Started With A Follow [ Ao3 ]

[ Taken from my girlfriend and I's Ao3 accounts, this book is co-authored by her and I - @LarryIsStillTheOne & @larrysbum28 on Ao3 ]

"We'll meet each other someday, Haz. And when that day comes, I'll hold you so tight and so close, everyone around us will stop and stare because we're so beautiful together."


Harry Styles was a shy, 16 year old boy with what a lot may call an awkward social life. He wasn't as brave as we was on the internet, he was shy and anxious around people. His escape, was his Tumblr blog; and that's where he met Louis Tomlinson.

Louis was 18 and captain of the football (soccer) team at Doncaster University. Harry lived in Holmes Chapel, where he was born. They were kind of far apart, but that didn't stop them from forming a strong and unbreakable friendship, which slowly morphed into something more.

With homophobic parents on Harry's end, how far will the two lads go to fight for their love? And will it prevail?


2. Chapter Two - larrysbum28


Louis pov

“Ah! Cliff! Slow down boy! I know I play footie and I should be able to run and keep up but I haven’t had a game or practice lately with all the rain.” I looked dow at the fluffy black dog who had slowed to a trot and was glancing at me like he knew what I said.

“Oh for fucks sake I’ve lost it. I’m talking to a dog.” I wonder if Harry talks to Gilbert. Not that I care what Harry does. Totally not.

I looked up noticing I’d made it back to my house and walked up the steps and into my house.

“Mum! I’m bac-“

“Lou! You shush right now! Doris and Ernie are down for a nap do you hear?” I rolled my eyes slightly and nodded walking towards the stairs.

I pushed my bedroom door open and let out a sight as I slipped my old black and white vans off my feet. I carefully pulled my phone out of my pocket and the screen lit up. No texts. Not that I was expecting any. Nope. Definitely not.

I plopped down on my bed and looked up at the glowy stars that have been on my ceiling since I was young. I picked up my phone and checked for any notifications again. I heard a pink and a notification popped up.

Zayn>Louis- Whats up mate haven’t seen you much since the lack of footie

I sighed and ran my hand through my fringe. Okay,okay maybe I was expecting a someone and that someone isn’t Zayn as much as I love him.

Louis>Zayn- nm mate. Shit for my mum and such. Watching the kids usual

Fuck it.

I opened tumblr and scrolled through my dash. Harry was was reblogging stuff. Lilttle shit could be messaging me. Not that it matters. I reblogged some quotes until I noticed some of the shit Harry was reblogging. It was um concerning to say the least.

Louis>Harry- Hiya Haz! Imma call you that from now on. You okay? Seen some of the stuff you were reblogging :(

I chewed my lip waiting for the pink. My head snapped to the side as my door flew open. All i saw was a black figure running towards me.

“Cliff! No!”

There was a tongue all over my face. There was muddy paws all over me and all over my bed.

“Cliffoooord. Why do you hate me?” I gently pushed the dog on the ground and changed clothes.


I ran and jumped onto my bed. Bless footie for making me move quick. I clicked the message and it opened.

Harry>Louis- Fine Louis. Going through some stuff I guess.

I frowned at the response and thought of what to say back.

Louis>Harry- im uh here if you need anyone to talk to Harry

Harry>Louis- Thanks Lou. I’m going to get some sleep talk to you tomorrow:(

Okay I care a lot about him and its scary. I want to be there and make sure he’s alright. I toss my phone on the table next to my bed and close my eyes. The faster I sleep the faster I get to talk to Harry tomorrow.

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