How 2 Pass Your Learners License In Canada (L)stage at ICBC : British Columbia •

Briefing: Passing/Renewing Your Learners DRIVING Automobile-License * (Class: L)
This E-book & PERSONAL Print is For Those who need a quick reference novel;

A quick “Spark-note” is for those who are INDEPENDENT, have 20:20 or similar vision (1 optical view of reference is Usually A pass.) {highway driving is NOT RECOMMENDED unless weather is ideal - and the ROADS are kept of best control and non-erosive). Always take an updated OPTICAL DRIVING EXAM at your closest Licensing or eye doctor.(Optometrist) or you can always have a licensed sponsor be of guidance until further health investigate technology resource is repealed/appealed.
+ BEST BODY SENSE AND REGULAR HEALTH MANDATE/exams are usually required too drive and keep a clean license and registry - your AUTOMOBILE Insurance premiums are usually dated up too max 2.5-5 years. Regular investigation is usually mandate during ICBC AND OTHER insurance corporations affairs and most DRIVING delegate employees keep keen tactics on all customer relations within all city limits.

If you have not renewed your license -
And you are due for an update too your BC DRIVERS LICENSE CARD;
Enhanced DRIVERS card,
Drivers license cards or IDENTIFICATION from all other provinces, Country’s or Continents - please be advised that there are BRIDGE CAMS and CITY cams other than also in city limits on constant securities for all security of every other citizen and remote individual authority or cultivate activism.

RULE#1: DO NOT USE A MOBILE DEVICE, Tablet, TV-lens screen, IPAD, iPhone (even on iPhone dash-clip.) FOR ANY REASON. Do not EVER pick up a call too click the end or volume buttons- reply too texts (even with 1.button click) you can LOSE YOUR LICENSE + have your vehicle impound and have too pay demerit fines and deal with Royally CHARTERED accounts receivable <other than your data enterprise or self consideration.>

•Drinks. •Medcations
•Meals. •Opening bottles,
Opening BAGS, purses; containers &
ARTISTRY of any sort _ Too a more personable setting. (Restroom, Home, Living Space - Before Educate class or before your career path habitual reserves) DO NOT FOR ANY REASON - Use a makeup product other than a 3second chapstick or A quick asthma inhaler. STICK TOO MAIN NECESSITY
WANT VS. Need of RESOURCE/Opportunity (NO SELFIES!)
•Smoking of ANY kind should take place out of your vehicle as the exhaust fumes + Carbon monoxide can poison a human, more than an infant- An animal, a relative; friend or neighbour. PLUS+
Laws regulating smoking while driving state a by-law of REG.412 & such composites state : An enforcer or MEMBER OF LEADING AUTHORITY
CAN USE IT AGAINST YOU IN A LAW OF COURT IF AN ACCIDENT OCCURS... OR PULL YOU OFF TOO A NEAR FUTURE OF NO-Driving without SUPERIOR Designate authorities or PLACE A PREMIUM OF AN EXTRA COST + PLACE A BAN On your Vehicle license & may in future place a premium on your whole insurance policy & regulate your costs of FINANCE/lease or INSURANCE all-together!

A burn in leather renewal cost is a lot more than the cheap CAR SEAT COVERS that looks pretty rough not even 3 months after manufactured purchase date! (Trust me; as much as you feel the need too disruptively destroy another bodily formed non-existent organism / SMOKING IS NOT SOMETHING I THINK YOU ARE PROUD OF.) and an Electric cigarette while driving? Sure MISS STARLA! That’s sure going too pick up that Leonardo Decappriots looking RUSSEL PETERS of a Dane type of fella you’ve had your star-gazers on since year 1903! ~ Channing Tatum isn’t quite fond of ladies who continuously text and smoke while driving either. We <3 you MEGAN! :) (okay, so pretty irrelevant...)
But she does look good with those Versace shades not on that perfectly Adutious Matt in her AUTO road-Killa’s.

Key note factors;
Or doing illicit and toxins or non-reg.
Prescribed medical forms of represented community toxins equals up too LIFE IMPRISONMENT. As well as can cause FATALITYS leaving your offspring with TRAUMATIZING debt and non-consolidated Trust accounts and format COMMUNE STALKING industry’s harping on your files for life insurance policies and vehicle impoundments and seizures.
ONE LOOSE SPRING can launch your credit file from 900 too 432 in 3.2 non-comprehensively.

These industries pry off the paper current policies making things very difficult for all meta-data trolls and sharks who compute your paper privileges and incorporate incurable LAW enforcing delegate authorities too attract main coffee-break chit chat too “The who’s breaking which RULE & how do we prevent insurance from DOWN RIGHT killing them.”

Security data breaches include:
• A SIMPLE ONE TIME TOW too a RURAL or NON-rural vehicle lot (accessed by Fence-cutting rookies looking too burglar all your documentation’s, your STEREO,
Plus they took my personal affairs;
Even down too my used METALMULISHA high end STHILLETTOS and pantys!-..Even! ),:

THEIFS SCRUTINIZE ALL OF YOUR BELONGINGS. They even act as if the items are their own when you try too retrieve them. Their eyes follow your ever move THROUGH YOUR OWN TINY BOX OF BROKEN iPhones, personal documents and all other organized resources. Your BANK CARDS, personal documents and all electronics and INSURANCE POLICIES should be kept in a safety deposit box and NOT IN YOUR Truck!



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