1. Pretend

Pay attention to the girl that’s smiling

That always talks to her friends

That’s happy


Do you really think she’s happy?

Her reality is different from your perception

She hides her demons behind a smile

She hides in plain sight

She cries at night

She prays for the feelings to go away

It’s too late

The feelings consume her

Now she doesn’t recognize herself

She just wants to be happy

She fears she lost herself forever

She wants to pull the lever

She wants to be the achiever

She gets betrayed by deceivers

She ask herself will this ever end?

Will someone mend her broken heart?

Maybe she will be smart for now on

Nope, again with the pain and aching feeling inside her

It’s a continuous cycle she goes through

She wants to hide from the world and everybody she knows

She doesn’t want to show her pain

No one will ever understand what she goes through

They say they do

But that’s another lie the world tells her

She’s fed up with fake people and lies

Her first love is her prize

She will rise above all of this

Now she’s feels bliss

She made it out of the abyss by herself

Now she has scars that no one will ever know

This is Her Reality Now

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