Paper Planes

He fell for a star he could never reach. She fell for a sun that could on be visited during the day. Two people drifting apart until the strings of fate bring the two together. What will happen now that they can finally meet? (This a Len x Rin vocaloid story)


13. I think I know you

       My friends kept whispering and teasing me as we walked to class. "What are you guys so giddy about?" I asked smiling and laughing along with them. "I swear he's like a clone of you!" One of my friends said as the others agreed with her. I rolled my eyes not sure of what they were talking about until we walked into class. "Look there he is!" One of my other friends yelled and I looked over to see a boy I had never seen before was seated two seat across from mine. He Had messy blond hair pulled back into a pony tail and was listening to music with a far off look in his eyes. I walked over to my seat and found my self wanting to talk to him but I wasn't sure what to say to start a conversation. Then he looked over catching me in the act of staring and our eyes locked though it was so brief that I wasn't able to really see his eyes for my self. 

   Class went by and soon the bell rang for lunch. I waved my friends good bye as they headed to the lunch room and wanted to ask the boy to sit with me but when I looked up he was gone heading out the door with my crush. I sighed knowing there was no way I could walk up and talk to him now. "Hey I finally found you!" Miku said excitedly as she grabbed my hand and started to tug me down the hall and to the band room where we meet up for practice or if something new and big was to be discussed. "Why are we going to the band room?" I asked her as we ran down the hall to the band room. "There's a new student! He's a really cute boy and you  just have to meet him!" Miku said making even less sense to me. Then we entered the room and I saw him again standing there smiling at me guitar in hand looking ready to play. "Rin I'd like you too meet Len." She said suddenly it all made sense to me. The boy on my way to school and then Len starting school here. It was destiny for us to meet and maybe even fall in love.

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