The Space Saga A novel

London, England, 2100.

Earth is a changed planet. When Zac Harrow, a young military soldier, fights mutant aliens in Outer Space, he faces all kinds of trouble.


2. Zac Harrow-Part Two


Jenny stared at the glass windows. She was dreaming of her late mother, and father, who were buried in a grave in London Cemetery, three year's ago. It was the scanner squads who told her they'd had died; it was the kind of bad news that caused her immense grief. And then Zac came into her life several hours' ago. "We have to go to Mars soon", Charles added. "Mars is vast in scope. There's guards all over the place; a lot of guards. It's like a fortress", Zac said. He shook his head. The guards didn't move. "Going to Mars is easy. Living there is another matter", he said. Jenny said: "I have friends on Mars. We have to go there". Zac shook his head. "Let's go to Mars then. I have plenty of time to read the books I borrowed from the library". He saw several cats meowing. Some of them hissed with displeasure; some hissed because they were grabbed by their owners with their right hands; some of them were silent as a mouse, as if they were eager to deal with their own issues. Zac ignored their behaviour. He looked at the E-taxis which were parked nearby. "Let's go!", Jenny stated. And she smiled, as the three of them headed towards one of them...and got in. "Where do you want to go?", the black taxi driver asked. "Heathrow Airport", Zac answered him. "Right! Thanks for the long fare". And, as the doors closed, they put their seat belt on, and the driver drove through the London traffic, then reached the airport in twenty minutes.


"Fifty E-dollars, please". 

"I'll pay for it", Zac said. As he, Jenny, and Charles undid their seat belts, they opened their doors, and got out. Zac grabbed his suitcases, and books. Then, as his friends followed suit, they headed towards the grey doors of the old Airport. More space guards stood around holding their phaser guns in their gloved hands; more stood at attention, as if they were preparing for World War III. "They're dangerous", Charles said. "Yes, very dangerous", Jenny said. They headed to the ticket and luggage section. Zac said: "We want three E-tickets for Mars, please". The British woman in her early thirties smiled. "That'll be six hundred E-dollars, plus tax". Zac nodded. He used his credit card. Once a laser scanned it, Jenny and Charles took out their cards. Afterwards, they looked at the ticket. Gate 6a. "It's over there", Zac said. He put his books in his luggage. Once he did so, all of them showed their ticket to some airport flight crew. "Welcome to London Airways. Please go through to seats 44b, 44c, and 44d", a woman flight attendant said. "Thank you", Zac said. And he smiled, as his friends followed him.


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