Paper Planes

He fell for a star he could never reach. She fell for a sun that could on be visited during the day. Two people drifting apart until the strings of fate bring the two together. What will happen now that they can finally meet? (This a Len x Rin vocaloid story)


2. Angel Dressed in White

      The sun was shinning brightly in through my window lighting up my room. Smiling as I gazed out to the field of flowers I wished for nothing more but to go out and see them up close. "Time for you treatment Rin." A nurse said as she carried a silver tray with the treatment that was to help my body keep fighting. I nodded and closed my eyes thinking of the flowers and how the sun and breeze would feel on my skin as she stuck the needle in my arm to draw blood. I winced a bit in pain but stayed still so she could do her job telling my self that was so I  could get better and stronger to someday leave this room. I waited for awhile until I was sure no one was out side my door and decided I wanted to go for a walk. I couldn't take being locked away inside any longer so changing out of my hospital gown I put on my pretty clothes my mom had given me when I was still healthy. Then poking my head out into the hall way I made sure that It was okay to leave. Once I was sure I made a run for the doors leading into the world outside feeling my heart pound in chest as I did. My body felt so weak and fragile but I was so close and couldn't let this illness get the best of me. 

        Pushing the doors open I could feel the breeze toss my hair around tickling my cheeks as my bangs brushed them. The sun felt so warm and welcoming against my skin as I took in the warmth and the smell of all the plants around me. I started to pick up flowers form the meadows I noticed a strange fence not to far form the hospital. "This must be were father works!" I thought happily and tried to run over to the building behind the fence though my legs couldn't care me very well and I stumbled and nearly fell a lot I made it there. I was surprised when I saw a boy sitting alone behind the wired gate but I also grew curious of him. The boy looked at me with the same curious look though his eyes seemed to be filled with loneliness  and sadness. His eyes looked hollow and to big for his thing bruised and dirty face. His body was so small I was afraid he might brake with a Yet still I wanted to reach out and take his hand and steal him away from the world of pain and hunger he lived in. Away to a world with just us two were we could laugh and play the days away together holding hands side by side. Looking more closely now I could see he wore black prisoner clothes with a number on them and he had no shoes on showing he black soles of his feet. 'How could a boy about my age be a bad person and need to be locked away...' I didn't understand and I knew that I should have been afraid because he was behind that gate for a reason but I wasn't. I felt so bad for him and wanted to call out to him and tell him that it would be okay but all I could offer him was a smile to lift his spirts. I knew I had to go back to world with in my walls soon before it was discovered that I was gone. So I turned  my back to the boy and walked back to my room though I did plane to come back again tomorrow and see the boy. I was determined to see his smile and become his friend to take his pain away. Though I knew at the same time I couldn't play strong for ever.

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