The Space Saga A novel

London, England, 2100.

Earth is a changed planet. When Zac Harrow, a young military soldier, fights mutant aliens in Outer Space, he faces all kinds of trouble.


5. Zac Harrow-Part Five


The weather was °68. Zac was hot. He walked to ​The Mars Tavern​. Several aliens were talking amongst themselves; several were eyeing him with concern. "It's all right, there's nothing to worry about". The aliens grabbed their phaser guns in their right hands. "Go away, human​", one of them said. Zac nodded. As he opened the front door, Jenny and Charles, shivered as the temperature decreased to °21. "At least we can enjoy the tavern", Jenny said. And they all agreed that the weather was unpredictable on Mars.


The human girl was dressed in a green dress. She sipped her drink that was full of red colours; she was used to the planet's weirdness. Her black shoes trod on the floorboards; her face was etched with a desire to make her mark on the planet. "Gabrielle, what's going on?", she asked a tall alien. "What do you mean, Cara. There's a lot of people here", Gabrielle answered her. "I don't want to go to Mars", Cara complained. "Mars is the only place where there's a lot of work now; Earth's time is over", Gabrielle stated. Suddenly they saw Zac, Jenny, and Charles. "Welcome strangers", Cara said. "Hello. I'm Zac. I'm new to Mars; I'm with my friends Jenny and Charles. We came here by the new space rocket from Earth". Gabrielle nodded. "So, you're a 'space tourist'?", she asked him. "I'm a writer...and adventurer. Mars is unique because of its weather patterns...and aliens", he answered her. "I am an alien. This is my friend, Cara. She's excited about her new life on Mars". Jenny blinked her eyes; she stared at her. "We're all determined to be successful here", Gabrielle said. And Zac nodded, and watched the bright sun's glow in the black sky.


The door was open. A tall man stepped into the darkness. He gripped his grey coat with his left hand. He sensed movement from behind. He turned away. "Alan, don't follow me", he stated. Alan, a robotic man, nodded. "I wasn't following you, Sir. I was concerned about the new humans coming to Mars". The man stared at it. "The rocket has arrived on time. There's the cargo we must get before we deal with Sanderson". Alan, who was a new breed of robot, shifted uneasily at its human master. Its blank eyes were still. "There's nothing to worry about, Sir...nothing". The man turned around...and was deep in thought. "We'll deal with Sanderson when we dine at the Tavern. Hurry up!", he shouted. And the robot sighed, and glided through the open front doors...and shivered from the cold.


Zac, Jenny, Charles, Cara, and Gabrielle, were near the Laser Zones. He noticed a warm fireplace in the middle of the spacious room. He was about to read one of the library books he borrowed on Earth when he saw the man and the robot. "My God, that's Sanderson's bodyguard...and his robot". Cara stared at him. "You know about Sanderson?", she asked Zac. "Yes. He was my father's main supplier in stolen goods from The Earth Authority of London. The Prime Minister, Sir Michael Fletcher, and his Cabinet, wanted answers from Sir Lowell Martins, the Head of MI5", Zac answered her. He didn't want to get too political. He always assumed his job formed the basis of being anonymous. Well, too bad!, he thought to himself, as the robot grinned at him.


Zac hadn't thought about aliens. He knew that they were on Earth. And Mars. It was only a matter of time before the invasion happened; it was a matter of time that would take the notice of Number 10. Zac, who was a soldier, had planned to take everything as it came. All of the books, and space adventures, had taken its eventual toll on him. "What's wrong?", Cara asked him. "If we're on Mars, they'll take over Earth", he answered her. "The aliens", Cara said. "Yes; yes. Sanderson knows everything". Cara shook her head. "Who is he?", Cara said. "He's a space trader on Earth. He wants to be settled on Mars...and other planets; he thinks it's the future", Zac told her. She shivered due to the cold; she kissed him. As he blushed, he was determined not to think about the danger they were in.

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