madness plague

23-year-old Miya takishita was just your everyday librarian, until one day a man who seemed to be a regular customer shot her causing a panic.
but she didn't fact, there wasn't a single drop of blood on her. there was a great deal of backlash, however...


4. shown

‘’cmon miya , get up your sister’s getting destroyed! Move it!

One punch to the gut was nothing compared to what nozomi was going through. miya knew this as she struggled to get back to her feet whist holding her stomach. Every cry in agony from nozomi willed Miya through said discomfort.

‘’stop it Bradley!!! Leave my sister alone!’’ Miya yelled as she charged at him with punches and kicks of her own.

Just like he did with nozomi , shiba easily evaded her strikes and escaped through the same window he had broken , leaving an angry miya and a badly hurt older sister in his wake.

‘’sis! Nozomi please be ok!’’ miya pleaded as she rushed over to her.

‘’h-hey miya who-the hell was that? Nozomi managed to ask before passing out.

Takishita checked her sister’s pulse to make sure she was just knocked out and not on the verge of death. Thankfully it was the former but she still couldn’t hold back the tears.  After laying her to rest in bed and calling an ambulance. miya dialed the U.O.A number shinobu had given her.

‘’hello? kenzo answered.

Kenzo , I’ve changed my mind’’ miya said.

‘’what? Oh uh your miya takishita right? Kenzo asked.

‘’yes , please let me help with Bradley shiba’s arrest!’’

‘’then answer your door moron’’ kenzo said.

‘’kenzo that’s not a nice thing to say . Especially to a lady’’ shinobu could be heard saying in the background.

Miya hung up and opened the door to an apologetic looking kenzo and company.

‘’sorry’’ he said while rubbing his head in embarrassment.

‘’apology accepted , come In I have to show you guys something’’ miya said.

Miya showed her soon to be teammates the repulsive state nozomi was in , struggling to maintain her composure while looking at her.

‘’oh my god’’ shinobu said.

‘’what is wrong with him?!’’ matsu asked.

‘’this is way overboard even for Bradley’s standards’’ senior officer nogi noted.



‘’miya did you call 911? Shinobu asked.

‘’yes , an Ems is on their way’’ miya noted.

‘’good . you can go with her if you want’’ shinobu said.

‘’yeah I was planning on it , I’ll join you guys afterward’’ miya said.

‘’I wasn’t as sure before but I’ll be dammed if I don’t join you guys now’’ miya said.

 ‘’that asshole beat my sister within an inch of her life , and all I could do at the time was watch’’ miya said.

 ‘’watch as my own flesh and blood tasted her own!’’ miya yelled as she was no longer able to keep herself from shaking in anger.

‘’I WILL MAKE HIM PAY FOR THAT!’’ she yelled.

the others smiled at a now deeply motivated miya whose look would kill shiba if it could. Nozomi didn’t show any signs of movement on the way to the hospital which in a weird way put miya at ease. She followed her and the doctors as far as she was allowed to go and said’’ hang in there nozomi ‘’ before watching her big sis go into the operating room.

As badly as miya wanted to wait until everything was finished so she could get an update on her sister’s condition she knew there was work to be done.

‘’hello? Amy answered.

‘’Amy , I’m done , you guys can come pick me up whenever’’ miya said.

‘’already? Are you sure you don’t want to wait around? Amy asked.

‘’no , I have faith in the doctors here , she’ll be fine I know it’’ miya said.

‘’i’m going to call our parents on the way to wherever it is you want to take me and let them know what happened’’ miya explained.

‘’ok , your very perceptive , we hadn’t even mentioned anything about taking you somewhere yet’’  amy said.

‘’well  when you combine everything that’s happened over the past month with the stuff you told me about being in the U.O.A and all, I would imagine you have some kind of special headquarters separate from normal police officers that you plan to take me to? Miya concluded.

‘’well yes and no, but again how very sharp and perceptive of you ,   we’ll see you soon’’ Amy said as she hung up.

Miya called her parents and told them what happened in as tight lipped a way as possible. When they got to the headquarters takishita was a little stunned by what she saw.

‘’your HQ is a hotel!?’’ miya asked.

‘’pretty much, shinobu’s family is loaded but she doesn’t like to talk about it’’ Amy said.

‘’really? How?’’ miya asked.

‘’you watch basketball or know any of the teams? Yachi asked.

‘’I only know some of them through my cousins but I don’t watch the games’’ Miya said.

‘’well her uncle from her mother’s side is the co-owner of the kofu bruisers’’ Yachi revealed.

‘’that’s cool , I’m kind of jealous now that you told me that’’ miya said as she chuckled

‘’don’t be , c’mon lets head up to the office’’ Amy said.

‘’hey guys , look who’s here’’ yachi said as he greeted the rest of the crew.

Miya stepped forward , knowing and more importantly accepting the change her life was about to undergo.

Matsu got up from his seat , extended his hand to miya and said ‘’Miya takishita allow me to officially welcome you to the team’’

After a quick handshake Miya made herself comfortable while Remi broke the silence.

‘’ok first things first , last week when we were doing introductions we explained that Bradley’s gun that he carries around can make people go berserk’’ Remi reiterated.

‘’but the thing has two bullets, the berserk bullet and a normal bullet that kills’’ Remi said.

‘’and from what we’ve witnessed he can choose which one he wants to use at will’’ remi added.

‘’just keep that in mind when approaching him’’ Remi finished.

‘’got it’’ Miya said.

‘’ second, we let our emotions get the better of us when we said our only goal was to arrest Bradley’’ matsu said.

‘’We want to not only arrest him and put a stop to whatever he’s planning, but we want to save more of the people he uses as his own personal nutcases while we’re at it’’ Matsu added.

‘’like you did with that Botan guy’’ Yachi interjected.

‘’speaking of which would he be interested in joining us to? yachi asked.


‘’I don’t know I’d have to ask him, but knowing him, as much as he would want revenge for getting shot he’s too lazy for this kind of job’’ Miya said.

‘’of course, I was to until a certain scumbag gave me a reason not to be! ‘’ miya said as she clutched her fist in anger.

‘’but anyway, continue’’ Miya said.

Kenzo took out his phone and said ‘’ we have the footage of you destroying everyone at crossroads’’

‘’you want to see it? he asked.

Miya hesitated for a moment, thoughts of her friends that died at her hands that night ran through her mind like a flashback.

‘’yes show it to me, I can’t be a part of this team if I run away from what happened’’ miya said.

‘’are you absolutely certain young miss? Senior officer nogi asked one last time.

‘’yes’’ Miya said with firmness in her voice.

Kenzo showed miya the truth, the undeniable truth. Footage of her murdering and massacring her once dear friends stared her right in the face. Watching herself cause so much pain and hurt cut her soul but made her stronger in the process.

‘’thank you Kenzo I actually feel better now that I’ve seen it for myself’’ miya said.

‘’your welcome’’ Kenzo said.

‘’now my dear Miya its time to show you the most important thing about the U.O.A and the most important thing about the seven of us in particular’’ matsu said.

‘’we won’t blame you if you change your mind about joining us again after you see this’’ matsu said.

‘’No , I’ll say it again and again my mind is made up im staying, and nothing you show me will change that’ miya said.

‘’so go ahead ‘im ready’’ she finished.

Right on cue, Matsu gave a signal to the others and they gathered around him.  a few minutes later they all started wincing in pain, holding their heads as though they all had headaches. aura’s of different colors began forming around their bodies and Miya began to hear voices in her own head.

‘’that bastard raped me, he’s going to suffer for that!’

‘’he raped my daughter, I will never forgive him’’

‘’that son of a bitch made me slaughter my entire family! I will kill him!’’

‘’he lied to me and used me, when I get my hands on him im gonna hurt him’’!


Whats going on?! whats this power!? And why can I hear their thoughts!? Miya asked as she tightened up on instinct.

By the end of it all, each one of them had turned completely psychotic. With crazed looks in their eyes and a need to destroy, suddenly they all had become what they were fighting against.





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