Paper Planes

He fell for a star he could never reach. She fell for a sun that could on be visited during the day. Two people drifting apart until the strings of fate bring the two together. What will happen now that they can finally meet? (This a Len x Rin vocaloid story)


7. Good Bye

      The pain was starting to set in again and this time was worse then it had ever been before but still I was I didn't want to give up after going so far. "I'm here!" I called out trying to hold back my tears as I smiled from under my hat at him. He was different today form the other times we talked. He looked sad, scared, and in pain like me. It felt like I was looking in a mirror and instead I was seeing everything that I tried to hide from people. I closed my eyes and taking the paper plain I held so tightly in my hand and using my strength I threw it as far and as high as I could waiting for him to catch it. When he finally did and looked up at me I gave him my best smile and said what I had come here to say. "Good Bye." Then I turned away from me and ran back to my world in the walls crying glancing back once to see his smiling face that made my heart melt. I knew that was the last time I would ever see it and it only made my good bye hurt more. 


      "I'm here!" A voice yelled out to me. Looking up I saw a paper plain spore through the sky as I looked up to see who was talking to me. Jumping up to my feet I ran desperately to catch the plain from her since it was the only one I had now. I ran until it was with in my reach and grabbed it liking I was taking a star from the night sky and held it close to my heart. I looked up to see her smiling at me so I took that as an okay to read what she wrote. Opening the letter with care I read it. "Yes, but only if you promise to smile once I'm gone and never shade another tear." It was a response to the letter I first sent her. I smiled and looked up at her giving a small node which seemed to be what she was looking for since she turned away from me and said the one thing that shattered my heart. "Good Bye." I kept smiling thought I wanted so badly to burst into tears I was determined to keep my promise to her. How ever I had another promise to keep to her so clenching my fist I yelled out to her. "I won't stop till we meet out side of this gate! I won't ever give up! Nor will I forget what your smiling face looks like!" I yelled out to her as I watched her fade away never stopping or looking back at me. 


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