Tord x tom part 2 | eddworld fanfic

Part 2 of tom x tord find out what’s in for them after being together for 3 years


1. a normal day

*its 8:00am and tord is awake with tom in his arms in bed*

Tord: *he sits up yawning* tom? You awake

Tom: yea *he looks up at tord*

Tord: *he checks the date* it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow?

Tom: duh? Didn’t u know

Tord: if I’m being honest I’d forgotten about it

Tom: of course you did

Tord: I’m serious

Tom: well *gets up* I’m going to go make breakfast *he heads downstairs*

Tord: *he watches tom go downstairs and sighs with relief* looks like I’ll have some work to do

*10 minutes later

*tom and tord are sitting at the table eating their breakfast*

Tord: *he gives tom a spar card* here this is for tomorrow, I thought you might want to relaxe

Tom: awe thank you

Tord: I don’t get spar’s, what’s so good about them?

Tom: shhh never underestimate a day at the spar, it’s so relaxing and quiet

Tord: yeah whatever, I’ll drive you there tomorrow at 6:00pm and I’ll pick you up at 8:00pm

Tom: *he nods* so what you want to do today?

Tord: I don’t know, probably watch rick and morty, wanna join?

Tom: obviously

*its 9:37pm*

Tom: Tord get to bed it’s getting late and you have to drive me to the spar in the morning

Tord: alright, alright *he gets into bed laying beside tom*

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