Zireee's Story Review (RE-OPENED)


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~ Closed ~


3. FEUD by Amaan.s_official

My Opinion:

I have read the Prologue and the first chapter... Wow is all I can say.

You're a really good writer! I'm super confused on why I haven't read any of your books before. I should have when you started requesting for covers because I really like this one. I didn't finish it, but I most definitely will! You do have some punctuation errors and capitalization errors unless it's supposed to be like that, but other than that, I like your style of writing. At first, it was very confusing at the beginning of the Prologue, but then I started to like it because it's different from your typical stories. I gave it a like and I favorited it. You get a round of applause from me! Continue with it, I'm really liking it!


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