Terrorist Attacks!!

A well-planned and well-coordinated group of terrorist causes an international incident so horrific, so terrifying, that it forces the government to form a team of 15 men so secret that only a select few knows about.

Will this team be able to overcome the obstacles in front of them or will they succumb to the horror that awaits them...?

*Disclaimer: The events in this story are purely fictitious. Any and all events remotely similar(or otherwise) relating to this story are purely coincidental.


4. Team 3

“Guys, it's showtime! Lil' T, what's your 20?” Sarah, aka Hawtshawts, the weapons expert and the only female on their team says, speaking into the walkie-talkie.


“Lil' T is en route. Ten minutes to destination.” Tony, aka Lil' T, replies into his communications set from within the Wiesel 2. “Tango loaded and ready to engage.”


“I see you, Lil' T. You're clear to proceed. Big Guy, set up mines in designated areas as briefed.” Sarah instructs her team.


“Mines have been set up. Heading to position Charlie.” Gordon, aka Big Guy, replies as he strolls over before spotting a few enemies. He lurches himself straight towards the nearest cover hoping that none of them spots him. Hearing gunfire, he knows that he had been seen. “Mission has been compromised. The enemies have me backed against a cover.”


Minutes later, Sarah slams her back against the same cover he is hiding behind as she throws him a Steyr AUG while he catches his breath.


“Things are just getting interesting.” she says licking her lips in a devilish way as she opens her case of weapons, grabbing a M4 carbine from it, before slamming the case shut. “Showtime! Give me some cover fire.” Sarah says as she ducks out of cover, shooting at her enemies with Gordon supporting her. With that, they manage to take out their enemies and locate the bomb. “Team three reporting. Beta located. Standing by at Charlie.” 



*Operational code logs: Restricted*

~Real name: Sarah ------ Designated Corps: Weapons Specialist ---- Code name: Hawtshawts~

~Real name: Tony -------- Designated Corps: Tank -----------------------  Code name: Lil' T~

~Real name: Gordon ----  Designated Corps: Engineer ------------------ Code name: Big Guy~

What's your 20?: What's your position?

en route: on the way

Tango: Tank

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