Paper Planes

He fell for a star he could never reach. She fell for a sun that could on be visited during the day. Two people drifting apart until the strings of fate bring the two together. What will happen now that they can finally meet? (This a Len x Rin vocaloid story)


15. Prisoner Boy

       I went to the band room and grabbed my guitar smiling ready to start to start playing but that's when Miku walked in dragging a smaller girl behind her. "Come on!" she said excitedly as she dragged her in. The girl wore a cute white bow on top of her blond hair and had the biggest blue eyes I had ever seen. I could feel my heart starting to race as I watched her falling more and more in love. Miku spoke again making me smile at the girl. "Rin meet Len." She said introducing us. I went to say hi but before I could she froze up. Just starting at me with a blank look then suddenly crying and throwing her self onto  me hugging me. I was very confused and a little scared as she asked the most bazar things. "Let me see your eyes." She began to say throwing me even more off. "What?" I asked confused only annoying her. "Len please I need to see your eyes." She said again so I went along with it. "Um sure..." I said fixing my hair so my blue eyes could be seen now. She squealed again and hugged tighter saying something like. "It's really him!" Every one in the room got quite as we all looked at her dumb founded. "So you know him" The blue haired boy asked Rin making her blush and suddenly back away from me. 

       "Sorry I just thought he looked like someone I knew." She looked down and then back at me with a sad heart braking look. "I have to go!" she yelled and ran out of the room. Right after she left Miku screamed at Katio and started to beat him up. I sighed and placed my guitar down chasing after her. "Rin wait up!" I yelled getting lost in the school having not been there for long. 

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