Paper Planes

He fell for a star he could never reach. She fell for a sun that could on be visited during the day. Two people drifting apart until the strings of fate bring the two together. What will happen now that they can finally meet? (This a Len x Rin vocaloid story)


14. Memory Slide Show

       It was like the classroom around us fell apart and I was standing in a field of grass. Across from me was a grate and behind that was the boy from my dream. He was crying this time instead of smiling. "Hey are you okay?" I called getting him to look at me instead of the ground. The moment he looked at me I felt the weak sensation hit my body again. Then suddenly he was gone and I was siting in a hospital bed crying as a man who I guessed was my father sat next to me wearing a brave face for my sake. "It's okay sweaty. You can let go now if you want." He said making a sound that was close to choking. Almost as if he didn't want to say what he was saying to me. I knew I was sick and I was dying but I still wanted to know what happened to the boy. Suddenly a smile came on my face and a small node. My body was moving on its own. "I love you daddy." I said in a weak small sounding voice before closing my eyes and feeling my body begin to float in a never ending warmth. I knew that I had died and woken up in the body I had now. What hurt thought was that I had died with out ever knowing that boys name or being able to help him. Suddenly tears started to fall down my face. I was crying for a boy that I never even knew to start with. 

        A sudden shaking brought me back to life and I looked over to see Kaito looking at me rather worried. "Rin are you okay?" He asked and all I could was squeak and turn bright red. Miku laughed causing him to look away confused and I remembered that I had to talk to Len. I had to know if it was really him or not. Spinning around to face him as fast as I could the see him and ask him a question. "Your eyes..." I mumbled only able to get that word out. He tilted his head looking at me weirdly and I asked again. "Len...please let me see them...let me see your eyes." I said again not really asking at this point. I was begging him now fully aware that I looked and sounded like a crazy creepy stalker but I had to know this. I had to know if Len was my true soulmate or not. 

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