Tord x tom part 2 | eddworld fanfic

Part 2 of tom x tord find out what’s in for them after being together for 3 years


2. Valentine

*the alarm goes off at 8:53am*

Tom: *pokes tord* wakey wakey

Tord: *he groans and sits up* what?

Tom: happy Valentine’s Day *he kisses tord on the cheek*

Tord: *still half asleep* happy Valentine’s Day

Tom: *he splashed a bit of water on tord from his water bottle*

Tord: hey, what was that for?

Tom: *he laughed* you were half asleep

Tord: *he rubs his eyes before getting up* I’m up now

Tom: now get dressed

Tord: fine mr bossy *he takes off his clothes and puts clean ones on* you happy?

Tom: *he nods*

*they both head downstairs, it’s now 5:47pm*

Tord: *is sitting in car waiting for tom* hurry up!

Tom: I’m coming *he runs over and gets in car* no need to be moody

Tord: *he starts to car* well do you wanna be late?

Tom: no, now can we go now

Tord: whatever

*it takes 20 minutes to drop tom off before arriving home*

Tord: *sighs* thank god I got rid of him, now I can get on with his surprise

*he leaves a trail of rose petals up to the bedroom for tom to follow, he looks in his pocket for a ring and puts it back in*

Tord: all done

*he hears tom walk in the house and he goes into the bedroom*

Tom: tord? I’m back

*tom looks at the trail of rose petals and starts to follow*

Tom: I swear if you jump out and scare me I’ll punch you in the dick

*he follows the trail upstairs to the bedroom door*

Tom: tord? *he opens the door revealing tord in a suit*

Tord: tom there’s been something I’ve been wanting to ask you *he kneels on one knee opening a box with a ring* will you marry me?

Tom: yes! Yes! Yes! *tord puts the ring on his finger before he jumps into tords arms*

Tom: I love you so much tord *is in tears*

Tord: I love you too

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