Terrorist Attacks!!

A well-planned and well-coordinated group of terrorist causes an international incident so horrific, so terrifying, that it forces the government to form a team of 15 men so secret that only a select few knows about.

Will this team be able to overcome the obstacles in front of them or will they succumb to the horror that awaits them...?

*Disclaimer: The events in this story are purely fictitious. Any and all events remotely similar(or otherwise) relating to this story are purely coincidental.


2. Team 1

“Finally!” Greg, aka Cap’n, the pilot says as the all-clear was given. “Approaching designated area. Whenever you're ready, J-Man.”


“Aye, aye. Cap'n!” Joshua, aka J-Man, answers before taking off in a parachute from the Nighthawk, a silent fighter jet that is almost unseeable against the night sky making almost no sound even with movement. Using the cover of the night sky, Joshua stealthily steers his parachute towards the location of the bomb, taking out a few of the foot soldiers standing guard with his Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 (FG 42) before landing on top of the building and removing the parachute from his back. With his ballistic knife, he takes out the rest of them before proceeding on to removing the cover for the air ventilation carefully after which, spraying a mist-like substance over the entrance of the air vent to reveal several red lines.


After about a half hour, Joshua finally successfully deactivates the power for the security systems, he goes to the target location via the vents without encountering any hostiles.


“Team one reporting. Beta spotted. Standing by at position Alpha.” Joshua says into his set. 



*Operational code logs: Restricted*

~Real name: Greg ------- Designated Corps: Pilot -------------- Code name: Cap'n~

~Real name: Joshua ---- Designated Corps: Paratrooper ---- Code name: J-Man~

Beta: bomb

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