Zireee's Story Review (RE-OPENED)


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~ Closed ~


22. Closed...

Closed Until Further Notice...

So, I've decided that I'm going to close this. I've just been really busy because I'm in soccer season and with the loss of my dad, it just feels like I never have time for anything. I'm struggling to write a chapter in my stories. I just get instant writer's block and I can't seem to get out of it. And it's not just with this, it's also with homework. I have piles of homework that are late or missing because it feels like my mind is elsewhere, but where it needs to be. 

The same is going for my mom. Before my dad died, my mom used to be able to remember exactly anything and everything. She's very timely and organized and knows what she's saying. Now it's just hard for her to remember things because she can't sleep at night. She's tired and work is killing her, plus with my brother and I's activities that she has to attend to, it's just all too much for her.

I hope that in the future I'll reopen this because I did enjoy reading some of you guys' stories and leaving a review on it. I think it might have been helpful for those who needed pointers on some of their errors if they didn't catch it. But for now, it's closed. 

Just give me some time and healing to get my stuff and mind together and soon it will be reopened. Thanks for understanding.


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