madness plague

23-year-old Miya takishita was just your everyday librarian, until one day a man who seemed to be a regular customer shot her causing a panic.
but she didn't fact, there wasn't a single drop of blood on her. there was a great deal of backlash, however...


3. one evil too many

As she dodged the newly crazed Botan’s aimless attacks, Miya remembered those words.

‘’dammit this can’t be happening! I was wondering why it had been so quiet as of late’’ Miya said aloud.

‘’Botan snap out of it! it’s me Miya!’’ she yelled.

But it was futile. The way he was now Botan was too incoherent to understand reason.  His hard-hitting punches and kicks were starting to find their mark even though Miya was doing her best to block them.  It wasn’t long before she found herself being smacked all over the place in her own home.

’ugh! Alright, that’s it, I didn’t want to have to do this but I have no choice now: I have to knock him out!’’

miya rolled around on the floor evading lunatic Botans crush tactics as she tried to look for an opening to get up.

‘’ok! Now!’’ Miya said as she ran to the kitchen.

she grabbed the pan she was about to use off the stove and readied herself to use it as a weapon.

‘’ ok, now my best bet would be to let him attack, wait for a chance to get behind him and then whack him as hard as I can!’’ actually maybe I shouldn’t hit him that hard otherwise I might give him a concussion.

With no time to search for a sweet spot, she put her plan into action. Pot in hand she continued playing defense until she found the right opportunity to strike. once she did she got behind her deranged friend and struck him in the back of the head. The blow did its job and rendered him unconscious and hopefully it turned him back to normal.


takishita breathed a heavy sigh of relief after it was all over. She lay Botan to rest in her bed and took a nap in her computer chair.

Meanwhile at Beans and Barley café...

 ‘’hello again Mr Bradley what can I get you today? A waitress asked.

‘’hey beautiful, I’ll just take a cup of coffee’’ Shiba said.

‘’give me some equals and milk please’’ Shiba added.

‘’sure thing’’ the waitress said before she left.

A few minutes later Matsu and Remi walked in, hoping to enjoy some downtime before getting back to work. They sat down at a table and ordered. They stayed there for a little bit after eating to let their food digest. then they got right back to work.

‘’there he is’’ Matsu said quietly to Remi.

‘’look at him, drinking coffee like he doesn’t have a care in the world’’ Remi said.

‘’you don’t deserve to have that you bastard! Remi said, eyes full of hate as those words came out of her mouth.

‘’you pay the bill? Remi asked.

‘’ Yeah, as soon as he gets up we leave’’ Matsu said.

‘’right’’ Remi said.

True to their word, the two agents followed Bradley right after he left the café. An intense chase began. Shots were fired from both sides, and while people were interested and afraid of the hunt none were hurt. This relentless pursuit evolved into a car tracking.

Remi fired some shots at Bradley’s wheels before she said ‘’ he brushed those off like they were nothing’’

‘’of course, he did’’ Matsu said with disdain.

Remi and Matsu were able to keep Bradley within reach for a good 15 to 20 minutes or so before he managed to lose them, much to their dismay. A video call on their watches from two of their teammates came through soon after.

‘’yo Remi, Matsu how’s it going you guys? Did ya get him? yachi asked.

‘’no sadly’’ Remi said.

‘’dammit!’’ he’s too good I feel like we’re never going to catch him!’’ Amy cried.

‘’take it easy Amy we’ll get him yet, I don’t care how long it takes’’ Matsu said.

‘’no one can run forever ’’he added.

‘’what about you guys? Matsu asked.

‘’The others are resting for now but we’re going to Miya's house’’ Amy said.

‘’Yeah , we picked up a reading so we’re going to go check it out , and maybe get her to join us while we’re at it’’ yachi added.

‘’ alright, if anything happens let the rest of us know’’ Remi said.

‘’right’’ the siblings both said at the same time.

The call ended there, bringing about an eerie quietness in the car. Remi and Matsu could only hope that there wouldn’t be any more news on or interactions with Bradley for the rest of the day.


’who is it? miya asked.

‘’ it's us Yachi and Amy’’ yachi answered.

‘’hi you guys, whats up? miya who had mentally recovered but was still tired asked.

‘’hi Miya, we sens- I mean we got word that Bradley caused someone to go berserk over here’’ amy said.

‘’is that true? Amy asked.

‘’yeah it is, unfortunately, ’’’ Miya confirmed with hesitation in her voice.

‘’come in’’ she added.

Thanks’’ Yachi said.

Miya explained what happened as much as she didn’t want to.

‘’I see, and Botan you don’t remember attacking her? Amy asked.

‘’No , the last thing I remember was being at the supermarket doing some shopping when some dude literally just walked up to me, smiled at me like a damn creep and then shot me’’ Botan explained.

‘’ I felt the bullet hit me right in the head yet I look and feel completely fine’’ Botan added.

‘’bingo’’ Yachi said.

‘’so it WAS him!’’ Miya said.

‘’most likely’’ Amy said.

Amy took a moment to think and then looked at Miya hard enough to scare everyone.

‘’wh-what? Miya asked.

‘’sis? Yachi asked.

I’ll tell you how we found you if you agree to help us out for a while’’ Amy promised.

‘’huh? wait how did you- it was that obvious? Miya asked.

‘’pretty much, if I had a marker I’d actually write the words ‘’how did you guys find my house on your face’’ Amy said.

‘’If you look hard enough you can find out anything about anyone these days, but for now, let’s just say we didn’t find you through ‘’ordinary means’’ Yachi added.

‘’That first part is scary and true’’ Miya said.

‘’I really don’t want to join you guys, to be honest’’ Miya admitted.

‘’I know you guys really want my help but I just don’t think I’d be of any use I’m sorry’’ she continued.

‘’I feel bad refusing you guys after you got on your knees and begged’’ Miya finished.

‘’no its ok we get it if anything we’re the ones who should be apologizing’’ Amy said.

‘’we did also come here to push you towards joining us, but since you’ve already made your choice there’s nothing we can do’’ Amy finished.

 ‘’yeah bummer, but if that’s your final answer then it’s cool’’ Yachi said.

‘’later’’ Yachi said.

‘’Oh and I should have asked this earlier but let me ask now before I get in the car and get mad at myself for forgetting’’  Yachi said as he looked back.

‘’do you remember what time it was before you got shot? ‘’ Yachi asked.

‘’now that you mention It I think I do, it was a little after 11 if I remember correctly’’ Botan said.

‘’thanks’’ Yachi said as he and Amy left.

Botan turned to Miya who couldn’t stand a second longer and had plopped on the couch.

‘’you sure that’s what you want to do? Botan asked.

‘’Yeah , I meant it when I said it hurts me to decline, but I’m trying to get back to a normal life here’’ miya explained.

‘’I don’t blame you, speaking of which are you ever going to go back to work at crossroads? Botan asked.

‘’that’s a good question, I don’t know I’ll have to see’’ Miya said.

‘’I’ll tell you this much it will definitely not be tomorrow, my sister is coming to visit and I don’t want to miss her’’ Miya said.

‘’oh yeah? Cool, I hope you guys have a good time’’ Botan said.

Thanks, I’m sure we will’’ Miya said.

Miya had remained steadfast in her choice, trying to forget everything that had happened over the past month and slowly move back into the peaceful life she once had.

The next day any hope of going back to that would be gone for a long time. It was supposed to be a joyous reunion between sisters that for their own personal reasons hadn’t kept in touch with each other.  

‘’hey Nozomi! How are you?!’’ Miya asked.

I’m good, how have you been?!’’ Nozomi asked.

‘’I’ve been ok, sorry I haven’t called in a while, work has me really busy these days’’ Miya lied.

She did not dare to tell her sister what had been really going on.

‘’ its ok, same here, just when I think I have a moment to breathe I get another student’’ Nozomi explained.

‘’oh yeah you work as an English tutor in the states right? Miya asked.

‘’yep but I start a well-deserved 3-month break starting today so I will be back here in Japan until June second I believe’’ Nozomi said.

‘’that works out perfectly, I'm about to go on mine’’ Miya said.

‘’ nice, hey you hungry? I brought sandwiches, cheese to be exact’’ Nozomi said as she put her bag down and went fishing inside.

‘’yes please!’’ Miya said proudly.

Just as they were about to dig in someone came storming in through the window.

That, someone, was Bradley Shiba.

wearing just a plain old white t-shirt and jeans, he punched Miya in the gut hard causing her to kneel over in pain. He made sure to deal only enough pain so the only thing she could do was watch as he went to torture Nozomi. The older takishita sister had her one punch easily brushed off by Shiba, After which he grabbed her by the hair and beat her face in with multiple punches.

Then to finish off his assault he slammed her to the ground and kicked and stomped all over her body until he was satisfied.

For the moment, all Miya could do was watch, cry and beg him to stop.










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