Started With A Follow [ Ao3 ]

[ Taken from my girlfriend and I's Ao3 accounts, this book is co-authored by her and I - @LarryIsStillTheOne & @larrysbum28 on Ao3 ]

"We'll meet each other someday, Haz. And when that day comes, I'll hold you so tight and so close, everyone around us will stop and stare because we're so beautiful together."


Harry Styles was a shy, 16 year old boy with what a lot may call an awkward social life. He wasn't as brave as we was on the internet, he was shy and anxious around people. His escape, was his Tumblr blog; and that's where he met Louis Tomlinson.

Louis was 18 and captain of the football (soccer) team at Doncaster University. Harry lived in Holmes Chapel, where he was born. They were kind of far apart, but that didn't stop them from forming a strong and unbreakable friendship, which slowly morphed into something more.

With homophobic parents on Harry's end, how far will the two lads go to fight for their love? And will it prevail?


1. Chapter One - GucciLikeHarrysShoes


Harry's p.o.v.

I came home from school, chucked my bag on the bed, fed the cat and logged onto my Mac. Gilbert rubbed against my leg, purring softly; I bent down and gave him a little rub behind his ears.

I opened a Google tab and began typing away. I logged onto Tumblr and began scrolling through my dashboard. I reblogged a few images, answered a few messages and then prepared to start my homework.

I got a 'plink!' notifying me of a new message, and I opened up the messages icon. The username was louist91, and he just said 'hi ! I've noticed your blog and you post really cool things, and use a lot of the hashtags I do ! I'm Louis.'

I smiled, he seemed nice.

I messaged back saying: 'hi Louis, I'm Harry. Thanks, you seem pretty cool yourself ;)'

I looked at the winky face and wondered if that was weird to put... Meh, whatever. I got my algebra textbook but kept Tumblr open just in case he answered me back. And, he did! I got another 'pink!' signaling a new message.

I opened the message and it read: 'I reblogged a couple of your photos if thats alright !'

I smiled, such a polite chap. I typed back, 'it's no problem! I'll look at some of yours, reblog, and then we're pretty even Stevens, no?' I smiled to myself and started scribbling down some math problems.


Louis had said: 'haha, yeah. Say Harry, how old are you ?'

I got onto my keyboard and typed him back: 'I'm 16, and you?' Instead of doing some math, I stared at the screen awaiting his reply. I felt like such a stalker, but it wasn't everyday someone paid attention to me. I started scrolling through his photos, reblogged a couple like I said I would, then I got a reply.

Louis said: 'I'm 18, haha, I feel old.'

Louis and I ended up talking for more than an hour, and I gained a lot of knowledge on him. He was a pretty cool guy. We exchanged instagram's and kik usernames too. He had the same username on all accounts, which I found really cute. I also found out that he was gay.... but he lived in Doncaster which was kinda far from Holmes Chapel. That sucked, but he said he worked and maybe if we got to know each other some more, we could meet someday.

It was silly since I just met the guy, but I actually really liked him already. I was smiling while having dinner, thinking about him. I got a notification on my phone and pulled it out, checking what it was. It was a kik message from Louis; I smiled and opened it.

Louist91: I'm bored. Hello

I smiled.

Harrystylesss: Hello Louis

Louist91: Are you busy ?

Harrystylesss: Just having dinner

Louist91: Oh sorry

Harrystylesss: No problem I'll be back or my mum will give me shit for being on my phone at the table

Louist91: Okay, haha

I tucked my phone away and smiled, blushing a little. It was weird for me, having someone message me first. I wasn't used to it. People didn't usually message me, unless it was Niall, my best friend, or people online. But they were just usernames, giving empty compliments. It wasn't like Louis, who seemed genuinely interested in what I was doing.

I know I just met the guy, and maybe I'm crazy. But for some reason I didn't care. It was just nice to have a change once in a while. It was a really good change. I finished my dinner and headed upstairs, taking out my phone.

Harrystylesss: Hey Louis

Louist91: Its been 84 years...

I couldn't help but laugh at that.

Harrystylesss: Shut up

Louist91: R00d. What are you doing ?

Harrystylesss: Finished dinner, not muh. You?

Louist91: Nowt

Harrystylesss: Sounds thrilling

Louist91: Very. Do you have Skype ?

Harrystylesss: Yeah but I don't use it much. Why?

Louist91: Because I want to skype, loser

Harrystylesss: Oh, pfft. Okay, haha. I'm hestyles on Skype

Louist91: Okay

I smiled and ran to the bathroom, fixing up my curls. I wanted to look my best. I shook my head at my reflection, 'Harry you fool.' I thought to myself. This wasn't a date, it was a Skype call. Nevertheless, I giggled and headed back to my phone to see a friend request. I smiled and accepted, immediately getting an incoming call. I plugged in my headphones and answered. I was met with a sleepy-looking boy with blue eyes and feathery hair. He gave me a crinkly-eyed smile and just said a simple "hi" which was adorable.

"Hi." I answered back shyly. We stared at each other for a bit before we laughed. He ran a hand through his hair and straightened his screen which was on a tilt.

"This is awkward, I'm sorry." He said with a small giggle.

"Why are you sorry?" I asked with a smile of my own. He was gorgeous, his eyes were a masterpiece. His jawline was more structured than my life, for God's sake.

"I don't know." He said laughing and turned to lay on his side. He was on his bed, I guessed, as well. He looked into the camera with intense eyes, and it made me blush. I cleared my throat and messed with my curly fringe.

"You have a cute smile." He said to me. I blushed again and mumbled a small "thank you" with a dimpled smile. He smiled back at me and we didn't say anything for a bit.

I broke the silence with, "Where do you work?"

"Oh I work part-time down at a record store. Or else I'm in uni most of the time, ahaha. It's a boring life I lead, friend." He said with another crinkly-eyes smile.

"I'm in my last year of highschool. I enrolled in college already and got accepted to the one I wanted." I said, fumbling with my shirt. "I go to uni in two years."

"Maybe your uni will be a little closer to mine." He said softly and smiled at me.

"Yeah maybe." I said, smiling back.

We talked for about an hour before his mum called him to walk his dog. He had a huge, black fluffy dog named Clifford who was adorable. I showed him Gilbert, to which my bitchy cat clawed me and ran away.


Louis had just laughed while I bled from the wound on my hand. He told me about the cat he had as a child, who ran away one day and never came back. He even got a little emotional, which was so cute. It shows he's sensitive, which is a quality I like in guys.

'Oh shut up Harry, he's not your boyfriend.' My mind told me. I just sighed and got off my bed, heading downstairs when I heard my stepdad finally come home from working late. The rest of the evening, I had thoughts of Louis.

I don't know if that's cute or borderline creepy.


[ This part was entirely written by LarryIsStillTheOne (Ao3), next part to be written by larrysbum28 (Ao3) and so on. ] xxx 

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