Oh Brad

2: Write about falling in love with someone you may not or cannot have. This could be someone who is harder to woo than the protagonist originally thought, a forbidden love, or even sworn enemies...

Entry for valentines day competition


1. Oh Brad..

Oh Brad, can you believe it’s been 100 days?

I know, it’s mad.  Yeah I didn’t actually count the days; I have an app on my phone for that,  it sent me a reminder.  But do you remember the first day we met?

Do you remember that crazy moment where you saw that ever-so-slightly photoshopped picture of me and – get this- you swiped Right!  Was it my lash extensions? Push up bra? Sharpie brows? I look like an Instagram model? Oh jeez- stop, you’re SO romantic!

Do you remember that first message you sent me- how you spent ages carefully crafting each word? Here.. I think I have a screenshot somewhere…

01:15 Brad: Show boobs

And it’s such a weird coincidence that we met.. What are the chances, right? I mean, it doesn’t matter that we were matched up with some computer algorithm- who needs fate?-, or that you’ve probably texted thousands of other girls the exact same words. The point is, we’re meant to be together. It’s destiny.

I mean, I’ll admit it’s a bit weird that I’ve seen your exact  profile picture floating around the internet quite a lot, and it’s the first thing that comes up when you google search ‘hot boy abs’- not that I’ve been disloyal to you Brad, of course;) But I guess you must just have lots of these profiles, I mean, who doesn’t these days? And your English really isn’t that great, considering you said you live in the town over.

Anyway, Brad, I just thought I’d let you know the number you gave me doesn’t appear to be working, and the address you gave me doesn’t exist so understandably, I’m a bit confused.

It’s been, like, 100 days. Brad, we’ve lasted longer than many marriages.

Reply soon, I need someone to moan too.

 Kelly XX



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