Terrorist Attacks!!

A well-planned and well-coordinated group of terrorist causes an international incident so horrific, so terrifying, that it forces the government to form a team of 15 men so secret that only a select few knows about.

Will this team be able to overcome the obstacles in front of them or will they succumb to the horror that awaits them...?

*Disclaimer: The events in this story are purely fictitious. Any and all events remotely similar(or otherwise) relating to this story are purely coincidental.


5. Team 4

“Ninja going in, stealth mode. Deactivating comms set.” Khalid, aka Ninja, says before turning his communication set to off. The building in front of him, although not heavily guarded, still pose as a threat with at least two men at each entrance. Slowly, he sneaks around a patrol team of three men and as they slowly walk away into the distance, he pulls out his trusted pistol, a Glock 19, and attaches a silencer to the other end of the weapon. With great accuracy, he fires two 9mm rounds consecutively straight into the two men guarding one of the entrance, taking them out instantly.


After making sure that the two bodies are well hidden, he creeps into the entrance, entering a long hallway with doors to its left and right.


“I'm in. O-T-GO, you're clear to engage. Ninja, standing by.” he says after turning his communication set back on again.


“Roger that, Ninja. Approaching entrance.” Louis, aka O-T-GO, answers. “Team four reporting. Beta spotted. Standing by at Delta position.” Louis reports, close to an hour later. 



*Operational code logs: Restricted*

~Real name: Khalid ---- Designated Corps: Scout ------ Code name: Ninja~

~Real name: Louis ----- Designated Corps: Infantry ---- Code name: O-T-GO~

Deactivating comms set: Turning off communications set

clear to engage: free to proceed

Roger that: Got it

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