Terrorist Attacks!!

A well-planned and well-coordinated group of terrorist causes an international incident so horrific, so terrifying, that it forces the government to form a team of 15 men so secret that only a select few knows about.

Will this team be able to overcome the obstacles in front of them or will they succumb to the horror that awaits them...?

*Disclaimer: The events in this story are purely fictitious. Any and all events remotely similar(or otherwise) relating to this story are purely coincidental.


1. Operation: Search & Destroy

“All of you that have been gathered here have been handpicked and are considered to be the best of the best from your designated corps and the assignment that has been assigned to you is of utmost priority and has been classified under top secret. I'm sure most of you are aware of the recent terrorist bombings that are now being projected on this screen. Your task is to prevent the next bombing attacks and according to our intel, there are currently 5 bombs located at 5 key locations, set to go off at the same time. All these places will be heavily guarded. Your task is to coordinate and plan with each other such that the 5 bombs will be disarm at the same time. If there is a single bomb that has been disarmed first, the other 4 bombs will immediately be activated to go off. Thus, this mission would require all of you to work together to eliminate the threat. Since there are 5 bombs in 5 different locations, and there are 15 of you, I would suggest that you split into groups of 3 and make haste. There isn't much time left.” the screen goes black and the lights come on. The room, big enough to fit just the 15 of them around a single long round table. In front of them were photos and pictures taken of all the recent bombings with indications of where the next 5 bombs may be located.


“Team one standing by.”


“Team two standing by.”


“Team three reporting.”


“Team four reporting.”


“El'hustler signing in.”


“HQ to all teams, I read you, loud and clear. We have a go. Commence operation 'Search & Destroy'.” 

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