The Space Saga A novel

London, England, 2100.

Earth is a changed planet. When Zac Harrow, a young military soldier, fights mutant aliens in Outer Space, he faces all kinds of trouble.


3. Zac Harrow-Part Three


The flight to Mars was forty-eight hours long.

Zac relaxed in his seat. 

He watched Jenny and Charles were enjoying their meals and drinks. Afterwards he closed his eyes...and dreamed of a better future.


The robot flight attendant walked towards the seats. She looked at Zac. "You're a ex-zone worker". Zac smiled. "I worked for the London Zone Authority when I was twenty to thirty while I wrote short science fiction books. I haven't published anything. I almost did. A book called: '​Darkness of the dream worlds​'. It was rejected". Jenny smiled at him. "Not many people have books that're published". He nodded. Charles saw the plane head towards the Red Planet. When the civilian space plane arrived on Mars, Zac knew that it was the beginning of an adventure in Outer Space.

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