madness plague

23-year-old Miya takishita was just your everyday librarian, until one day a man who seemed to be a regular customer shot her causing a panic.
but she didn't fact, there wasn't a single drop of blood on her. there was a great deal of backlash, however...


1. another side

On a not so much cold but chilly night in Kofu Japan, Miya hurried back to her dorm exhausted from work. It had been yet another torturous day of nonstop moving around and her male co-workers undressing her with their eyes. Looking like she had just crawled out of a dumpster, Miya’s suit was worn out, her once tidy brunet hair was now a mess, her beautiful pink eyes were devoid of any happiness and there was a rip in the left pocket of her pants.  Yes this had happened to her before but for some reason this time she felt more lifeless than usual. It was probably due to the fact that this was her second to last day of work before her long-awaited vacation, and just the mere thought of having to go through one final day of hell just drained her dry.


Be that as it may, takishita kept that positive notion in the back of her mind as she dragged herself ever so closer to her safe haven. After finally reaching her home she thanked the heavens she made it there safe.

‘’sigh* ok now it’s time to- hm? Is that?

As she was about to head inside, Miya noticed a familiar face going into the men’s dorms at the same time. A young man about her age with black short hair, sky blue eyes, a white jacket with a hoodie and about average height was trying to find the right key for his room.

“Hey! Botan is that you?!  She yelled out , unable to see his face clearly in the dark.

She could see him wave however and that confirmed it. Botan Senmatsu is one of the few customers at crossroads that she’s good friends with. While the other male regulars often hold up the line because they are too busy trying to score with Miya, Botan does the right and gentlemanly thing and takes out his books without flirting. 

‘’have a good night! ‘’ she shouted.

‘’thanks, I will you to’’ Botan shouted back.

The two said their goodbyes allowing our tired maiden to officially enter her dorm. As soon as she made it up to her room she let herself unwind with a nice hot shower.

If only the poor thing had any idea that this would be her last ‘’relaxing shower for a while.

A great cleansing followed a good night’s sleep was the reward for a hard day with labor, and as such one would think she’d fall right out. Well she did but not before swearing to herself that someone was trying to watch her sleep.


*yawn* man that was nuts’’ Miya said as she rose for the new morning.

‘’ I thought that person was going to try to kill me in bed whoever that was’’ she continued

‘’or was I just hallucinating? Miya asked herself as she got ready for work.

That’s what it should have been. The strange figure takishita saw last night before she knocked out should have been nothing but her mind playing tricks on her due to being very tired. Then she arrived at crossroads library. At first everything went as usual: Maya got in early, said hi to her coworkers that had already shown up, got into her suit and handled the first batch of customers that came in.

It wasn’t until around her lunch break that things took a turn for the worse. Before she could exit the library someone stood in her way. This man had blonde hair about shoulder length; he was wearing a working type vest neatly accompanied by a simple white shirt buttoned up and a bow tie to boot, all in the form of a suit and suit jacket. Was this guy here to return a book before heading out to dinner? Was he perhaps here to apply for a job?

It didn’t matter because every time Miya tried to leave to go enjoy her lunch in peace he cut off her path.

‘’excuse me sir! I’d like to leave if you don’t mind! If you need help with something ask one of the other librarians for now! Miya instructed thinking it was the usual ‘’only here to hit on her routine.

He did not respond, he summoned a revolver in his hand and pointed it at her.

‘’woah! Hey what the-

The people who noticed the commotion got scared but at the same time remained calm, alerting the others who hadn’t yet realized what was going on to also take notice. Miya was the most frightened but managed to hold in her scream. This type of thing while not commonplace at crossroads was not rare either. Whist holding takishita and practically the entire library hostage the man finally spoke.

‘’what’s wrong? You scared? The man asked with as much cockiness in his voice as possible.

Miya nodded.

The man chuckled as he said ‘’well don’t worry I’m not going to kill you, I’m just going to give you..some help.

‘’ what are you ta-

Yet again the man cut Miya off, not with himself this time however but with a bullet.

‘’heh , now no one moves from where your standing or you will be shot!’’ the man instructed all the onlookers.

Just like he promised, she did not die despite being hit square in the skull, her head and neck had just rocked back a bit.

Then all hell really broke loose.

After a few seconds, takishita regained her posture, her hair hidden under her face as a small grin began to form. Said small grin got larger and she revealed her mask.


A red and evil aura appeared around her body, her face became that of a madwoman, her voice had completely cracked. She gyrated around like she belonged in an asylum.  With menacing speed, she appeared in front of one in the crowd and sent him flying before he knew what hit him.

Then she nailed another.

And another.

And yet another.

 those who were able to ran in panic for their lives, all the while the man that started all this didn’t do a thing but watch.

Some were knocked out , bones were broken to the point of no return and some were killed. Maya takishita was no longer in danger.


She was the danger.  






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