Lost & Found

After her husband dies in a car accident, Emma Haines-Gaunt is encouraged by her mother and sister to attend a therapy group for widows. Though reluctant to even give it a try, Emma finds herself in a church basement listening to heartbreaking stories of tragedy from her fellow therapy members. When she notices a mysterious man during the session, Emma is intrigued by him, only to realize it is her childhood friend and ex-love Harry Styles. Her mind spirals when she realizes he must have lost his spouse somewhere along the way. And try as she might, she can’t seem to shake him from her mind. The two of them begin a harrowing journey of loss and redemption, determined to help each other find solace in the tragedy that their lives have become.


9. The tale of a hesitant girl.

“Do not—whatever you do, do not bring up his wife, please. He’s told me on more than one occasion that he’s not ready to talk about it,” Emma told her mother as they were preparing for their dinner with Harry.

“Has he told you what happened?” Her mum asked curiously.

“No. I just know her name,” Emma said quietly.

“Oh?” she said, looking at Emma expectantly.

“Hannah – her name is… uh, was Hannah,” Emma told her mother.

“What a beautiful name,” her mum said.

“She was beautiful,” Emma told her and regretted it as soon as it slipped out of her mouth. She felt like she was gossiping and she hated herself for it.

“He showed you pictures?”

“I-I… no. When I was at his flat… he has pictures. Of both his wife and daughter,” Emma said sheepishly.

“He has a daughter? Oh, Emma,” she cooed, placing her hands over her heart like it was breaking.

“Yes. Haven. She’s three,” Emma told her as she pulled out plates from the cupboard so she could set the table.

“Oh. Little love,” her mother sighed.

“I don’t feel right talking about them,” Emma said quietly as she pulled the silverware drawer open.

“Okay,” her mother told her.

Emma walked into the dining room and began setting the table.

“Have you told him about Patrick?” Her mother asked as she came up behind her carrying four wine glasses in her hands before placing them carefully at each place setting.

“He knows I had a husband who died in a car accident,” Emma explained as her chest tightened with anxiety.

A moment later, she felt her mother’s hand on her arm from behind her.

“I’m so sorry you two are going through this, poppet. I know how hard it is to lose a spouse,” she said and Emma’s anger spiked as she twisted out of her mother’s grasp.

“Yeah, but you had daddy for twenty-six years before you lost him,” she snapped.

“I know, love. I know,” her mother said calmly.

“I only had a handful of years… Madeline didn’t even—” Emma choked out, her tears causing the words to get stifled.

“I know, baby. I know. I’m so sorry,” her mother said, pulling her into her arms, holding her tightly as she cried.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I know losing daddy was hard too. I’m sorry,” Emma said when she finally felt composed enough to pull back from her mother’s embrace.

“I know, love. I know,” her mother said, looking at her empathetically.

“I… uh, I need to go… freshen up. He’s going to be here soon and I don’t need to look like a blubbering mess,” Emma said, excusing herself from her mother.

She took the stairs up two-by-two and went directly for the loo. She already knew her makeup was a mess from the crying and it was confirmed when she looked at herself in the mirror.

Bloody hell,” she grumbled as she swiped her fingers below her eyes to rid herself of the teary black makeup.

A moment later, she had to take a deep breath and compose herself because she thought about it all again – Harry and Hannah; her and Patrick; their sweet little girls growing up with only half of their parents. It was too much. Why couldn’t she control her emotions, tonight of all nights? The night Harry would be coming to dinner. It frustrated her.

Fuck,” Emma hissed as she pressed her hands against the sides of the sink basin and dropped her head down. She really needed to get it together.

“Okay. One, two, three…” Emma said to herself before taking in a deep breath, letting it out hard.

Finally she was able to reapply her makeup and make it downstairs to finish helping her mother get dinner ready.

Oh! Harry…” Emma gasped, startled by his presence, but even more startled by the fact that he was holding Madeline in her arms.

“Hi. Emmy…” Harry said, looking up at her with his big green eyes as she came down the staircase.

“Did you… did, uh…” Emma stammered, wondering where her mother was.

“Your mum had to do something in the kitchen so she handed me this little love,” he said, smiling down at Madeline in his arms. Emma couldn’t help but find it incredibly endearing, especially when Maddie smiled from ear-to-ear at him before reaching up to touch his face.

Aww,” Harry cooed at her.

“Here you are, Harry. Oh, Emma…” Her mum said as she brought Harry a beer.

“I can… I can take her,” Emma said, pulling Madeline out of Harry’s arms.

“Thank you,” Harry said to Candace as he took the bottle of beer.

“Piper should be here any minute,” Candace told the two of them.

“She’s always late,” Emma said with a small smirk just as the front door opened.

“Hi, hi! Sorry I’m late. Traffic was a nightmare. Hiya, Harry,” Piper said, smiling at the handsome man standing in the front entry with the rest of them.

“Hiya, Pipes,” Harry said, leaning in to give her a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Dinner is ready when you are,” Candace told them.

“Okay. Um, are you hungry?” Emma asked Harry.

“I am,” he said with a light laugh and the two of them followed her mother into the dining room with Piper close behind them.

Emma placed Madeline in the baby bouncer next to her seat at the table before sitting down with Harry to her right and Piper to her left at the small dining room table.

“So, Harry, how’ve yah been?” Piper asked as they began to dish up their food.

“Uh, okay,” he said, looking like he felt a bit awkward. Emma knew everything wasn’t satisfactory in his world, but he was doing pretty well given the circumstances.

“It was so lovely to hear you and Emma are spending time together again. Even though it’s not the ideal situation either of you want to be in… you know, with everything,” Piper rambled before taking a large sip of her wine.

Emma looked up at Piper, trying to send her some sort of message to tell her to shut her trap – to just get her to stop talking before she said something to make everyone uncomfortable. But Piper was oblivious to her sister’s annoyance.

“Uh, yeah…” Harry said quietly, looking down at his plate. Emma couldn’t help but cringe. She knew he was absolutely miserable, but for some reason Piper didn’t register it.

“You lost your spouse too?” Piper asked, causing Emma to nearly choke on the sip of wine she took.

She could feel the discomfort radiation off of Harry. She knew his stance on talking about his wife – that he wouldn’t or couldn’t. Emma warned her mum, but so stupidly forgot to warn her nosey sister.

“Uh, yeah,” Harry said, clearing his throat just before he took a sip of his wine.

Piper—” Emma mumbled under her breath sending her sister a glare, hoping she’d get the hint and shut her mouth.

“How’s your mum, Harry?” Their mother, Candace chimed in, changing the subject and all Emma could feel was relief.

“She, uh… she’s great,” Harry said, smiling at their mum.

“I was so sorry to hear about Robin. Please send your mum my love,” Candace told him.

“Uh, thanks. I will. She’s actually watching my daughter tonight,” Harry said, changing the subject again.

Emma was almost elated to hear him open up and share with her family. She felt like it was such a big step for him and she was quite proud.

“You have a daughter?” Piper choked out, looking shocked to hear such news.

“Uh, yeah. I, uh… her name is Haven and she’s three,” Harry said, sending Piper a sideways smile.

“Oh, bless her,” Candace chimed in.

Aww. Do you have a picture of her?” Piper asked him, looking more than intrigued.

“Yeah, uh…” Harry said as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and began to swipe through it. A moment later, he handed his phone to Piper.

“Oh my god, Harry. Oh my god. She is gorgeous,” Piper gushed as she stared down at the picture.

“She has your curls,” Piper added. Emma smiled over at Harry and he smiled back at her.

“Let me see,” their mum chimed in, making grabby-fingers at her daughter and Piper handed the phone over to her.

“Oh, Harry. She is absolutely beautiful,” Candace told him as she looked down at the photo.

“Thank you,” Harry said and Emma could see the blush rising in his cheeks.

When her mum handed her the phone, she quietly looked down at the beautiful girl, feeling an ache in her heart. Although she looked like Harry, she also held so much of her mother in her features and it tore at Emma to know she would never know her mother, much like Madeline would never know her father. It just wasn’t fair.

Emma passed the phone back to Harry and a moment later Madeline let out a happy squeal from the bouncer she was in. All of their eyes cut to the baby and they couldn’t help but laugh.

“Are you having fun, Maddie? Are you having fun?” Emma cooed at her and earned a laugh out of her daughter.

When she looked back up, she noticed Harry watching her with a smile on his face and she couldn’t help the blush that crept up her face.

When dinner was finished, Candace recruited Harry to look at the furnace in the basement because it was making a ‘terrible’ sound. Emma protested right away, but Harry insisted it wasn’t a problem. As Piper and Emma cleared the table, Emma couldn’t help but have a little chat with her sister.

“Why did you bring up his wife?” Emma asked her quietly.

“I dunno. It just slipped out,” Piper said, looking at her big sister with vulnerable eyes.

“He’s not ready to talk about her. He’s told me on more than one occasion that he’s not ready,” Emma chastised her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” Piper told her.

“Please, just don’t bring it up again,” Emma sighed.

“I won’t. I’m sorry. I know it’s hard,” Piper said, looking at her sister with the saddest eyes.

“It is hard,” Emma said, clearing her throat to stifle the tears that were threatening.

“I’m really glad you two have each other, Em,” Piper told her sincerely.

Mm,” Emma said, cleaning off the plates into the bin.

“I really hope it helps you… you two grieving together,” Piper told her softly.

“Just… please,” Emma hissed as her eyes welled with tears.

“I’m sorry,” Piper breathed.

A moment later, their mother and Harry walked back up the stairs from the basement and Emma quickly moved in front of the sink, rinsing off he dishes so they wouldn’t see the tears in her eyes.

Harry was sharing a story about a winter when his mum’s furnace quit working during the coldest days of the year and she was forced to stay with Gemma in her flat for nearly a week before she could get someone to come out to fix it. Candace let out a howl of a laugh.

“Lord, help me if that happens. I don’t think Piper would appreciate the three of us invading her space for that long,” Candace exclaimed.

“No, I would not. I would probably pitch in for a hotel,” Piper chimed in, causing her mother to laugh again.

“You hear that, Emma. Your sister wouldn’t take us in if the furnace broke,” her mum told her.

Mm,” Emma said, unable to turn around because she was in the middle of trying to rein in her emotions.

“You wouldn’t take in this beautiful baby girl?” Candace said as she picked up her granddaughter.

“Oh, Maddie is more than welcome,” Piper snickered.

“Oh, how nice of you,” Candace said sarcastically.

Emma quietly began making Madeline her bottle, knowing it was about time to put her to bed. It was a good enough excuse not to be a part of their conversation. She felt awful that she was being quite anti-social while Harry was there, but her mood was a bit off and she didn’t know how to rectify it.

By the time she had the bottle of breast milk warmed, she felt okay enough to turn around and collect her daughter.

“I’ve uh, I should feed Maddie,” Emma said, timidly looking up at Harry before she reached for the baby out of her mother’s arms.

“Oh, I can do that, love,” Candace told her.

“It’s okay. I want to,” Emma told her as she pulled Madeline out of her grandmother’s arms and walked toward the kitchen door.

“Harry, why don’t you keep Emma company,” she heard her mother tell him and it made her stomach turn with anticipation, but she wasn’t sure why.

As Emma sat down on the couch, she looked up to see Harry coming into the living room. She couldn’t tell if he was happy or bored or completely over the whole night altogether, but he wasn’t running away, so she wasn’t going to push him away.

“I miss this stage,” Harry said sweetly as he sat down on the couch with Emma.

“What? The baby stage?” Emma asked curiously.

“Yeah. It felt like it flew by like… that,” Harry said, snapping his fingers.

“Do you… do you want to feed her?” Emma asked, offering up her baby so he could relive the glory days of fatherhood. Harry let out a little laugh before nodding his head.

“Sure. I’d love that,” he said as Emma carefully placed the baby in his arms.

“Here,” Emma said, placing the burp cloth over Maddie’s belly and the bottle in Harry’s hand before he quickly brought it back up to her mouth.

Emma couldn’t help but smile as she watched Harry feed her baby. Madeline stared up at him, gripping his fingers between hers and it took all Emma had not to just breakdown and cry. It didn’t take long before Madeline’s eyes grew heavy and she quietly fell asleep in Harry’s arms as she finished off her bottle.

“She’s such a calm baby,” Harry told Emma softly.

“Oh, yeah. I’m a bit worried about how she’s going to be as a teenager though. I’ve got an angel now, but they say if they’re a good baby then they’re usually more rambunctious down the road,” Emma laughed.

“I haven’t heard that one,” Harry said, smiling at her.

“It’s an old wives tale,” Emma said, waving it off.

“Haven was a very colicky baby. I remember she wouldn’t stop crying, like ever. But Hannah… she was always so calm with her. She’d rock Haven for hours, I swear. I didn’t have as much patience as she did. She was… she was… special,” Harry said, looking down at the sleeping infant in his arms.

Emma’s heart wrenched for Harry and Haven, and Maddie too. They all lost someone so special to them. It was a terrible thing and utterly unfair.

“Haven’s lucky to have you,” Emma told him after a beat. Harry looked up at her, just staring back into her eyes before a small smile turned up his lips.

“Yeah,” he breathed.

“Yeah,” Emma said with a nod of her head.

“I think this little one is quite lucky herself,” Harry said, gently stroking Madeline’s cheek as she slept.

“You’re the baby whisperer,” Emma told him quietly.

“Or something like that,” he said, smiling over at her.

“I should… I should probably get her to bed,” Emma told him.

“Oh… yeah,” he said, leaning over to try to hand Madeline off to Emma. Madeline stirred before letting out a whimper, causing Harry to pause and let out a quiet “oh”

“Maybe, uh… do you want me to bring her up?” Harry asked, looking at Emma quizzically.

“Uh, yeah… sure,” Emma said as she stood up from the couch.

Harry carefully stood up, cradling Madeline delicately in his arms, being sure not to disturb her too much. Emma was in awe at how great he did with her.

“I don’t think you give yourself enough credit,” Emma told him with a light smile.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked.

“You are quite patient. A proper daddy. I can tell,” Emma said, smirking at him.

“Yeah?” Harry asked, beaming a smile back at her.

“Definitely,” Emma said as she walked toward the staircase.

“Thanks,” Harry said quietly. The two of them walked up the stairs together before Harry took the lead at the top.

“Uh, my old room,” Emma told him and Harry let out a snicker.

“What of it?” Emma asked, smiling at him when he sent her a mischievous smirk.

“Better be careful about all those lads sneaking in that window for her to come out and play,” Harry said, sending Emma a playful wink.

“I’ve got years before I have to worry about that,” Emma countered, smirking at him.

“Fourteen to be exact,” he said, smiling mischievously.

“Yeah,” Emma said quietly, thinking back on the first time Harry showed up at that very window.


Emma lay in bed thinking of the boy with green eyes and side-swiped curly brown hair. The boy with craters for dimples and a big toothy grin. The boy she called a friend, but also the boy who she hoped would see her as more. Harry Styles. He’d turned into a proper babe almost overnight and she couldn’t help but notice. And now on the cusp of their fifteenth summer, she kind of hoped maybe the two of them might develop into something more.

When she heard a light knock on her bedroom window, she froze in her bed – her heart beating wildly in her chest, fear spreading through her. Her bedroom window was on the second floor – who or what was out there? Was it a mad-man coming to kidnap her? She was absolutely terrified.

She heard the knock again and held her breath, trying not to make any noise to indicate to the crazy person that there was anyone in there.

“Emmy…” She heard a whisper and her eyes widened. Harry?

“Oh my god,” she breathed lowly under her breath.

What on earth was he doing there? Did she somehow make him magically appear just by thinking of him? She knew it was absurd, but why in the holy hell was he there? At her house? Were they close enough to be sneaking to each other’s houses in the middle of the night? She didn’t think so, but apparently he did.

“Emmy, are you awake?” She heard him ask through the window.

“Harry?” Emma whispered loudly as she got out of bed and pulled back the curtains.

Harry sat on her roof, smiling at her through the window.

“What are you doing here?” She asked as she unlatched the window lock and opened it.

“Hi, Emmy,” he said, his smile only getting wider.

“Hi, Harry,” she said, unable to hold back her own smile.

“Sleeping?” He asked as he quirked an eyebrow.

“Mm. Trying,” she said before realizing he was looking down at her scantily clad bedroom attire. She wore only an oversized t-shirt and panties, and she was slowly realizing how inappropriate it was.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, crossing her arms over her chest, only to find it made the shirt ride up to her panty line.

She had quite the dilemma going on. Let him ogle over her erect nipples protruding through her t-shirt or let him have a free peep at her pink panties? Oh, god. What was he doing there?

“I came to get you,” Harry told her matter-of-factly.

“You came to get me?” She asked, quirking an eyebrow as she dropped her arms away from her chest, realizing her wardrobe situation could not be helped without making a complete scene by kicking him out. And she didn’t want to kick him out.

“Yeah. There’s a… a sort of celebration… an end-of-the-year kind of party happening down by the river,” Harry told her.

“A party?” She asked curiously.

“Yes. Some of the older classmen from school are having a fire and there’s a proper party going on,” he explained.

“Oh,” she said, looking behind him out her window down onto the quiet street. She knew she wouldn’t be able to see or even hear the party since the river was quite a jaunt south from her house, but it didn’t stop her from looking. And then it dawned on her…

“But you live… you live by the river…” Emma said, her mouth going dry. Did he make a special trip just to get her?

“Yeah. That’s how I know it’s going on. That and my sister is there,” Harry said, letting out a chuckle.

“You came all this way to get me?” She asked, looking at him like she was the human embodiment of the heart-eyes emoji.

“I want to hang out with you… outside of school,” he told her.

“You do?” She choked out.

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I?” He asked, letting out a laugh.

Because you’re proper gorgeous! Because you could have any girl you want! Because you’re way out of my league, she thought.

“I dunno,” she said, biting her lip as she watched him.

“Do you wanna… do you wanna come with me?” Harry asked, looking a bit bashful.

“With you?” She choked out.

“Yeah,” he said with a little nod.

“Y-yeah. I mean, yeah. Of course,” she stammered, knowing she might sound a bit too eager, but she didn’t care. Harry freaking Styles was at her window asking her to sneak out with him. Holy hell!

“Get dressed. Or don’t,” Harry said, bouncing his eyebrows suggestively at her.

“Oh!” She laughed, swatting playfully at him.

“Get dressed and meet me in your drive,” he told her as he made a move to climb back down her roof.

“Harry!” She said in a loud whisper.

“Hmm?” He hummed, looking back at her.

“Be careful,” she told him and he sent her a wide smile. The last thing she needed was him to break his neck right as her life just started getting good.


After spending another hour nervously worrying whether her mother or sister would bring up his wife as the four of them sat in the living room talking, Emma was almost grateful when Harry said he should be going because he still needed to stop at his mum’s house to pick up Haven.

After Harry said goodnight to her mother and sister, Emma walked him out to his truck. She wanted him to know she was happy he came over, but she couldn’t really think of the right words to say. All she kept thinking about was the night they spent together and subsequently how she spent the rest of the night breaking down over it.

“Listen, Em…” Harry started.

“Hmm…” Emma hummed, looking up at him.

“I’m sorry about… about what happened when you were, you know, at my flat,” Harry said, looking apologetic. Emma entire body froze. She hadn’t expected him to be thinking about it too.

Oh…” She breathed, looking down at the ground.

“You weren’t ready. I shouldn’t’ve…” He began to explain.

“It’s okay. Honestly, you have nothing to apologize for. I feel like… like maybe… I don’t know,” Emma said, unable to even finish the thought.

“What?” Harry asked, quirking his eyebrow at her.

“Nothing,” she said, waving her hand through the air.

Emmy,” Harry warned, sending her a stern look, causing her to bite back a smile and shake her head.

“You feel like, what?” Harry asked her.

“I don’t know – that it might have been a good thing that it happened,” she told him quietly, feeling her stomach turn as she admitted it.


“I mean… yeah. At least for me anyway,” she said, feeling a bit awkward.

“It was good,” Harry confirmed, nodding his head with a ghost of a smile haunting his lips. Emma couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“It was good,” she agreed, thinking about how connected she felt to him.

She did her best to not think of Patrick as she thought about the drunken night she slept with Harry and surprisingly she was able to ward off his memory for a few unadulterated moments.

“I’m sorry I was so awkward at dinner,” Harry said softly, changing the subject.

“Oh, no. No, I mean, I was awkward. You were great,” Emma told him honestly.

“I don’t… I’m not… I don’t do well when Hannah is brought up,” Harry stammered and Emma could see the anguish in his eyes.

“I know. I’m so sorry. Piper… you know Piper. She doesn’t have a filter and wouldn’t know what tact was if it smacked her across the face… which, to be honest, was what I wanted to do to her tonight. You know, smack her across the face,” Emma explained. Harry let out a small laugh and Emma couldn’t help but smile back.

“Nah, it’s not Piper’s fault. It’s just… hard,” he said quietly, looking out over the neighborhood.

“I know,” Emma said, taking a deep breath.

“Yeah. You know,” Harry said, looking into her eyes.

Emma bit at her lip watching him watch her and she couldn’t help but feel the electricity shoot up her spine as he leaned in. Her breathing shudder just as his lips pressed to hers and she felt a satiating peace wrap around her. When his mouth moved against hers, she felt like the whole entire world just fell away and it was just the two of them. Like they were the last two people in existence and they were made for each other. They were meant to be in that moment, they were meant to be there.

Harry’s hands came up to gently cradle her face as their mouths opened to one another’s. Emma wanted to relish completely in the moment, but in the back of her mind, she couldn’t stop thinking about how they were standing in the middle of the drive, snogging like teenagers. And suddenly, it wasn’t just the two of them in existence. The world was back and their problems were ever-present. And Emma knew it wasn’t the best idea to be doing something so reckless.

She slowly pulled away as her hand patted his chest gently. Harry looked almost defeated as she took a step back.

Emmy,” Harry breathed as Emma lifted her fingers up to touch her battered lips.

“I think…” Emma started to say, but the thought extinguished itself.

“I don’t know if you comprehend the level of… of… of admiration, or adoration I have for you, Emma,” Harry stammered, sounding as if he were about to unleash a confession on her that she knew she was not prepared for or equipped to handle.

“Harry,” Emma breathed.

“I-I put you so high, so high, up on a pedestal all those years. I dreamt of a reality that did not exist between us. And honestly, I think I lost myself when I lost you,” Harry began to explain.

“Harry,” Emma whimpered as tears welled in her eyes.

“And I felt you long after – you never really left me,” Harry said, pressing his fist against his chest, right above his heart.

Please,” Emma whimpered as her first tears fell.

“I loved you so much, Emma. And I think I went a bit mad when you went away. But I know… I can’t blame you and I don’t want to punish you for it. You did what was best for you and I know that. Nothing can last forever,” Harry explained.

Emma couldn’t even breathe as the tears choked her. Her heart felt so tight and so battered that she was sure she would feel it for days.

“I don’t say this to put a burden on you, Emma. I just, I want to be honest. I want you to know how I feel. I do not blame you for leaving. And I know you feel quite a bit of guilt over it, which is probably why you stayed away all those years. But I just want you to know that you can let it go. Let that stigma of remorse and shame just… just wash away. It’s not worth it to hold onto it. I don’t want you to look at me and feel weighed down with guilt. I want us to start over – however you want. If you want me to be your friend, I can be your friend. Just, just please, Emma. I’m… I’ve been entombed in this grief for far too long. I just… I need to feel something else. I need some sort of relief, some sort of solace,” Harry explained.

Emma’s face was buried in her hands as she cried and Harry carefully pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her.

“Please don’t cry, Emmy,” Harry breathed against her ear, which only heightened the tears.

“I’m here for you. I’ll always be here,” Harry cooed.

“I’m sorry,” Emma murmured against Harry’s chest.

“I know you are,” Harry said, squeezing her a little bit tighter in his arms.

“I never… I never stopped caring…” Emma said as she pulled back from his arms, looking up into his eyes.

“I know,” Harry said, reaching out to gently swipe the pads of his thumbs underneath her eyes, wiping the tears away.

“I always meant to come home…” She said, wiping at her eyes as her vision fell away from his.

“I… gahhh, I need to stop. It just sounds like I’m making excuses. I’m so… ugh,” Emma said, feeling self-deprecating because she deserved it. She deserved to hate herself over it.

“Don’t. Emma, don’t,” Harry told her carefully.

“You say I should let go of the guilt, Harry, but I… I can’t. I don’t know how. On one hand I have you – beautiful, perfect you. And… and on the other hand I have this gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, mind-numbing, life-ruining ache in my heart because of what I did to beautiful, perfect you. You were the best boyfriend, Harry. You were the best. And I… I gave that all up. And I left you and didn’t look back. I was selfish and there isn’t anything I can do about it now,” she cried, her tears never letting up.

“Emmy,” Harry breathed.

“And now we’re here. We’re here and we’re broken, seemingly beyond repair. We’re broken…” Emma said as the emotion got the best of her again and cut off her words.

“We are broken, Emmy. But we can be put back together. We may not be the same people we used to be, we might be missing a few pieces when all is said and done, but we’re not beyond repair,” Harry told her.

“I want to believe that,” she told him.

“We’re lucky, you know,” Harry told her and she couldn’t help but send him an odd look. How on earth could he think they were lucky?

“Think of all the people in group. Think of the bloke who lost his wife to suicide, or the woman whose husband drown. We have something they don’t have,” Harry told her.

“What?” She asked.

“Each other,” he told her and it caused goosebumps to erupt on her flesh.

“We can help each other. You’ve already helped me so much, Emmy,” he told her, his words so incredibly honest.

“Yeah…” She breathed as she wiped at her eyes.

“Yeah,” he told her. She looked up at him and sent him the best smile she could, because she wanted him to know what it meant to her, what he meant to her.

“C’mere,” he said, pulling her into another hug.

He held her for longer than a hug might normally last, but it was so incredibly comforting and Emma almost felt lost when he finally pulled away.

“I should be going,” Harry told her.

“Yeah. Haven…” Emma said, knowing he needed to pick up his daughter.

“Yeah,” he said quietly, still watching her contently.

“I’ll see you soon, yeah?” Harry offered with a small smile.


“Maybe I’ll have you ‘round for dinner this time. Me and Haven…” Harry offered with a smile.

“I’d like that,” Emma told him as a bashful smile turned up her lips.

“Okay. I’ll see you, Emmy,” Harry said, leaning in to leave a kiss on her cheek.

“Goodnight, Harry,” she said softly as he pulled opened the driver side door on his truck and slipped inside.

He waved to her once he was in the street and she watched as he drove off, his taillights fading into the distance. She took a deep breath and let it out hard before going back inside. She knew she wouldn’t get much sleep that night because their conversation would be going through her mind like a record stuck on a loop.

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