My Little Neighbor Alex

Mature Content.
I just stopped over to cut the grass but, end up with a good time.
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2. Part 2 – Keep an Eye on Alex

 Alex is a nice boy. When his parents where away last year, I found out he’s more than just a nice boy! He’s super good looking, well-built and he loves to work-out. I now call him “my little neighbor Alex”, due to he’s around six inches shorter than me, not that it fucking matters how tall he is! He’s fun to be with, fun to talk to and he’s just a little younger than me. The one problem is, most of the time he’s away at school. ☹

 Around year later, after I first met him, his parents stopped by while slowly walking by my driveway. They waved to me, I waved back and walked out to the end of the driveway. We talked some and they asked if I would stop by now-and-then this coming week and visit with Alex. He’s home from school now for a week but, the problem is… “We’ll be gone Jon.” They said they’d be away that week for some family problem. “He talks about you a lot Jon, he’s around your age so… maybe you can stop in, we’d feel better?” His father said.

 I then just told them “It’s no big deal, I’d be happy too!” (And I would) 😉. As you’ve read in other of my stories, I’m just a 20-year-old dude, working and going to school. I live in that little subdivision, in a little house I rent. Alex’s and his parents are just down the road from me, they had just built that new place a few years ago. 

 That coming Saturday, I just wander over, around ten or so and rang the doorbell. I waited a minute or-so and the door opens and there’s Alex, him standing there and just in his underwear. Him just rubbing his eyes with a smile. His hair is all in a mess but, that’s not what I was looking at. I looked at his abs! This boy, I last saw year ago, had nice set of abs then, but now, his got a true six-pack! “Jon, I was hoping you’d stop by. Boy I’ve fuck’en missed you!” He said as he stretched arms up in the air.  “Sorry man, did I wake you up?” I said back. Alex then just smiled at me. He grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me in the door. As I hear the door slam behind me, he reached up grabbed the sides of my face and started kissing me. We kissed then for some time, while I rubbed my hand on the bulge he had in his underwear. He would often stand on my shoes, to reach me for a kiss. 😉

 “Fuck I missed you Jon!” He then held my hand as we walked into the kitchen. We talked some, as he had some cereal and gave me a soda. He told me about him being lonely for me and still having only a few friends at school. He then told me of one guy he sometime “got it on with” but, the boy was shy and didn’t really like sex much. “Weird isn’t Jon?” We both then sort of laughed.

 As Alex finished up his cereal and started getting dressed, I told him we could maybe hangout over at my place today. He’s never been there and me always thinking about his parents surprising us. So, we closed up his house and started walking down the road. Suddenly he said; “Jon… I’ll be right back!” Alex then ran back to his house and went in the front door. A few seconds later he was right back and said; “I just wanted to leave the front room light on Jon, you know, in case I’m not back there tonight!” I then just looked in the eyes of that super cute boy and smiled. He then he gave me a big smile and said; “Right man?” I just smiled some more and said; “Come on Alex!” (Boy, did that feel good!) 😊

 After just a few minutes we were there and went on into my place. Alex looked around like a little kid. Him silent and his eyes scoping out my place. I showed him the bathroom, then took him in the master bedroom. My bed was a mess but, Alex then sat down on the edge of it and bounced up and down and said; “This is fucking nice Jon!” We both laugh and I grab his hand and pull him out into the kitchen. Most of that sunny day we spent talking and going on a long walk around my county block. Then that afternoon we both fell asleep on my big couch watching TV in one-another’s arms.   

 We both woke up later, when Alex jumped up yelling; “I gotta take a piss Jon!” I just laughed and got up too, I then started working on something for supper. Then with me at the stove, Alex came up behind me and pulled my shirt off over my head. I then turned around and I see… he’s again down to just his underwear. We kissed some and I said; “We got to eat something, man!” We both laughed and soon then had some burgers and other stuff.

 Now with us both still just in our underwear and finishing up our supper, Alex said; “Let’s have some fun Jon!” I then just said; “Let’s.” I got up, grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bedroom. It was super nice in there, us standing next to the bed, the setting-sun shining in and the two of us kissing. We smiled at one another as we both bent over to pull off our shorts. As we climbed into my bed, I see Alex is rock-hard already and me getting there. We started with a just another kiss and Alex then flips-over and we ended up 69’ing it on my queen-sized bed for some time. Alex then said; “Jon, I’ve been horny for you for quite some time, here it comes.” Alex then lost his (and a lot of it!) Me then, after sucking his tasty cum down, easily lost mine. We talked some then, with me telling him how much I’ve missed him too. Soon we fell asleep in one another’s arms.

 Next morning, we jumped into the shower together and he started washing my cock with his soapy hands. It felt really good and soon the two of us were just necking, with our two hard cocks rubbing together. We then stopped, Alex looks me in the eyes and said; “Fuck I missed you Jon!” He then got down on his knees and ends up sucking me off. It didn’t take me long to lose it, with this sexy well-built boy on his knees sucking my cock! When I did finely lose it, he just looked up at me with a big smile and licked the tip.

 He then asked; “Jon is there a way maybe… I could well… maybe fuck you up the ass.” Him obviously not knowing how. “Please Jon, just show me how.” I then just laughed and said; “Sure, you’ll kind of like it!” We then soap up his cock as I then turned, bent over and held onto the faucet handle. and he slowly inserted that cock of his into my ass.

 He kept asking; “Is this right Jon? Hope it doesn’t hurt, does it?” It sure was right and it sure didn’t! Feeling that nice firm cock of his up my ass, it was great. With him now pushing it in and out faster and faster, while holding my hips. He would often lose it by pulling it out too far. I would then just say; “Soap it up again man and push it back in!” He got better with him still holding my hips and him breathing even harder while pumping me, I could then hear him! “Jon… Jon, I’m losing it. Fuck Jon!” I then stood up and tightened up my butt cheeks, as he held my hips even tighter. He just yelled out some more! He finished up and I then spun around and we started another long kiss. He thanked me over and over about show him how to do it. With a smile, I told him how much I enjoyed it.

 Rest of that weekend we spent at my place. With the two of us being so horny most of the time, we tried out a few different places in the house to fuck. Once even in my front living room, with the sun shining in on us going at on the rug. Us both fully nude, I showed Alex what it’s like, to have a nice cock up his ass. Turned out he really loves it too! Hope none of the neighbors saw us through the window!

 We sure had fun that weekend at my place! I’ll write the next part about what happened the rest of that week. That Alex is around my age but, he is a little wilder then me and I think that’s why his parents had me look in on him. Glad I did! 😉

End of Part 2    

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