the part of the main branch of the UOA, The unnatural occurrences agency’’ Shinobu explained.

‘The unnatural occurrences agency? Miya asked.

‘’that’s right, we’re not that well known but we’ve been official for about 7 or 8 months now give or take’’ Remi said.

‘’all to catch Bradley Shiba, the man who put a bullet in your skull’’ Kenzo said.

‘’and to that end Miya let me ask you: after he did that you blacked out right? Shinobu asked.

‘’Yeah , for a while actually’’ Miya explained.

‘’right and when you came back to your senses you saw a massacre of people close to you and didn’t understand why correct? Shinobu asked her face as hard as a rock.

‘’yes exactly! It was horrible! And he told me I was the one who did all that!’’ Miya said.

‘’please tell me he’s lying!’’ she begged as the tears from before came back.

General Brian let out a sorry sigh and said’’ yes and no young miss’’

‘’that’s his power and his MO, that revolver that he has can make any target of his choosing go berserk, after which he blames said target for any type of bloodbath they cause’’ Remi explained.

‘’the messed up part about it is in retrospect he’s right. I hate to tell you this Miya but in all likelihood, you did murder everyone, but he was the real cause of it’’  Amy said.

‘’we’ll know for sure once we get footage from the security cameras’’ Yachi said.

All 7 members of U.O.A looked at each other and nodded before turning their attention back to takishita.

‘’he must be stopped, and Miya we’d like you to join us in our mission to do so’’ Shinobu said.

‘’wh-what? Miya asked, not sure how to respond to the sudden invite.

‘’but why? she continued.

‘’your shaken up right now, but you’re not having any thoughts of suicide are you? matsu asked.

‘’be honest with us ’’he added.

‘’no’’ she said.

Then, in a stunning move, Matsu and the others got on their hands and knees.

‘’then please! You don’t have to give us an answer right but please consider it, we beg of you Miya takishita!’’ Matsu cried as his body trembled.

‘’I’ve- never seen the police or detectives or anybody crime related beg a civilian before! Just who are these people!?

After they finished groveling they got back up and Kenzo said ‘’man I’m glad this place is pretty empty right now, I hope nobody peeked through the door and saw that’’

The rest laughed as Shinobu pulled out a card ‘’here Miya if you decide to join us call that number.

‘’take as much time as you need to clear your head and make a choice’’ she continued.

‘’ ok, thanks’’ Miya said.

‘’no problem, you want a lift back to crossroads? Shinobu asked.

‘’yeah sure that would be great’’ Miya said.

Shinobu, Matsu and general Nogi dropped Miya off at the library while the rest went back to headquarters. she thanked them for the ride and went home from there. over the next several days she’d done a lot of thinking.

Obviously, her life couldn’t just up and go back to normal after this, and as upset as she was Miya was not a vengeful person. She knew killing Bradley Shiba like the members of U.O.A wanted to do wouldn’t bring her friends and all those customers back. She was curious about why they were so help bent on capturing this man other than him being a criminal, but was it really worth joining them just for that?


It wasn’t until a week later that she would inch closer to her decision. She was texting some friends who had been keeping her company and getting her mind off things when someone furiously rang the doorbell.

‘’alright alright! I’m coming god dammit!’’ she yelled as she opened the door.

It was Botan , the first person other than the agency to contact her right after the incident.

‘’hey dude whats up? miya asked.

He did not answer, he just stood there.

‘’Hello? earth to Botan’’ she said.

Are you just gonna stand there or come inside? she asked.

Then out of nowhere, it seemed, Botan went from sane.

To insane.

Chaaaaaaaaa hahahahahaaaa!

He put all his strength into his punches and swung wildly at his pal, a scene Miya felt was all too familiar.

‘’Botan what are you- no it can’t be-

’that revolver that he has can make any target of his choosing go berserk’’












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