The Space Saga A novel

London, England, 2100.

Earth is a changed planet. When Zac Harrow, a young military soldier, fights mutant aliens in Outer Space, he faces all kinds of trouble.


1. Zac Harrow-Part One

​London, England, 2100

Zac Harrow scanned the computer screen with his right hand. He heard the light, green, pulse was glaring across the screens; he gazed at the silvery windows, as the robotic, female, voice said: "Ten minutes until Zone Three is completed​". Zac shook his head. Zones One to Three were full of the Armoured Guards in The Tube. He looked at his E-scanner. "​Time to go to The Bookstore​". Zac, who was an avid reader, heard the swishing sound. Then he walked through the dim halls towards a small room to his right. Zac glanced at the bold letters: ​READING ROOM. QUIET PLEASE. ​He saw a woman in her twenties packing hardcover books on a black shelf. He saw she was sweating; he was concerned she was going to do her back in. "Here, let me help you. I'm Zac", he said. "Jenny. This is my first day here". Zac smiled. "I had computer problems before. I was looking for a book called '​Do Androids dream of electric sheep?​'". Jenny smiled. "That's in the science fiction classics section". Zac nodded. "Thank you. If you're free, we can have some coffee and cake". Jenny smiled. "I love coffee. Not many people drink it these days". Zac nodded. He was nervous. Suddenly he imagined spending his days with her. He felt his heart beat faster. Then, as he relaxed, he headed to the 'Classics' section. When he got the book he wanted, he said: "I need to have a new library card. My last one was lost when I was at a café on Mars last month". Jenny smiled. "You were on Mars?", she asked him. "Yes, on business. I scan computers to work out their problems. It pays the bills. I prefer writing books on my I-pad". He saw the library booth was full. Some of the aliens were speaking in foreign tongues; some humans were whispering in old dialects from the late twentieth century. By eleven o'clock AM, Zac felt his blue eyes were focused on the books. He grabbed a Peter F. Hamilton book called: 'The Reality Dysfunction​'. He smiled. "Have you found another book, Zac?", Jenny asked. "Yes, I like the classic books", he answered. He looked at her. She had long, black hair, bright, brown eyes, and petite; she was five foot three. And she was twenty-five year's old. Zac had short, black hair, green eyes, and tall. He was twenty-six year's old. It was a cold, bitter, morning on Earth; it was °21...and coming downwards. He saw a black man smoking a cigarette. He stomped on the fiery embers with his right boot; he stared at the 'No Smoking' sign that was on the creamy coloured walls. And he saw one of the guards aim their stun guns at his chest. "Hey, man! I need a smoke, you all know that I have a habit, man!". And he stared at the guards forlornly. "Smoking is a capital offence in London, England". He shook his head. "I didn't know, man! I was in Melbourne, Australia...and they're not so strict about smoking...". The guards shook their heads. "It's over, Charles; it's over". Charles Barrow saw Zac and Jenny. "Australia is strict over smoking, alcohol, and dancing. They have their laws; we have our own laws". Charles shuddered. "How can I get to Mars now? I have to send freight cargo via a space ship tomorrow". Zac spoke. "I can help you out. We can go to the aerospace station in an hour". Charles smiled...and shook Zac's left hand.


Zac saw Jenny was processing his card. "You have new library ID card for a year. It has your name, address, and where you live on it; it has your photo on it, too". Zac nodded. Suddenly a male robot zoomed towards him. "You have to take the books over to the scanner", it said. "Oh, fine!", Zac said. He did as he was told. Jenny spoke. "You have a month before you have to return the books". Zac grinned. "That's good. I wasn't going to other planets for awhile". And then he received a message from his mother. "​I am watching the astronauts at London Space Centre on my I-pad video app; I thought you were there for business. Love, Anna". Zac texted back. "​I am at the library; I have some books to read. I'll see you and Dad soon. Bye, Mum. Love, Zac​". And he pressed SEND on his I-pad, and then attended to other matters.


Zac headed towards the RESTROOM break. Afterwards, he washed his hands, and opened the door. "Would you go to the café, Zac?", Jenny asked him. "Sure. I am hungry", he answered her. Charles focused on them. "I'll be needing a break", he smiled. And he saw a female alien who was eating a hamburger. He was used to strange things on Earth. And the aliens were assimilated into the human population since the year 2000. Zac smiled at Jenny. "There's a lot of different alien races on Earth. And Mars". She nodded. He gazed at the girl serving customers. A cold, northerly, breeze wafted across the café. "I'd like a blueberry muffin, and two coffees, please". The girl nodded. "Ten dollars". He took out a E-scanner.Then he paid for everything, and headed towards a spare table...and sat down where Jenny and Charles were already sitting down. Charles paid for his coffee, and was already talking to Jenny. "Nice place", he said. Zac gazed at the three guards. They were at attention like the ones at Buckingham Palace. He wasn't sure that the Royal Family had met aliens; he was sure they were too busy with a lot of important engagements to care about aliens from another world. Or did they? He ate in silence, as Jenny spoke. "There's a lot of problems in the world; a lot of problems. Luckily I have a plan", she said. Charles finished sipping his coffee. "What kind of plan, Jenny?", he asked her. "Everyone's connected to every kind of I-technology. The Internet; the I-pads, etc. Human kind are more robotic than we realize. What if we're more like them. And we're here on Earth because the aliens are waiting for us to go to Mars, Saturn, and Venus". Charles stared at her. "I don't think so. Why are they waiting for us? Is there something we don't know about on Earth? What about an alien invasion? We could be zapped to death by their ray guns". Zac drank his coffee. "We have to do something​", he said. And, as he finished drinking, he was determined to think about the future which was full of the unknown.


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