Tord x tom part 2 | eddworld fanfic

Part 2 of tom x tord find out what’s in for them after being together for 3 years


3. Valentine’s night ;)

Tord: *he rubs his head embarrassed as there’s a bulge in his pants* well anyway how was the spar?

Tom: good, very relaxing *he notices*

Tord: *he puts his hands on toms waist*

Tom: *he wraps his arms around tords neck*

Tord: *he slowly pushes tom down onto the bed*

Tom: *he winks* I’m all yours

Tord: *he smirks before putting a hand up his shirt*

Tom: *he kisses tord passionately as he feels his cold hands on his chest*

Tord: *he forces his tongue into toms mouth as he slowly pulls toms pants down*

Tom: *he pulls down tords jeans and boxers revealing a hard throbbing boner before he blushed brightly*

Tord: *he climbs on top of tom and thrusts his dick inside him*

Tom: *he lets out a moan as he grips onto the bed sheets*

Tord: *he thrusts deeper and deeper*

Tom: *he moans louder* h-harder...f-faster

Tord: *he grunts, thrusts hard and fast*

Tom: *he moans in pleasure* a-ah...

Tord: *he puts his hands on toms hips thrusting faster*

Tom: d-don’t stop... -he moans uncontrollably*

Tord: I wasn’t planning to *he thrusts deeper*

Tom: *he grips onto the sheets tighter moaning louder almost as a scream*

Tord: I think I’m gonna.. *he thrusts all the way in before cumming a load*

Tom: *he breathes heavily feeling his load filling him*

Tord: *he pulls out as he stopped*

Tom: *he lays down breathing heavily still*

Tord: *he lays beside tom*

*half an hour later they’re both fast asleep*

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